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Found 5 results

  1. Project Room By Cre4rt Studio . An Architecture Real-Time on touch screen. Customer can move around, change materials, change style of object, on/off electronic device , take a photo, change view of camera.....
  2. Hello, I'm new here but assuming this is the correct place to post this... I'm currently studying for an MA in 3D Digital Design and am doing my thesis on the viability of game engines for real-time architectural visualisations (mostly going to be using UDK) and wondered what people's experiences of them are? Do many people use them commercially and if so have you found that it helps clients/architects/property developers etc.? Any help would be brilliant, thanks!
  3. all I can say is wow. I don't think Twinmotion or Lumion can even come close to this. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/g...engine-3/711208
  4. I'm curious to find out if there is a preferred software for doing a real time architectural walk through. I have seen various posts on the topic but they all seem to date back about 3 or 4 years, and most reviews of software at that point were not any good. I have used the C4 game engine before to do real time work, the workflow is a bit time consuming. So currently we are testing out plugin3d(formerly RTRE) however as I use it, it seems quite buggy. Example: I have a scene which is currently about 300,000 polys(which should be no problem for plugin3d, they claim millions of polys can viewed), I was doing tests with standard gray materials and everything worked fine, smooth walkthroughs, no problems. I wanted to try texture baking the floor material as a test, did that, put the material into a shell material and all of a sudden I can barely move within the viewport. I removed the shell material and put the baked map onto a single standard material, which seems to have worked....for now at least. Does anyone use plugin3d? Their support is seriously lacking and I have been hard pressed to find any type of help forum. Has anyone used Blender, Turn Tool or Eon for real time arch viz?
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