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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am using a VRay 3.5 for Maya 2017. I expected one issue that i cannot pass over. I cannot create an infinite mirror in CUDA mode. In CPU there is not no problem. I think the problem should be that i cannot set local reflection subdivs in CUDA mode. I have very low CPU vs my GPU (Nvidia Tesla), so in real case i will not render 2 mirrors but parabol in headlamp, so its needed to use a GPU CUDA mode. In pictures bellow you can see what I mean, in CUDA mode I cannot get more then 3 reflections, but in CPU i can reach what i need to have. (Both render was stopped after primary bounce, for example that could be enough) SCENE: GPU: CPU: Could someone help me, to find solution to get same result in GPU (CUDA)?
  2. Hello guys, I have a GPU rendering based PC and i found an limitation. If I try two simply mirrors and Light between them to achieve something like "infinity mirror" i will get only 3 reflections through GPU, I tried to found something like reflection subdivs, but in CUDA mode i cannot check to use local subdivs, is there another way to increase number of reflections? If i tried to render same scene in CPU (it is not solving my problem, in the real case it will take too much render time, as I said i need GPU (CUDA)), the reflection is real. Bellow you can see what I mean: http://imgur.com/qkKSHtm - Scene http://imgur.com/N39oBr1 - GPU http://imgur.com/agLrj1V - CPU Thanks for your future help, Michael
  3. I cant use Vray rt render with cuda its giving me cuda error 700 in logs ...everything works fine
  4. Hi , I would like to know what the RAM on the graphics cards do in GPU render with Vray . I want to buy the new GTX Titan X for Vray RT ( 12gb ) Or the GTX Titan Z , but is really expensive Thanks
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