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Found 6 results

  1. Hello CGarchitect Forum, I was trying 3Ds Max because of Vray Next ive been using C4D for Years and the Interface in 3Ds Max is so Old and so intuitive and the Material Editor is very bad too, So i would love to hear why so many people use 3Ds Max?? Even Maya have a 10 time easier Interface.
  2. Hello all you beautiful people, I just started my journey in archviz. I tried to look up many sources to rendering an animation using the Vray GPU Next, but hardly was able to find any tutorials with the best render settings. I made an interior scene and tried to render an animation and 3dsmax crashes every time after calculating the light cache, I wanted to look up on how the professionals do it. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. Hey, I've updated my Vray recently from 3.6 to Vray Next and since then i'm having some weird issue that i see some fix black and white image when i render my scene from any angle. i've also tried to change my render engines but it shows some different angle that doesn't even have the camera and its also same from any camera positions. I'm uploading vray and quick silver hardware render to show you so please help me get rid of it.
  4. Studio/Institution: Personal Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds Max/Vray/Photoshop Website: http://www.instagram.com/rrezende.arquitetura Description: Hi! I was a long time away from rendering on 3ds and vray and I get back. Could you comment about this image please? What do you think about it? What can be improved? Is it looks realistic? Thanks!
  5. Hello Guys... Before of all please forgive my poor english, in my country we speak spanish so I´ll try to be clear. The thing is: I have 2 PC, one with a i7 4930k+1080ti and the other has a i7 4930k+980ti; both has 3DS Max 2020 with VRay NEXT update 1.2; the distributed rendering works fine with DR Spawner with the firewall deactivated, so far so good, when I change to Vray GPU NEXT, with the same steps than I made for the other system by CPU or normal rendering as a way to speak, the rendering process does not add the second PC like the other process; I hope you can understand me. I looked for information but nothing, so the question is: the VRAY GPU distributed rendering recognizes my other PC (CPU+GPU) or this it´s just a fantasy in my head? I thought that it works the same way that the "normal rendering" by cpu, adding the others PC´s with the difference that Iwould have more power with the cpu+gpu from 1, 2 or more PC´s. So,, it´s possible or just a fantasy? and if it´s possible... how to do it?? thanks.
  6. (VRay Next update 1.1) (3ds Max 2018) I made a simple scene lit with a domelight (HDR IBL) and did a render to texture (VrayRawTotalLighting). The render output displayed is smooth and properly lit but the file saved to disk has fireflies (high intensity noise). I can save the file from the VFB and it saves just fine. But I have about 60 lightmaps to bake and I wouldn't want to manually render and save from VFB everytime. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Noisy saved file Clean image saved from VFB Save format does not seem to have an effect... Thank you
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