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Found 14 results

  1. Only changed the default setting in refelctions ; 1. texture editor - default bitmap texfresnel replaced by none 2. texture editor - parralel color to white ( 255 ) 3. texture editor - IOR 1,55 set to 50 4. general reflection - 1,0 set to 50 5. other method ?? Test setup ; method 1,2 & 4 gives good mirror results. Method 4 has a red ( 255 ) glare. I,m confused, because this is a method a lot of tutorials recommend. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvfhfYz2QWc ) Which method would you use and why ?
  2. Hello, I am using a VRay 3.5 for Maya 2017. I expected one issue that i cannot pass over. I cannot create an infinite mirror in CUDA mode. In CPU there is not no problem. I think the problem should be that i cannot set local reflection subdivs in CUDA mode. I have very low CPU vs my GPU (Nvidia Tesla), so in real case i will not render 2 mirrors but parabol in headlamp, so its needed to use a GPU CUDA mode. In pictures bellow you can see what I mean, in CUDA mode I cannot get more then 3 reflections, but in CPU i can reach what i need to have. (Both render was stopped after primary bounce, for example that could be enough) SCENE: GPU: CPU: Could someone help me, to find solution to get same result in GPU (CUDA)?
  3. When I add a symmetry modifier and try to rotate the mirror plane, it skews and distorts any object. The direction arrows are no longer perpendicular to the mirror plane…any idea what is happening and how to fix it? skewed mirror problem.zip
  4. Hello all, I'm trying to get some sort of ambient occlusion into my mirror material. I'm currently only lighting my scene with 1 omni light which is only for ambient Light and also have mr sun and sky. Is there any way to do this in a separate pass? This is what im getting currently. (Its a spherical, so just rotate the image to see the mirror) http://cghdemos.azurewebsites.net/Bathroom1/Bathroom.html Thanks in advance
  5. Good Morning All! I am working on a 3D Panorama for Oculus in V-Ray and while that's all fancy and well, I am having what I believe to be some very basic problems with a french door's glass reflection. As you can see from the attached files, there is a weird point where the reflections follow a curved path and provide and mirror like reflection of the inside. You can also see distortion that creates a visible gap between the windows mullions that simply is not that big. The window is a single cube (not a plane but a 3D object)...I am using a falloff for the reflection map and you can see all my settings. I am sure this is some stupid facepalm moment when someone points out an obvious error, but for the life of me I cannot seem to solve it...I have spent way too long trying to resolve it and now it's time to ask the forum Please help! Thank you so much
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone new how to fix an issue I'm having with the image below? I have tried everything I can think of, but I cannot get rid of the blotchy reflection. I would love some help on this, if anyone knows a way to fix my problem. Thanks (Sorry for the sideways picture)
  7. Hey guys Introducing myself, I'm Andy from Indonesia. I learn Autocad and 3dsmax about 3-4 years ago. My rendering now is quite good, thank to all tips and tutorial (sorry for my bad English) This is my first post here I have some problem in my rendering and need your help Look at the pictures above, I rendered both scene with same camera setting, same IES setting, but why the pictures with dark material looks different. The IES looks so weak even it have same Intensity. In real world, dark material wont affect the VrayIES intensity, right? Wall : Vraymtl, Bitmap on Diffuse Maps GI Environment : on, multiplier 1 VrayIES : Power 15.000, all setting is ticked. VrayCamera : Shutter 20, ISO 250, only Exposure ticked The difference between the pictures above is reflection. As you can see, VrayIES shape is not visible in top pictures, while the bottom picture the IES shape is visible. Top picture : VrayMtl, reflection color 255,255,255 Bottom picture : VrayMtl, reflection color 180,180,180 My question is, in real world, do the light visible on mirror ? Render Setup : Exponential, Primary : Irrandiance map Second : Light Cache Is there anything I need to tick or untick ? Correct my material setting if you think im doing it wrong. Im really sorry for my bad English, you may have some problem to understand what I mean. But thanks you if you want to help me! Check out my current best rendering : http://websta.me/n/andy_zhanq
  8. I've had this problem with mirrored bitmaps not displaying as they should in the viewport. I have no problem with tiled bitmaps. It looks as if the mirrored bitmap is displaying in the viewport at 200% scale of the final render. I am using a NVIDIA Quadro K2000 with latest driver installed. Has anyone else come across this problem? Graphics Card prob? Please refer to attached image (benchtop marble). Graeme
  9. Hi, I'm trying to put mirror material on curved surface (window). It keeps display the triangles structure of the curve. Please any advice how to avoid this and get smooth surface as mirror should be? Also attached current rendering output. Regards,
  10. Hi Im trying to create volumetric light passing between mirrors in c4d as shown in the photoshop mockup. The issue is I can only get this to work with parallel & spot lights which have a cylindrical shape and I need it to be like a rectange due to the shape of the mirror. I have tried an area light as it is a rectangular shaped light emittor which is what I need but it doesnt seem to work. I have also tried barn doors on a spotlight but that didnt work too. Any help would be great. Thanks Paddy
  11. Good day guys.. I have a problem of making a good reflection of the mirror.. There is something horizontal line (color blue) beneath the glass.. Is there a way how to eliminate the effect???.. I also maximize the size of the image of reflection but it doesn't have any effect at all..
  12. Hey All, Got a real interesting problem... I am looking around on doing a one-way mirror vray material and finding nothing. Normally on my views, if I'm on the mirror side, I would just put a mirror material; and if I was on the viewable side, I would use a dark glass. Here's the problem, in my scene... you are standing on the mirrored side of the one-way mirror that extends 6ft across a 10ft opening... In the 4 foot opening there's a mirror on the wall reflecting views through the see-through side of the one-way mirror. So does anyone know how to accomplish a true one-way mirror material? Thanks ahead, Chris
  13. Hi, I've been having problems when rendering my views in VRay. Some of the materials won't show in the reflection. The object reflects but with only the default sketchup material not with the material applied. This often happens to me I attached a sample of the rendered image. [ATTACH=CONFIG]44146[/ATTACH] The graphics and the border of the graphic which is supposed to be metal won't reflect properly on the three mirrors in the image.
  14. Mental Ray Gurus - Need help making a (3ds max mental ray) material like the one in the lower portion of the image. Sort of a filmy mirror. Not sure where to begin. Thanks for any help!
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