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Found 15 results

  1. Hello everybody! I have a few questions. Is it possible to extract light objects and sources from Archicad to Lumion? Can you achieve the effect of the neon light shader in Artlantis, where you can have a random surface, that not only emits light, but also illuminates other objects and casts shadows? The emission setting in Lumion only emits, but doesn't illuminate. Every time I export billboard trees from Archicad the textures are missing, why? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi all, looking into how to use Leica/Cyclone scanned points in 3d max. Basically to import it as points or create mesh, anything goes as a start. Does anyone have experience with those things? Please help.
  3. Hi all, At work a lot of people work in sketchup and then I import their models into 3ds max... The way i have been doing it is to explode all of the components and groups, so that objects come in on a by layer basis (one for each material) rather than one mesh per component (resulting in 1000s of meshes which max cant handle. The trouble is with massive models the exploding process takes forever/crashes. Does anyone know of a better way to get objects into max separated by layer? Thanks Troy
  4. Hi, How do I import a Rhino 3d model into Sketchup? I have tried to do so, but unfortunately these black lines appear all over the model (it was built with co-planar surfaces in Rhino). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hi, guys. I've recently upgraded to max 2016 and everything was going smoothly until this NIGHTMARE happened: My methodology is always the same. regardless of which software I or my clients modelled in, i usually turn it into .dwg and from there to .FBX. Then i link it in 3ds max and have endless joy by just pressing a button to update the model whithout loosing any of the materials and modifiers. I've been working like this for years. But since i installed 2016, it bugs bigtime. I still haven't found exactly when and why it happens, but i think that after i restart the computer or whatever, the fbx«s don't update anymore. What happends it that it only imports whichever NEW LAYERS where created since the last update and deletes everything else. I IS A NIGHTMARE!!!! I have my imports and exports well configured, i guess. can't see where the problem may be. Any ideas, guys? I have a lot of work and am really in need of some insight. Cheers!
  6. Hi! I'm having some trouble with my materials when rendering. I'm trying to do a ambient occlusion pass on a dxf-import from revit. The problem is that I can only get the model to switch materials if I apply material to a whole layer. If I switch an object's layer to get the right objects on the right layers for the materials, it doesn't work. Anyone know a solution? Should I just try a different import?
  7. I'll be modeling in 3DS max for first time and I was wondering how do we import autocadd blueprints into max and also without loosing its scale.
  8. Hi all, I'm currently working on a 3ds max scene and was trying to import some decorative 3d models I downloaded from some webistes. But somehow when I open the file and import/merge some of the models into my scene, the model loses its materials and just comes out grey. Any advice on how to keep the materials when I import the models? Thanks
  9. I've got an fbx model of site entourage (rpc objects) exported from revit. All are importing as dummy objects with nothing else linked to them. I have never had this issue with building models exported from revit. Is it because they were originally rpc objects? Is there an import option I need to set? Should the architect export using a different method? -dave
  10. Currently my workflow is Sketchup (modelling) to max (texturing, additional modelling, ancillary objects such as furniture & trees) and rendering in VRay. A few of the guys in our office are using Revit now, which we are expected to use within our workflow. I have been led to believe that Revit models are excellent and will speed up the workflow, but from my first initial tests all I've managed to confirm is the opposite. My main concern is the lack of detail in the model and the fact that just about every material is (annoyingly) a multi sub-object material. Has anyone else had similar frustrations with Revit models? It seems a substantial step backwards for me, where I'm used to having very highly detailed models within Sketchup that don't bring across any material issues.
  11. Hello everyone I am new to this forum, i made a post about this also in the "rhino" category, but since its a dual problem i am making one here also, i hope its not a problem. I am trying to export a model of an object (lets say a sofa) from 3D studio max (2012) to rhinoceros 4.0 I export selected in a .3ds format but when i import the file in rhino, the objects of the sofa (arms, cushions, legs etc) are all shifted with different XYZ coordinates and the object has to be readjusted. I have to manually bring everything into place. Any idea why, and how i can elude this? Thanks a lot in advance, Michael
  12. Hello, I am trying to import designed geometry (mesh) from 3D studio max (2012) to rhino. I am exporting selected from max in .3ds and importing that into rhino 4.0 The problem is that the parts of the model, lets say a sofa for instance are all shifted. The arms of the sofa are in a different XYZ coordinates than the originals and i have to adjust them by hand. I tried with different units (inches, meters etc) but that doesn't affect anything. Does anyone know how why this is done, and how i can fix it? Thanks a lot in advance, Michael
  13. Evening all I am currently trying to import a .DWG in to 3DS Max 2011. The error message, which pops up after the standard import dialog boxe sayd "unable to attach this file; the file may missing, corrupted, or not contain valid data" It opens fine with rhino though. . . so maybe a max thing? Anyone had the before? Anybody kind enough to help me sort it?! Thanks in advance guys Alain
  14. Anyone here successfully have a raster image reference come into Max when importing a DWG? How do you do it? I saw recently that supposedly raster images should come across when you import into Max, but I've never found that to be the case and was wondering if anyone has suggestions. I found a line from a Max6 extension subscription release that says: "Supports Raster Images : A .jpg or a .bmp file can be inserted into AutoCAD and used as a template on which to draw. This Image Object is also translated by the 3ds max DWG reader." Perhaps it has something to do with an autocad setting (of which I know nothing) or how the raster is put into the DWG. Right now I'm just attaching a JPG as a raster image to the DWG, upon import into Max nothing is displayed, I expected a plane to be created with the JPG mapped as a diffuse map in a standard material. Thoughts? Thanks for the help...
  15. Hi all,this is my first question posted in CGarchitect. I have some problems related to the snapping tool in 3Ds Max9.The other day i noticed some problems in snapping to a vertex or edge in 3Ds Max. it seems that after i import an acad file into 3Ds max,i'm unable to accurately snap to a vertex or edge.it looks fine when u look at it zoomed out.but when u zoom in,u'll notice that the edge does not overlap each other nicely.there'll always be a small gap in between. does anyone know a solution to this problem?it only happens after i import an acad plan into 3Ds Max,which i need to most of the time. Hope to get a reply soon. Thanks, Vincent
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