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Found 15 results

  1. Studio/Institution: Personal Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds Max/Vray/Photoshop Website: http://www.instagram.com/rrezende.arquitetura Description: Hi! I was a long time away from rendering on 3ds and vray and I get back. Could you comment about this image please? What do you think about it? What can be improved? Is it looks realistic? Thanks!
  2. Studio/Institution: IronTowerInvestment Genre: Commercial Interior Software: 3D Max 2012, Vray 2.4, Sketchup 8 Pro, PS CS5 Website: http://trzyde.blogspot.com Description: It's a one of many test renders done for studio where i'm employed. My chief choose many IKEA furnitures to use them in interiors and now i'm "in progress" with modelling them. IKEA has no 3d models of furnitures, and there is only few models available in CG e-shops ). Next to do - dinning room and kitchen. Interiors will be very small (45 square meters for all flat). Greetings Krzysztof Czerwinski
  3. Studio/Institution: Droom3D - Amsterdam Genre: Residential Interior Software: Modo401 Website: http://www.droom3d.nl Description: Hi Everyone, This is my current work in progress, a beautiful new development in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am showing only the bedroom for now, to be followed by the rest of the appartment at a later date. I am open to suggestions for improvement. Best regards, Mac van Ketwich
  4. Studio/Institution: Antony Barkworth-Knight Client: Pet project Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3DS max, vray, photoshop Website: http://vimeo.com/user4774415/videos Description: Image I created for fun. Took around 7 hours in all.
  5. Studio/Institution: 3d Freelance Group Client: Private Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds Max 2011, V-ray, Adobe Photoshop Website: http://freelance-group.blogspot.com/ Description: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Please welcome one of our last works. Part of private residential appartment. Modern bedroom in the attic. Hope you'll enjoy it!
  6. Studio/Institution: InShapeStudio Client: MTM Styl Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3dmax+Vray Website: http://www.inshapestudio.pl Description: Hi, I would like to show you pictures of the project that's I've done some time ago.
  7. Studio/Institution: Freelance Client: personal project Genre: Residential Interior Software: Max/Vray Description: This is a personal project, my girlfriend wanted to give a new look to our bedroom so I thought it might be a nice opportunity to take some free time and do some nice archviz of the new bedroom. It took awhile to get something we both would like, so I had to do tons of changes and models. And this is the result
  8. Studio/Institution: Rayven Renderings Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3d Max/Vray Website: http://www.rayvenrenderings.com Description: I went Bali crazy a few years back.
  9. Studio/Institution: 3D ArchVis Genre: Commercial Interior Software: 3DS MAX and Vray Website: http://www.3darchvis.com Description: Hello, Been working on this for the last week. I was given basic design elements and photographs as references. Took me around 4 days to complete this with changes and final renderings. 3ds max + Vray Expo - direct light for sunlight and vray lights in the windows. No lwf. Hope you all like the renderings.
  10. Studio/Institution: Mumbai Genre: Residential Interior Software: Photoshop Website: http://www.idream.in Description: Hi everyone, I am new to this site,so i don't known anyone in this site. My name is Rajendar and i am working for idream.in which is a interior design and architecture firm.idream with it's new green development concepts wants to construct home interior designs. So if any one want any information about interior amd architecture.U are free to visit our site. www.idream.in
  11. Hi everyone! I am working for Idream which is a furniture and interior design company. It is nice to meet you all. Our company has designed a nice website for interior and furniture design. www.idream.in
  12. Studio/Institution: Ramon Zancanaro Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds, vray and photoshop Website: http://www.zancanaro.com Description: Hello.. my first post... I'm From Brazil. Currently working with images of furniture to be cataloged. Companies seek to create virtual images of their products (furniture). These images will be used to sell the product in their stores. This scene is just for my portfolio. I took the opportunity to test light with photometric lights. These lights make all the lighting of the scene (except inside the wardrobe) The concrete floor also has a special feature. I made this floor with a blend material. The first material with glossy effect evident and the second material with reflection cleaner. Softs: Zbrush, 3dsmax, vray, photoshop Please, visit hi res images.. Some details is not visible in small images: My "photo reference".. http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/DSC01039.jpg dont belivme ok? its a joke http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/camera-01.jpg http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/camera-02.jpg http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/camera-03.jpg http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/camera-04.jpg http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/camera-05.jpg http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/camera-06.jpg http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/camera-07.jpg http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/camera-08.jpg I am available for questions... Tks for all!!
  13. hi all Ive been working on this Bedroom model this past week, and even though its not finished id really like some C&C on some aspects of lighting ,shadows and modeling. i am not happy with the shadows around corners of the bed in particular. in some renders i forgot to activate Displacement & Glossy Effects under Global Switches. click the link below to view the renders. http://rmp82.nl/cg_post/index.html 3ds Max 2009 design, V-Ray SP4a duo core 2.6 = 2gb ram some models are imported and others are mine, bedroom model created by me.
  14. Hi all, This is an interior visualisation for a project called Mendelsohn, designed by AK2 architects and ispired by Erich Mendelsohn - an architect of the first half of the 20th century. Tools used are standard : Max, vray, photoshop. The animation is available at http://www.plus421.com Larger image link here. Comments and critiques most welcome. Thx.
  15. This is a master bedroom that I'm currently working on. There is an ensuite attached, and a mini-lounge opposite the double-doors. I hate the carpet. It's a ProMaterial from Max 2009 Design, with a diffuse jpg in the diffuse slot, a BUMP for it in the BUMP and DISPLACEMENT slot. BUMP is 60 and DISPLACEMENT is 3. Real World Size is .5 meters I'd really like to 'get' the hand of doing carpets (and grass). Any tips? This is a house I photographed for a home builder, and the furniture is sparse. Thankingn you...
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