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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all, I have been working on a generator that turns a tileable bitmap texture into a PBR material. Initially I created this to convert my current models over to PBR materials for real-time work for unreal engine or export to GLTF. I also wanted a bit of extra control when it came to adjusting normals and other channels which then turned into building this little tool that runs in Substance Player. I was inspired by great applications like crazy bump but then it turned into something a little different - if you pay attention to the metallic settings in the first video. Sorry about the tinny microphone in the following video I have a few new things to buy as it seems lol. You can check it out here: Lots more updates coming soon
  2. hello dear all! I don't really know if it 3ds max issue, but still i leave it here. Sooo... i have my pink moment. i had bought a brand new computer and decided to make a Cabin in a forest to train my skills in Substance Painter- i saw their beautiful Atlases and Biomass materials. But i have been facing problems. Yep, newbie questions with textile density and size of terrain and so on. Every tutorial tend to use Unreal with his terrain tools. i have a terrain. i want paint "road", add some pebbels, grass, leaves. (see pic.) What modern super-technological pipeline do you use for making a terrain for render in 3ds max? my thoughts: split terrain into many UVs/udim and textuting in Painter? Use scatter for 3ds max on a not so good texture? Use mask with two material in Designer (noooooooo) and go to Bercon tile in max. Add mesh road with texture and hide a border with pebbels and greens? Use WorldMashine? Just simple old Photosop will do it?))))) Maybe, there is some tutorial i haven't seen jet? I have seen so many tutorials. my head is spinning now. kill me
  3. I didn't see this coming for sure, really, really, really, hope is for good. Adobe it been trying to jumping to the 3D world for a while now, with a partnership with Chaosgroup I thought they will push that for a while, but this?? is really interesting. https://www.allegorithmic.com/blog/allegorithmic-joining-adobe-family?mc_cid=32fb8ece95&mc_eid=c7c20513a2
  4. To Whom Can Help, I have been using the Substance material forum made and beta plug-in to add Substance materials into my 3ds max 2018 files for the last year or so. Yesterday, they came out with an official release which I quickly installed. The problem I'm now facing is... it didn't do anything to uninstall the old plug-in files. I got rid on the one erroring 3ds max as duplicate materials, but now I'm opening files with previous Substance materials and it comes up with critical/crash level errors. What files do I need to uninstall to make this work better from the previous installs to make it work again? I'm already assuming I probably need to relink the Substance material file. Thanks ahead. Chris
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