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Found 19 results

  1. When I add a symmetry modifier and try to rotate the mirror plane, it skews and distorts any object. The direction arrows are no longer perpendicular to the mirror plane…any idea what is happening and how to fix it? skewed mirror problem.zip
  2. Hi all, I'm new to here, do you guys know anything about any paid website which provides high quality sketchup models? just like 3dsky.org? Because almost all such websites always use 3ds max file. And I find it really difficult to export from 3ds max to sketchup [yes it works to export, but with tons of poly which slow down sketchup]. And the default 3d warehouse for sketchup models just not good enough in quality.
  3. Hello guys i just made a chair for architectural use you can downloaded at this site http://www.3ddesignmodelss.in/chair
  4. Hi People, Just wondering what people's thoughts are on the client asking for the 3D model of a scene once its been modeled and furnished? Its a large scale model and will take around 10 days work. We have quoted for 5/6 visuals of the space but they are asking for the model as well. Do I just give it to them or charge them for it. Pro's and con's????
  5. Here we go! I've released next freebies for you, dear CG community:) This time it's Lavender - 3 bushes to populate with your favourite plugins (multiscatter, forestpack or vraypattern etc.). Like all my previous plants - this stuff is made with ATree3D script(free script for commercial use - http://www.avizstudio.com/tools/atree3d/). Here is link for release: http://trzyde.blogspot.com/2013/07/freebiees-new-hq-3d-models-of-lavender.html All stuff which you can find on my blog (http://trzyde.blogspot.com) are ready to use in private and commercial projects Here is link to preset's which i made for ATree3D script (download, unzip, run 3D Max with ATree3D script, load my presets with ATree3D script and now you are able to make thousands of your own unique 3D lavenders): http://3dtreexchange.net/?p=873 Kind regards Krzysztof Czerwinski
  6. Hi all, I'm currently working on a 3ds max scene and was trying to import some decorative 3d models I downloaded from some webistes. But somehow when I open the file and import/merge some of the models into my scene, the model loses its materials and just comes out grey. Any advice on how to keep the materials when I import the models? Thanks
  7. Hello: Today, i want to share another 3d mooel from my collection, you can get it here: Armchair 001 I hope you like.
  8. Hello: Today, i want to share a new 3d model from my collection of 3d meshes. I hope you like. Bye 3dcontents - Armchair 007
  9. I've been scouring the internet for a solution to this. Is there an app for the iPad that will let me view a 3D model that also has the capability of turning on/off layers? This seems like a pretty simple request but I am unable to find such a tool. I've tried SightSpace 3D to view Sketchup models but it has no layer feature. I've also tried the iRhino 3D app but once again, no layer feature. The intent is to be able to showcase our 3D model, from sketchup, to our clients and be able to turn on/off some of the features of the building which at the moment are simply drawn on separate layers.
  10. Currently my workflow is Sketchup (modelling) to max (texturing, additional modelling, ancillary objects such as furniture & trees) and rendering in VRay. A few of the guys in our office are using Revit now, which we are expected to use within our workflow. I have been led to believe that Revit models are excellent and will speed up the workflow, but from my first initial tests all I've managed to confirm is the opposite. My main concern is the lack of detail in the model and the fact that just about every material is (annoyingly) a multi sub-object material. Has anyone else had similar frustrations with Revit models? It seems a substantial step backwards for me, where I'm used to having very highly detailed models within Sketchup that don't bring across any material issues.
  11. Hi All I just want to mention that I have a little giveaway on my website including some cool 3d models from Tom Dixon, Muuto and Paustian. You can find them here: - Giveaway 1 - - Giveaway 2 & 3 - Have a merry X-Mas :-)
  12. Studio/Institution: reb digital Client: none Genre: Other Software: 3ds max, V-Ray, Photoshop Website: http://www.rickeloy.com Description: This is a small scene I did just for fun, in one free day. My goal was to model a nice umbrella light so I could use it in real projects. The model features lots of details such as bolts, nuts, welding marks, etc, and is available for download here: my blog I hope you guys find it useful. Cheers!
  13. Conference table had been modeled for architectural visualization u can downloaded at http://www.free3dmodelss.com/Table_conference.html
  14. New TV unit models has been added fully use for architectural and for many purpose and the file in various format so that u can use in various software to download this TV unit model visit http://www.free3dmodelss.com
  15. Hello All, I have a legal question.Who owns the rights to the 3d model when a freelancer has created it outside of the company who created the image?Any ideas? I have been at this for years and have quite a library of 3d models that I created myself for other companies. The architects have the rights for the dwgs and the companies have the rights for the final image but where does that leave the modeller,does the paying company own sole rights to the model or is it a shared copyright between Architect/Image house and Modeller???Does the Modeller have any entitlement Is it necessary to contact original architects for permission to use the model ?What happens if the company no longer exists or you dont know who they are?(Title Blocks removed) Out of professional courtesy I feel contact should be made with all parties involved but its the actual legality I'm wondering about? Any one have any idea of legality's of Rendering these models and putting the images up on the web? Any lawyers/render heads out there? I'm going to try and contact the relevant authorities to find out for sure, but maybe some members have come across this.I'll post back if I get any info. All thoughts appreciated.
  16. Hi, this is my first post here. I have a problem when i export an image from Corel Draw X5 to jpg and then want to put that image on a model in 3D Max. The image itself includes background, logo, and text. When i put it in 3D Max, it doesn't put every part of the image on the model, just the logo without the text. What am i doing wrong? Please help me. Nemanja
  17. As some of you might have heard already there was lately a lot of fuss in the industry among people selling their wares on Turbosquid (that's a site where people buy your models/textures for a certain commission). Turbosquid decided that they will be lowering their rate for the artists selling their products from 50% to 40%. They are also implementing something called the SquidGuild, sort of an elite club for artists that will be selling exclusively on Turbosquid for a 60% cut. The reaction wasn't hard to predict, couple of people removed there products from Turbosquid and moved to different sites, some even calling for an open boycott of the site. In the mean time a new forum was created for anyone interested in selling CG related products - 3D Stock Talk http://www.3dstocktalk.org where people can find some tips about where to buy and sell 3d models, how to deal with this rate cut and many other related issues.
  18. Hi All, I'm searching to buy a good lavender model. I've found a great model at the bionatics webpage http://www.bionatics.com/Site/product/index.php?langue=en&UrlSuite=%2FSite%2Fproduct%2Fshop%2Fplant%2Fdetail.php%3FCommunity%3D1%26ProductLineId%3D9%26Category%3D11%26SubCategory%3D112%26PlantId%3Dflor_p but one has to buy NatFX to be able to use this model. The software is just a bit too much to spent for this one model, so I'm looking for another solution. In what collections can I find a similiair model? Rgds, nisus
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