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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I've been something like a year and a half learning and practicing self-taught in my spare time, and I would like to know the opinion of the archviz professionals, from your criteria and experience, about what possibilities I would have to find a job in this area if I started looking for it right now, given the following factors: 1. I don't have any artistic or technical background of any kind, like it could be: drawing, design, architecture, photography, interior design, etc. 2. The programs I have used (and my level in them) in my projects are: 3ds max + vray: These are the ones that I better handle. Lumion 6: But most probably I will switch to Twinmotion 2018. I like it more. Photoshop: At a very basic level. I only use it to create ceramic textures of walls and floors, done from a single downloaded or given image (tile), to crop images, to create simple bumps/reflection maps, and for modify the contrast and brightness of the final renders. Marvelous designer: only in order to create blankets and towels falling on objects. Inpaint: In order to erase watermarks on textures Pixplant: In order to create big textures from tiny ones automaticaly. 3. I know the basics of the 3d CG objects, as well as the basic commands, but I barely know how to model anything from scratch, beyond architectural structures and very simple furniture (made out of boxes with simple chamfers), booleans, and simple objects made out of splines (objects made with the lathe modifier, for example). All minimally complex objects that my projects include have been downloaded. 4. I am able to make basic materials (with diffuse, bump and reflection maps, sometimes displacement), but always with downloaded or given textures. Usually I use material libraries, sometimes modifiying something in them. 5. I consider my level of vray ilumination minimally acceptable, although I don't know if it would be acceptable in a professional level. 6. My "work experience" consist, on one side, in two projects (interior renders) for a ceramic tile company, in wich the ceramic textures were given to me by them. On the other hand, I made the archviz of a reform of a kitchen, for a particular person. Especially I am interested in your opinion about the need of advanced modeling knowledge. Is it really a must nowadays in archviz, having on the internet so many models for free or very cheap?
  2. Hello, First of all, sorry for the long message, as I know you should be very occupied and have little time to read every long messages from unknown persons that arrive here. The thing is that, I am trying to describe why you should talk to me and give me an opportunity, in just a post. It's not an easy task. My name Miguel Duarte Nunes, and I am a 3D Designer, willing to work in any part of the EU (I am portuguese, so I can work in the EU). I am writing to enquire if you have any vacancies in your company, or if you could point me in the right direction. I have a five-year work experience in graphic and retail design and 3D visualisation/ animation (which include a good knowledge of video production, editing and post-production), and I have worked with brands like Puma, Rockport, Timex and Parfois, between others. For the last five years I have been working in the leading online shopping company in Lisbon from which the last two as a Design Manager of a mid-size team providing brand visual communication, interior retail designs and 3D visualisations/animations and videos focusing on customer experience and brand identity. Most of my work, as it was requested by the clients and can be seen on my portfolio, was mostly retail design and 3D visualisations with small animations of the store interiors, however, I feel comfortable with exteriors as well, and some animation. There was also a lot of graphic and web design work that had to be done (almost every graphic element in the 3D stores were my creation), like graphic communications of the brand stores, and every graphic element of the website. I take great pride in the design work I create and always thrive to deliver an effective, focused and creative interiors that fits the company needs and goals. I am an enthusiastic and committed designer, with a keen to detail eye, a hand-on approach and a teamwork mentality. My career goals are a continuous self-improvement. With me you will be having not just a creative designer, but a professional who thrives to be better, and inspires others inside the team to do the same. My portfolio (Please take the time to see it as I really think you will like it, there is also my CV in the websiteMiguelDNunes-CV.pdf) is at: http://migueldnunes.wix.com/design (the logo, and web design of the site are also my creation) I have excellent references and would be delighted to discuss any possible vacancy with you at your convenience. In case you do not have any suitable openings at the moment, I would be grateful if you would keep my information on file for any future possibilities or referrals. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Fernando Miguel Duarte Nunes Mendes
  3. Hi everyone. I graduated in architecture, worked in a practice for 6 months & decided to go at it alone, giving me the freedom to work in 3d visualization software, instead of autocad lite. I've been working as an outside consultant for a large retailer in the uk, visualizing their schemes, before they roll them out in their stores. I was very fortunate have a contact within the company & appreciate that not everyone is quite so lucky. However, now i am trying to branch out. I've been at the Princes Trust(UK business start up charity) writing a business plan & currently i'm trying to identify possible clients & industries that could take advantage architectural visualization . If you could add to the list i would be very grateful: • architects • property developers • estate agents • planning consultants • local authorities, putting their construction work out to tender • marketing agencies I couldn't find a similar post, so hopefully we can create a comprehensive list to aid all aspiring architectural visualizers looking for work Thanks Edward
  4. I think seating Is very common in visualisation industry... So post here your opinions and references of your seating furniture You using @work. I'll glad for some inspiration
  5. Studio/Institution: personal work Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3DS Max + Vray 2.0 + Photoshop cs4 Description: Hi there, this is my last work, I'm still studying 3ds max, and I hope you like it
  6. So recently I have been getting a decent amount of Freelance offers and need some help! I need to make a contract and know enough to start one, but wanted to hear from anyone here that has made one if there are any tips you have or a template you followed or anything! Thanks!
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