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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Everyone ??? I hope you're Well and Safe! Check out this new in-depth step-by-step tutorial taking users through the amazing process of using the TurboSplines plug-in with 3ds Max, to create exquisite animations and furniture, in minutes. Watch & Download: https://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2020/03/turbosplines-with-3ds-max-vray.html I really hope you find the tutorial useful, like and share it. P.S: Take care and stay safe!!! Ta Jamie
  2. Check out my new tutorial taking users through some of the New Project Manager features such as, the ability to select multiple Folders, Copy, Cut, Hide and Delete from Hard Drive. http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2020/01/3ds-max-with-project-manager-plug-in.html Users will also learn to Create & Align proxies intuitively/efficiently based on your rendering Engine; Create & Reorganize Virtual file systems efficiently and independently from your hard drive; Create & Edit Materials based on your rendering engine; Search & Relink missing files automatically...and Much more =TimeStamps= 0:43 Open project manager 0:50 Drag & Drop multiple files/folders into Project Manager 1:55 Select multiple folders/files 2:08 Copy multiple Files/Folders 2:15 Create new Catalog & Paste 2:35 Hide Files/Folders and other Options 3:37 Auto-Assign Previews function 5:52 Create a new Material Slot automatically from a Texture 6:55 Create/Merge/Replace IES lights directly/automatically from PM into 3ds Max 8:38 Assign materials by Drag/Drop in the scene 8:52 Create/Merge/Replace models/proxies directly/automatically from PM into 3ds Max 10:33 Search & Relink missing files automatically...and many more features I really hope you find the tutorial useful, like and share it! Ta Jamie
  3. To Whom Can Help, I have been using the Substance material forum made and beta plug-in to add Substance materials into my 3ds max 2018 files for the last year or so. Yesterday, they came out with an official release which I quickly installed. The problem I'm now facing is... it didn't do anything to uninstall the old plug-in files. I got rid on the one erroring 3ds max as duplicate materials, but now I'm opening files with previous Substance materials and it comes up with critical/crash level errors. What files do I need to uninstall to make this work better from the previous installs to make it work again? I'm already assuming I probably need to relink the Substance material file. Thanks ahead. Chris
  4. Which one to go for, I wonder! With a user friendly experience, plus flexibility and photo-realistic results required... is one a more promising candidate?
  5. I was just wondering if there's a standard roof tile plugin which you guys use? Here's a photo of the sort of roof I need... Thanks.
  6. Batzal Software Roof Designer Plug-in for 3DS Max enables you to create high quality roofs in seconds. It lets you model, texture and cover your roof with mesh tiles with ease and keeps your roof parametric so any changes to the roof plans will not require more than a few mouse clicks to update. Batzal Software Roof Designer is extremely cost effective and should return its price even during its first use! Version 1.45 includes 3DS Max 2011 support and new options for treating tiles intersected by the roof edges: cut and cap and remove. Visit our website: http://www.batzal.com and try it for free. If you have a blog and would like to review our plug-in, post a response and we might provide you with a full working copy of Roof Designer.
  7. Hi there ! I use Rhino for modeling, and I'm trying to convince myself that Fryrender is the best render engine for me. Why ? -Fry's single sheet sub-surface scattering (SSSSS !) is a great feature for me because I deal with Architectural membranes. -Fry's virtual reality looks real good, I just hope they will release it in my lifetime But then I tried the demo. The Fryrender plug-in for Rhino uses McNeel's "Render Development Kit". In fact, the RDK interface is a -confusing- extra layer between Rhino and Fryrender. By chance, one of Fran's posts helped me figure out how to apply a Fry material to a Rhino layer which is far from obvious. But just when I thought my troubles were over, I started working on the material mapping in the Rhino rendered viewport, and things went haywire : the materials got mixed up on the display, and I simply could not go any further. Materials were propagated to other layers, and changed randomly when I re-opened the file. Fran, if you hear me : HELP ! Cheers, -- Olivier
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