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Found 6 results

  1. Studio/Institution: Infusion Studios Client: Integrated Interiors - Haworth Genre: Office Interior Software: 3DS Max 2011, Mental Ray, After Effects Website: http://www.infusionstudios3d.com Description: Architectural visualization of an open format office interior with tall glass curtain walls and natural daylight. This shot is of the glass paneled conference room and it's various furnishing. The goal was to get a natural look while avoiding too stark a feel considering all the concrete, glass and other hard materials.
  2. Studio/Institution: GAYARRE infografia Client: I+D Genre: Residential Interior Software: Architrion, Cinema 4D, Vray Website: http://www.gayarre.eu Description: A place to play and grow ! Work foucused in details and lighting, like always.
  3. We are always one step ahead to give our customers what they expect. Our goal is to understand the essence of your project and, through high-quality images, transmit their advantages to the final customer.
  4. Studio/Institution: GAYARRE infografia Client: Vitoria´s city council Genre: Residential Exterior Software: Architrion, Cinema 4D, Vray Website: http://www.gayarre.eu Description: We use the images to show our projects. This show has 2 differents ways : the first is the intention of describe the project. The second is try to explore the "world of suggestion" This very simple image (one of the close to 20 images submitted to the competition) was thought for the second way. Just a few textures, almost a little touches of light in some places and nothing more. Unfortunely, we didn´t convince the jury.
  5. Studio/Institution: GAYARRE infografia Client: University of Zaragoza, Spain Genre: Institution Software: Architrion, Cinema 4D, Vray & Photoshop Website: http://www.gayarre.eu Description: When the project is ours, we take all the graphics options brings us to improve the outcome. In this case, being a full reform, the visualization allowed us to many checks. In a teaching building, decisions relating to natural and artificial lighting are essential. Also, this image like others that I´ll upload the next days, bring us the option of success in the architectural competition. The use of these applications bring us the opportunity to show our project and convince the jury. This is an image of the future library. Is a part of the new building. The treatment of the light was essential. "I like ti be there studying" This was our purposal. A few materials, few colors, simple distribuition an d the light. That´s all. I hope you enjoy this image and the next.
  6. Using VRay for SU v.01.05.30 (we had to revert back for some reason known only to our IT dept) I'm brand new to VRay, and totally appreciate that I'm only going to fully get my answers through experience. However, I thought this might be a useful question. I've looked at many threads that discuss interior lighting settings. Multiple experts seem to prefer wildly different settings for exactly the same scene, and they all seem to work, because there appear to be many settings that affect brightness: ISO Shutter Speed F-number GI (sky, in my case) Multiplier GI Texture Common (Sky) Multiplier GI Texture General Intensity Multiplier (I think this is another sun multiplier, but it's unclear) Background Multiplier Background Texture Common (Bitmap) Multiplier GI Contrast Base? I'm probably forgetting a few, or not sure what all the setting are that I'm using. But in general, it seems that increasing the ISO and decreasing the shutter speed, for example, might balance eachother out and give you very similar, if not exactly the same, output. What I'm hoping to find is the magic variables that allow me to decrease the contrast between the daylight coming into the room and the ambient lighting inside the room. I see a lot of people put hidden rectangular lights on the windows, but I was hoping to find a setting that doesn't mean adding this construction. To put it another way, I want to brighten the interior of the room without changing the sunlight intensity directly hitting the floor, or keep the interior brightness and decrease the sunlight intensity directly hitting the floor. Either way, because I have so many ways to easily change the brightness of everything. Thanks in advance.
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