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Found 19 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Paride, architect and professional archviz artists based in the UK. Working in the UK for more than 5 years in the visualisation industry, I decided to create a platform where clients and artists can meet and collaborate. This place is now live at cgiFinder and it's welcoming 3D talents from all over the world. It's a safe place to collaborate following a pre-established set of revisions, so forget about working forever on a project, and be safe with our escrow payments. If you want to know more about this journey, you have any feedback and just want to say "hi", check our website or get in touch. https://cgifinder.com info@cgifinder.com
  2. Hi, I have a degree in Architecture and since the course development I have been in love with ArchViz. Since then I have been studying with the goal of making this passion my full-time and final profession. I confess that I have been having difficulties getting projects a little more consistently and this is a little frustrating. I started using Blender and fell in love with the way it works. But to work for an archviz company that uses Blender is very difficult, I rarely find one. I live in Brazil and around here I don't know any company that works with it or is flexible allowing the use. The question is: How soon do you think Blender should enter the market for good, or will it?
  3. Practice archvis project based on Solares Architecture's Manitoulin Island Off-Grid House (https://www.solares.ca). I’m happy with parts, not so happy with others, any feedback would be much appreciated. Very interested to hear anything about composition specifically, but any advice at all would be great. Spotlights by KarelZe on Blend Swap | Sliding Doors by Zorianpl on Blend Swap | Firewood by Danilius on Blend Swap | Magazine by robertrestupambudi on Sketchfab
  4. Hey all, I have been working on a generator that turns a tileable bitmap texture into a PBR material. Initially I created this to convert my current models over to PBR materials for real-time work for unreal engine or export to GLTF. I also wanted a bit of extra control when it came to adjusting normals and other channels which then turned into building this little tool that runs in Substance Player. I was inspired by great applications like crazy bump but then it turned into something a little different - if you pay attention to the metallic settings in the first video. Sorry about the tinny microphone in the following video I have a few new things to buy as it seems lol. You can check it out here: Lots more updates coming soon
  5. Dear Blender Community! I hope I am following etiquette and that I am posting in the right group. I would like to suggest the Cloud Rendering solutions for Blender, to helps creators make use of the hardware and create high definition images, videos, and even 3D complex models. You can sign up for the beta at https://iblender.net/, and enjoy free rendering for a limited time (From 1 March 2020 to 1 May 2020). Join the beta and you will receive access to a dedicated personal account, and 100$ of free credits so that you can start exploring our platform and services. iBlender Features: - Estimated Job/ Frame Runtimes - Thumbnails & Logs - Preview thumbnail - Visualize rendering process - Real-time monitoring - Render farm for Blender Only - Environmental responsibility What we currently support: - Render on an application on Windows - Suited for individuals, freelancers, small studios - Render Blender projects on both CPU or GPU - Most of the mainstream and renderers of Blender: Cycles, Eevee, Vray, Corona, - Octane, RenderMan. Please create a support ticket via an application if you need other plugins. Packed Blend files: We now only support to render your packed files before uploading to the app. Packing a Blender project makes sure all external assets are included, then save it in a particular folder. What the future holds? (after 15th April 2020) - We will support on Windows, MAC, Linux OS. - Web-rendering is in-development progress, we plan to release in the early of this second quarter. - We will support both packed and unpacked Blend files. - Benefits to you: Tons of free hours on a render farm to render your files: we accept to pay for your rendering, in the verse we hope to hear more feedback from you. Note: Please keep in mind that the service is currently in beta-mode (this being the only external announcement so far!), My advice is that you should test with a few frames for the first time to see if it renders correct, then heavy ones with more frames. Contact us: Website: http://www.iblender.net Email: support@irender.net Skype: iRender Support Thank you!
  6. Studio/Institution: West Rim Digital Media, Lester Ohio Genre: Residential Interior Software: Blender 2.8 Website: http://https://taholmes160.artstation.com/ Description: Hello Folks: This is a kitchen project that I have been working on for some time. Its modeled after 2 things I saw, the first is the design of the seating area and table – I picked up on that watching an episode of Fixer Upper with Chip and JoAnna Gains. That was really the spring board for the project. I wish I could find a screen cap from that episode, but I havent been able to find one, so I am just going from memory. (theirs was much smaller). The second factor was the lights over the counters (the blue ones) I saw lights like that at a local Applebees one night and decided I had to try modeling them. This is still in progress, but I am looking for some serious critiques. Its really my first foray into the “Modern” kitchen with whites and blacks and greys etc, as I am typically a log cabin modeler and have very heavy use of woods and earth tones. Some of it has turned out looking really good, other parts, I am not so happy with – the composition of the shot from by the sliding glass door is one I really dont like, as well some of the walls and counters seem a bit bare, so I need some suggestions of how to handle that. Additionally, if you see something wrong, it would be really helpful if you could give me some pointers on HOW to fix it – I’m still very much a learner, and want to get better, but in some cases dont know how.! I have seen some projects that have a rendered wireframe shot as well, I dont know yet how to do that, so I’ll be looking (any suggestions appreciated) I have all my stage (step) files as well, and can show you anything you want. Please let me know what will make it easier and more useful to critique. One last request, if you know of any good sites for critiques I would appreciate links, so far I have BlenderArtists, Art Station, and CGArchitect. Thanks for the input
  7. Hey Everyone, I've been using Sketchup for years for all my arch modeling. I use Revit at work but not when I'm focusing on a piece for visualization purposes. Recently Blender 2.8 came out and I've been reading up on it and want to start experimenting. Sketchup can be great once you have a million plugins, but I've been looking for a more powerful modeling software to take over for a while now. Does anyone use Blender (specifically the latest version) as their primary modeling package? Not talking about rendering of any kind here, just modeling. I think one of the reasons Sketchup is popular among architecture professionals is that it functions more similar to CAD based software than other modelers such as 3DSmax. Blender doesn't seem to be much closer to a CAD environment, but I'm intrigued by the new UI and functions and its promising future. Please share your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you!
  8. Hi all, I started I new video series on Blender for archviz - focused on art direction and critique more than technical. https://zigtheapp.com/intro-archviz/ I've been very impressed with Cycles, and wanted to do something that might be useful. Not too in depth in terms of technical stuff. More focused on decision making. Although I do show how to make grass.
  9. Studio/Institution: Personal Genre: Residential Interior Software: Blender, Photoshop Description: Hello everyone, This is my first serious attempt to put my work out there. I am trying to learn Blender as it is a free software and I believe is as much powerful as 3Ds Max. This image is based on a real project posted here: https://www.plataformaarquitectura.cl/cl/886040/crescent-drive-ehrlich-architects/5a1aeabfb22e383ae60000a7-crescent-drive-ehrlich-architects-photo I am still getting this non-realistic lighting, I am struggling a bit to get the right tone. I woud appreciate any feedback and thanks for stopping by.
  10. Hi everyone. I've graduated recently from Architecture and I have been using Blender and Cycles since 2 years or so. Now I'm moving to the GameDev workflow, adding Rhinoceros, the Allegorithmic suite and UE4 to the mix. But I'm still struggling with the UV unwrapping process, especially exporting meshes from nurbs, which I'm trying to solve with Blender. I'll be happy to share what I know with you guys. Thanks!
  11. Studio/Institution: Private Genre: Residential Interior Software: Blender – Cycles Description: Here is what I did after two weeks practice. The second piece ever made, the first I made without guidance. Getting your honest feedback and some tips would be great. Thank you in advance! Regards Christoph Credits: Logs made by Danilius http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/48896
  12. Studio/Institution: Private Genre: Residential Interior Software: Blender – Cycles Description: Here is what I did after two weeks of practice. The second piece ever made, the first I made without guidance. Getting your honest feedback and some tips would be great. Thank you in advance! Regards Christoph Credits: Logs made by Danilius (BlendSwap)
  13. Studio/Institution: private Genre: Commercial Interior Software: Blender Description: Hi, I'm not very good at interiors and to be honest I feel like I'm going in circles and getting frustrated not doing much progress. I just don't know how much stuff should I add, what angle should be better and such. I know I need to add more details, kitchen stuff and such but I just don't feel the composition. I don't know if the issue is specific space here or my lack of imagination. In the entry image I changed some stuff - camera front view, some painting on the wall, pro design wooden bench and such but still I'd like to hear some feedback.
  14. Studio/Institution: Personal Work Client: Personal Work Genre: Residential Exterior Software: Blender Description: Hello guys, I'm working at the moment in a little sweet home, its the kind of house one can see here in Bavaria where I live now. I've been working on this since a long time so I decided to post the WIP here to get more feedback. I was wondering how could I model the scene to get some variations in some parts of the model, so I decided to go for the particles, it's a easy way, because I can work with single element, then I make a group and then duplicate the element and make some variations, and this variations will be included in the group, so when the particle emitter is set it's just matter to update the particles, and every particle will be randomized. Everything is modeled in Blender and rendered with Blender Cycles Here an example of the use of particles,
  15. Studio/Institution: Resonance Media + Design Genre: Residential Exterior Software: Blender(Cycles Render) Website: http://www.resonancemedia.ca Description: Update to ArchVis project "Solis Vitrum House" - Worked on building structure, some textures. Still to do, interiors and wood texture tweaking. This is actually a Blender Cycles render, but would like to improve the realism of the shot, similar to what can be achieved with V-Ray. I think it looks reasonably good, but I really love the way that some V-Ray renders really do look like photographs, and would like to improve towards that level of realism. I know that few/none of the people here are using Blender, but I'm looking for cross-platform advice, then I'll figure out how to implement it. Any suggestions?
  16. Studio/Institution: Blendermama Client: personal portfolio Genre: Residential Interior Software: Blender - Cycles, Gimp Website: http://www.blendermama.com Description: Hi, This is my first interior image using Cycles. Sofa and pouf are free resources, the rest is my own work. Lamps are modelled by me based on real designer pieces. The main goal was testing the new render engine capabilities and creating a good portfolio image.
  17. Studio/Institution: Blendermama Genre: Residential Interior Software: Blender internal renderer, Motiva Realcamera Website: http://www.blendermama.com Description: My own scene and models, excepting the chair. All modeled and rendered in open source software Blender, with a bit of post editing. Feedback welcome!
  18. Studio/Institution: Sixthlaw3d Genre: Other Software: Blender, Octane, Gimp Description: Hey guys! Well this is final result of todays project In this scene I tried to create a realistic and dynamic environment, with simple and effective modelling and texturing techniques. I have also created a time-lapse of the project, so you can see my workflow. Rendered in Octane. I hope you enjoy the final product! I will be post a Higher-Res Version of the finished render very soon!
  19. I'm curious to find out if there is a preferred software for doing a real time architectural walk through. I have seen various posts on the topic but they all seem to date back about 3 or 4 years, and most reviews of software at that point were not any good. I have used the C4 game engine before to do real time work, the workflow is a bit time consuming. So currently we are testing out plugin3d(formerly RTRE) however as I use it, it seems quite buggy. Example: I have a scene which is currently about 300,000 polys(which should be no problem for plugin3d, they claim millions of polys can viewed), I was doing tests with standard gray materials and everything worked fine, smooth walkthroughs, no problems. I wanted to try texture baking the floor material as a test, did that, put the material into a shell material and all of a sudden I can barely move within the viewport. I removed the shell material and put the baked map onto a single standard material, which seems to have worked....for now at least. Does anyone use plugin3d? Their support is seriously lacking and I have been hard pressed to find any type of help forum. Has anyone used Blender, Turn Tool or Eon for real time arch viz?
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