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Found 25 results

  1. I thought Id create this thread so I can post models Im working on that are available for artists, also get feedback since you guys are the ones that will be using them. Also Id like to get a gauge on what you do and dont like (it can be anything from the design to the polycount or something that looks like it needs attention etc). I want to ensure the quality reflects the user experience essentially. Everything is original made and royalty free, you can use commercially or for projects whatever you like. Furniture Kitbash Set My idea for the first pack of models (there will be around 36) in this one is specifically for kitbashing, Im also providing them directly in case you want just a few pieces of the set without needing the whole lot or if you want to test out the quality. The idea behind this set is when doing exterior renderings of large apartments/house facades it would be nice to have a set of kitchens, living rooms, dining, plants, accessories etc that you can scatter using forestpro (ill also have this setup so you can just place it on colored squares or spline shapes) and then it automatically populates and randomly switches furniture sets/materials for each furniture piece, render below). It will also stick to the floor for furniture, pendants to the ceilings, artwork to the walls etc saving us time to focus on the exterior layout. Also by using forestpro it can clip by distance so your furniture doesnt need to render per camera saving ram etc if required. The kit-bash set is specifically Low Polygon but keeping to a high standard (erring on the side of quality). Textures based on geometry size and keeping them all to around 512-1024px because of the distance involved, as well as having mostly basic materials (when I can, sometimes larger textures if really necessary to maintain quality). Also having them low poly (Keeping each set under 80k is the goal) means you can have many in the viewport with native mesh without causing problems, so far with all of these models in the scene I can still navigate at 100fps on a 1060GTX so the goal is it should be the same or close when finished, ill also provide proxy versions for outside cases but for now thats the plan. I would love your feedback on any of these, feel free to jump into the conversation if you feel like you can add value as my hopes are keeping you involved in the creation process might be useful for you too if you have some things you or your business would like made specifically for some project and would be a win-win for both of us, or maybe you just feel like being apart of the design process I would be happy to give discount coupons on these items for those who make contributions that end up effecting the process in a positive way, as Id love to give back to the community that has helped me. Also working on some kitchens at the moment, Im having a tough time deciding on the colors for the stools if you have an opinion on it Id love to hear it (WIP mind you)!
  2. CGTrader is back with the new challenge and this time it’s all about furniture sets. With 5 potential winners and a record number of sponsors it’s definitely worth to take your chance and expand your 3D toolkit https://www.cgtrader.com/challenges/cg-furniture-set-challenge
  3. Hello, colleagues! We are celebrating a milestone of followers on FB, and there are 24 lovely models of designer furniture to download, for free) OBJ files, collapsed, scaled and mapped, so everybody can use them. Shading is an intimate thing, so it is up to you. Feel free to download Here and put them to good use. Best, Arseniy
  4. HI, I was planning to create some bed models; may be 100 of different style. That will cover mostly used style for visualization. for example I believe you would not choose a certain type of bed models for your clean hotel room visualization. the collection of bed models available online ( I checked turbusquid) are not as great. although you get most of them for almost no price ($15-$40) but yet you need a certain style for your visualization. some clean but 100% realistic models. Anyway, I am attaching some images of a bed model I have created for a very good client of mine. But I am wondering if it worth to put my time to create a collection of beds like that. I meant this quality. Also i have in mind that if I create about 30 types of mattress I can fit those in into thousand of bed models. It could be a 2-4 month project for me. Please let me know if I am not in the right track. If I get positive feedback from you guys I will most-likely start the project. Thanks for your input. Abdullah
  5. Hello, today i want to share a 3d model of a hig-poly chair for the yard or balcony. You can Download HERE
  6. Hello: Today, i want to share another 3d mooel from my collection, you can get it here: Armchair 001 I hope you like.
  7. Hello: Today, i want to share a new 3d model from my collection of 3d meshes. I hope you like. Bye 3dcontents - Armchair 007
  8. I think seating Is very common in visualisation industry... So post here your opinions and references of your seating furniture You using @work. I'll glad for some inspiration
  9. He guys,, any suggestions on a good modelling workflow to create these kind of forms?
  10. This is a Making of from this scene done with 3ds max, Zbrush, Photoshop & Vray, I have modeled the furniture with 3ds max, and detailed everything with Zbrush, the textures were created in Photoshop and the rendering with Vray. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TUTORIAL Check the renders from this tutorial
  11. Studio/Institution: practice Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3Ds Max, Vray Description: I'm currently working on a project to reproduce this IKEA catalog image. It's going pretty well so far but I still feel like its missing something in terms of composition. What do you guys think? Original Photo Render [ATTACH=CONFIG]47186[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]47187[/ATTACH]
  12. Studio/Institution: Bpositive Client: Personal Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3D Studio Max,Vray, Photoshop, MultiScatter Website: http://www.bpositive.dk Description: Hi Some time ago I finished a series of visualizations of a house inspired by Japanese architecture. The interior design is more influenced by European/Scandinavian design and features furniture from among others Tom Dixon, Konstantin Grcic and my self. I used the scene as a base for developing and learning new skills (HDRI, Fog and Multiscatter). Though the design is minimalistic, I have tried giving the visualizations and interior a bit of warmth. I hope you like it. CC are much appreciated :-) [ATTACH=CONFIG]46163[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]46164[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]46165[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]46166[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]46167[/ATTACH]
  13. Hi All I just want to mention that I have a little giveaway on my website including some cool 3d models from Tom Dixon, Muuto and Paustian. You can find them here: - Giveaway 1 - - Giveaway 2 & 3 - Have a merry X-Mas :-)
  14. Studio/Institution: NLnovalink Genre: Commercial Interior Software: 3DS Max - Mental Ray Description: Hey all: Please feel free to comment on the image. The intent was to illustrate some new finish options for our parametric line of trading desks. In retrospect, I'm thinking the scale of the floor's too large... again, but it's your opinions that I want to hear. Cheers!
  15. Studio/Institution: Dmitry Kobtsev Client: deks Genre: Other Software: 3d max, VRay, Photoshop CS5 Website: http://kopchenuj.blogspot.com/ Description: View catalog of furniture and accessories For the furniture firms Deks Thank you for your attention
  16. Studio/Institution: ? Client: free work Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3D Website: http://www.interieurbouw-tekening.nl Description: Hello everybody, I’m stunt by the high quality of the work on this site. I’m going to try to fit in but it is not going to be easy. Greetingz and let me know what you think…
  17. Studio/Institution: RangEmotions Client: commercial Genre: Other Software: 3dsmax, vray, nuke Website: http://rangemotions.livejournal.com Description: Here are several models from our recent project, hope you like them: Also you would find more information at our Blog
  18. Studio/Institution: personal project Genre: Residential Interior Software: Blender / ZBrush / Photoshop / Octane Render Website: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pejotl/ Description: Hello, This is my first post here of a simple scenery with the items I made for a bigger personal project. C&C are highly appreciated. Regards PJ
  19. Studio/Institution: NLnovalink Client: *private* Genre: Other Software: 3DS Max - 2011 - Mental Ray Website: http://(wip) Description: Here's a security desk for a large bank. C&C are welcome. Please see below for additional details. [ATTACH=CONFIG]41742[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]41741[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]41739[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]41740[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]41738[/ATTACH]
  20. Studio/Institution: fox hole Client: van staeyen interieur Genre: Commercial Interior Software: 3dsmax design 2011, rendered with mental ray, edited with photoshop Description: Hello, After being almost 10 years idle in computer graphics i decided to start again. This is my first post here. Feedback is welcome. Please be gentle since i havent used graphic softwares in almost ten years! Kind regards,
  21. Hi I'm still a bit new to 3d modeling in max but am learning allot for online tutorials. I'm having problems when I need to add allot blocks (furniture and appliances) to my scenes. after a certain amount the model becomes too complex to work with. I know about vraycache and xreferncing but these make it hard to manipulate and work. when I was working on sketchup I could add endless amount of blocks with out any problem... max can't be less efficient the sketchup I was wondering what is the best & efficient way to use allot of furniture in an interior scene (for example a big restaurant) with out crashing my pc? I tried to find a tutorial on this but found only tutorials on creating furniture, and not on using them. I see many renders with 100 or more different complex objects, how is this done? If there is a "recommended" way on doing this I would appreciate knowing. Thanks in advance! :
  22. Studio/Institution: Personal Work - Modular Mobile Vine Wall Client: N/A Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3DS Max 2011 Design - Mental Ray Description: Hey everyone. I'm reluctantly posting this image. I'd like to get crits, but have not secured the IP for the design and would like to eventually be involved in producing these on a large scale. I designed and built a few prototypes of these modular mobile vine walls last summer. The concept is essentially a mobile concrete planter with a 6' wooden trellis for assisting vertical growth. The unit is 36" wide by 11" deep by 6' tall. There are 4 360 degree castors inset in the base so they are not visable. The units can be ganged up in a row so they can be used as a temporary wall or outdoor space divider... or they can be used independantly as sculptural items. I made two of these bad boys and grew ivy vines in one and cucumbers in the other. It worked very well The first concept had a wooden base and blew over with heavy winds once or twice so the cast concrete base was a natural progression to keep the center of mass low. C&C are welcome.
  23. Studio/Institution: GAYARRE infografia Client: I+D Genre: Residential Interior Software: Architrion, Cinema 4D, Vray Website: http://www.gayarre.eu Description: A place to play and grow ! Work foucused in details and lighting, like always.
  24. Studio/Institution: Goblen studio Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3D max, V-ray Website: http://www.goblenstudio.rs/ Description: One of my last commercial project - just one ordinary, low cost apartment. And here is complete walk-through animation: Comments and critics are welcome!
  25. Studio/Institution: Mumbai Genre: Residential Interior Software: Photoshop Website: http://www.idream.in Description: Hi everyone, I am new to this site,so i don't known anyone in this site. My name is Rajendar and i am working for idream.in which is a interior design and architecture firm.idream with it's new green development concepts wants to construct home interior designs. So if any one want any information about interior amd architecture.U are free to visit our site. www.idream.in
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