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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys With Paypal not being an option, I'm interest HOW you get paid from foreign clients. This question is SPECIFIC to people that are NOT in US, EU or UK, but your clients are from there.
  2. I usually correspond with clients over emails, send an Image with a question, get an answer etc. sometimes there are so many emails replays, forwards and attachments its hard to find a specific task or comment. sometimes projects are halted for a few months and later on I try to see where we stopped and its almost impossible. I'm trying to figure out how to better organize this process. If I could organize the correspondence in a forum of some sort, where I can upload a post with an image send a link to the client where he can replay - keeping everything in order under the same topic - and allowing me to back-track and see what lead to what etc I think that could really help my workflow. I thought about creating a wix site / forum just for that purpose but I'm thinking there must already be a service like that right? or maybe even something better? what do you do? Thanks!
  3. So I've been doing architectural visualization for about 15 years now, and my clients almost never ask me for the photoshop or 3d files. But for some reason, this year a few clients have asked me for either the photoshop file or the 3ds max file at the end of the process. Just for the record, I'm staunchly against the practice of giving these files to clients. I don't think it works as a business model. But at the same time, I don't want to annoy any clients. Also, I'm wondering if other visualization artist have started giving their clients psd and model files, and that's why new clients are expecting this from me?? I was wondering if anyone has this same issue? and what your solution was? Ken
  4. We recently had a situation on a job where images were produced for the client in order to get sign-off from their bosses on the design. They were very successful, in fact they loved them so much they have been using them everywhere! Graphic panels on site, promotional leaflets about the refurbishment, invites to the grand opening etc. Some of this is fairly standard I suppose (billboards e.g.) but it got us thinking that they have had a lot of mileage out of these that wasn't really part of the original scope. I work for a design agency doing mostly interiors. Visualisation is an add-on service and we don't have a separate agreement/contract for this. How do you guys handle things? Do you restrict usage of your images? Do you have a standard licence agreement similar to photographers that goes out with your images?
  5. Hi everyone. I graduated in architecture, worked in a practice for 6 months & decided to go at it alone, giving me the freedom to work in 3d visualization software, instead of autocad lite. I've been working as an outside consultant for a large retailer in the uk, visualizing their schemes, before they roll them out in their stores. I was very fortunate have a contact within the company & appreciate that not everyone is quite so lucky. However, now i am trying to branch out. I've been at the Princes Trust(UK business start up charity) writing a business plan & currently i'm trying to identify possible clients & industries that could take advantage architectural visualization . If you could add to the list i would be very grateful: • architects • property developers • estate agents • planning consultants • local authorities, putting their construction work out to tender • marketing agencies I couldn't find a similar post, so hopefully we can create a comprehensive list to aid all aspiring architectural visualizers looking for work Thanks Edward
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