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Found 10 results

  1. Hello guys i recently created a real time project using UE4 and 3dsmax i would really love to tell me what you think about the project and what things should i improve thanks in advance , you can find the video bellow in the link provided:
  2. Studio/Institution: Ruhl Walker Architects Genre: Residential Interior Software: Sketchup Make + Twilight Render Description: Good morning good forum people, I am in the process of rendering a loft-like interior for a project that was never built. I haven't done much photorealistic work before, so I am having some trouble getting to a good place with the imagery. Here is a draft of the view to the kitchen, and as you can see, it looks a little too clean, and doesn't have much life. I worked hard on the materials, including the wood veneers, but I feel like they aren't coming through in the image. Can anyone offer me any direction on this image, where should start to bring this to the next level? I haven't done this enough to know where to go. Thanks Keith
  3. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for rendering programs that can provide decent quality photorealistic renderings inside SketchUp that are free or not very expensive. I was reading about V-Ray but saw that it is also $900 - yikes. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with a program that might be closer to the $150 or less/free range. Thank you! Note: I have another computer and rendering program at my office which I use (a PC there) and have already paid for and it's not compatible with MAC unfortunately. I'm not being cheap I just don't want to pay a lot for yet another program for home use!
  4. Studio/Institution: Arquitecnica Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3d max + vray + photoshop Description: Hi guys! Im new in this wonderful forum and this is my first post. It´s about a still of a residential building designed by Arquitecnica, but they weren't my clients, i have just done it for training. I modeled it on 3dmax and used vray as render engine, and make some postwork on Photoshop. I think the image is not bad, but i would like to get to the most photorealistic result posible, so I ask you for your advice! Thanks you all!
  5. Studio/Institution: Resonance Media + Design Genre: Residential Exterior Software: Blender(Cycles Render) Website: http://www.resonancemedia.ca Description: Update to ArchVis project "Solis Vitrum House" - Worked on building structure, some textures. Still to do, interiors and wood texture tweaking. This is actually a Blender Cycles render, but would like to improve the realism of the shot, similar to what can be achieved with V-Ray. I think it looks reasonably good, but I really love the way that some V-Ray renders really do look like photographs, and would like to improve towards that level of realism. I know that few/none of the people here are using Blender, but I'm looking for cross-platform advice, then I'll figure out how to implement it. Any suggestions?
  6. Studio/Institution: 2PM Visuals Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: ArchiCAD / Maxwell / Photoshop Website: http://www.2pm-visuals.co.uk Description: CGI we produced showing architect's design for recladding these buildings. Everything below first floor is photography. Everything from first floor and above is CG. Camera match had to be perfect to get new cladding system, windows, etc. to work with the existing photography. Getting the right level of gloss on the powder coated grey cladding panels, and photo-embedding the image were the main challenges with the job. Your comments & criticisms would be very welcome. Thanks
  7. Studio/Institution: TigerBox Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3Ds Max - Vray 1.5 Description: Hi everyone, I'm hoping to render the most realistic image I can and was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on the image attached. It looks okay so far to me, but if you were to put in next to a photo you can still see this is a render. I want to make it harder to spot. Any input is appreciated! Cheers, Simon
  8. Studio/Institution: Pikcells Client: Kronospan Genre: Office Interior Software: Max, VRay, After Effects, Pshop Website: http://pikcells.com/ Description: Hi Everyone, We recently completed a set of images to help promote a new wood panel collection. Our client wanted to make a statement about their innovations when developing new products. This called for some cutting edge unique looking imagery which push the boundaries of modern furniture design. We designed everything from the ground up. We created all the main furniture and sets from scratch, developing them around the 5 trends of Linear, Classic, Coastal, Vintage and Rough Sawn which were laid out by our client. Each one represented the various new finishes of their "Fresh 2" collection. This project really highlights what we can do with an open brief and our ability to design as well as visualise. The team really worked hard to pull this off and keep pushing the designs to make something special and we are all well chuffed with the result. See the full collection on our website http://pikcells.com/ RB
  9. Studio/Institution: The Archi Studio Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3D Max Website: http://www.thearchistudio.com Description: 360-degree virtual environments, using QTVR (QuickTime Virtual Reality). The technology we use is unparalleled in image quality, interactivity and network-ability. Archi studio serves the Real Estate and Yachting markets world-wide with this technology. Interactive Presentations improve site "stickiness." Similar to streaming video, interactive video increases the likelihood people will stay on your site longer. People who are captured by streaming video spend 80 percent more of time online than their non-video viewing content parts, consequently they regularly purchase goods online. This is a screen shot of out 360 interactive presentation for more information, please visit http://www.thearchistudio.com/design/360-virtual-tour.html
  10. Hi all, This is an interior visualisation for a project called Mendelsohn, designed by AK2 architects and ispired by Erich Mendelsohn - an architect of the first half of the 20th century. Tools used are standard : Max, vray, photoshop. The animation is available at http://www.plus421.com Larger image link here. Comments and critiques most welcome. Thx.
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