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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys! Wow, what an awesome site! I am in my final year of my Computer Animation Arts degree but over the summer I worked for an architects company doing their visualisation and modelling and had the most amazing time! Year 1 and 2 of uni was a bit of a mixed time for me, as I spent all of year 1 learning maths and programming (not my strongest areas!) and felt lost with the lack of creativity and was eager to get to year 2. Year 2 came, and I still felt a bit lost and began to realise 'animation' wasn't working for me. This is when I started my year 2 group project and I was given the role of lead environment modeller. I was in my element!! I felt a surge of excitement as I realised I had found my path It perfectly links my passion for design and architecture, photography and CGI, but it took the door of animation to get me here, hehe! Anyway! I have begun my major project but I wanted to share my initial idea with you all to get some feedback and tips? It would be great to see what you all thought. This point in my archviz journey is very personal to me, so I am keen for this project to portray that. I would like the outcome, or final piece, of the next 5 months to be an representation of what I'm about and to convey my own style. This will not only be a piece of work for uni, but something that defines 'me' as I venture into this wonderful industry. My idea so far is to have a series, maybe 5 or 6, final renders complete with Photoshop post production depicting various view points of buildings. A mix of interior and exterior, the images will portray different moods/atmospheres/textures/colour schemes/lighting and compositions. This will allow me to explore an array of ideas and really get my teeth into this project! My slight worry is how these final imaged will 'gel' together. I want them to be independent of their own style, but perhaps I should base them all on something to thread them together? Also, the actual building designs are something I have been pondering. I initially wanted to design the sections of the buildings, (as it will be only a section per image, so I will not need to design entire buildings), but perhaps I should model up sections of existing buildings? What are your thoughts? Some main influences are the wonderful works of Carlo Scarpa, especially his use of water. Also the beautiful imagery of Julius Shulman; his compositions are just breathtaking. I would also like to point out that I find bare concrete with subtle lighting very beautiful! I apologise if this a bit waffley! I am still very much in design stage with the entire idea, so if you can somehow make a gist of what I mean and give me some feedback then I would be most grateful! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and happy new year! Freya
  2. Hi everybody! This is a bit complicated. So I want to study in Budapest, Hungary but now I live abroad. This is my dream, to study architecture, interior design and visualization there (i will study all 3 things). The problem is I have to pay for it, the goverment decided that they wont help student so we have to pay for it. It costs around $3000 per year. (it's very much money in my area). Do you think I can find sponsors, or would you help me in any way so I can study there? I sent emails to some companies but havent got any answers yet. I would work there so I can pay for it but for the first year i really need help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi All I am completing my final year university project and as part of this, write a literature review. I was wondering if anybody on this forum could point me in the direction of articles or papers written around the subject of Arch Viz or something that may be relative to it. Any help would be well received and equally appreciated. Thanks Alain
  4. Studio/Institution: GAYARRE infografia Client: University of Zaragoza, Spain Genre: Institution Software: Architrion, Cinema 4D, Vray & Photoshop Website: http://www.gayarre.eu Description: When the project is ours, we take all the graphics options brings us to improve the outcome. In this case, being a full reform, the visualization allowed us to many checks. In a teaching building, decisions relating to natural and artificial lighting are essential. Also, this image like others that I´ll upload the next days, bring us the option of success in the architectural competition. The use of these applications bring us the opportunity to show our project and convince the jury. This is an image of the future library. Is a part of the new building. The treatment of the light was essential. "I like ti be there studying" This was our purposal. A few materials, few colors, simple distribuition an d the light. That´s all. I hope you enjoy this image and the next.
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