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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone, I’m currently trying to find out how one could make the lives of new Archicad users a lot easier. Which is why I have two very simple questions: 1) As a beginner in Archicad (or if you have ever tried Archicad), what are 2 biggest issues you are dealing with? 2) Regarding learning Archicad, what would you wish for more than anything else? Thanks so much in advance – looking forward to reading your answers.
  2. I have a games and photography background and Im looking to get into arch viz. To this end I have been given an Archicad file from a potential client to do some experimentation and learning on with a view to doing some work for them in the future. What is the best way to get a model from Archicad (.pln) to UE4? I have found exporting to .fbx and then importing to Maya allows me to retain the materials from Archicad. However the big problem that I have is the state of the mesh. The topology is so messy that it is unusable as it is. There is geometry stacked on top of other geometry (causing z-fighting) unconnected faces and loads of hidden geometry in the walls (insulation I think!). Ive started cleaning it up but honestly I think it is going to be quicker if I just rebuild it myself. If I do that Ill use a combination of the quad draw tools (in Maya or possibly 3D coat) and manually rebuilding and then snapping the verts to the supplied model. Can anyone suggest a better workflow? Is it common for Architects to supply models with bad geometry? -if not what can I do to encourage my (potential) client to clean up their models? Any advice or tips gratefully received!
  3. What's wrong with my Brick Texture. So I created custom texture in photoshop. I use the texture in ArchiCAD. I render with ArchiCAD's CineRender. and I get these white and red arches in my brick texture. But I can not undestand why the render output looks like this. Can anyone help me out. Explain to me what I did wrong?
  4. What can three clicks do? Find out in the ARCHICAD to Twinmotion free webinar presented by Abvent and GRAPHISOFT US on July 18, at 11 a.m. (EST). During the webinar, you'll see how quickly you can move projects from ARCHICAD 22 into Twinmotion 2019 for rendering, 3D immersion, and VR exploration. Participants will learn: - New features of ARCHICAD 22 - The ARCHICAD and Twinmotion connection - Simple modeling techniques for designing in 3D - Rendering and visualization techniques - Converting projects into VR presentations Learn more & register: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_dUp ... PcoTz9iW1Q Tianxiao Abvent
  5. Hello everybody! I have a few questions. Is it possible to extract light objects and sources from Archicad to Lumion? Can you achieve the effect of the neon light shader in Artlantis, where you can have a random surface, that not only emits light, but also illuminates other objects and casts shadows? The emission setting in Lumion only emits, but doesn't illuminate. Every time I export billboard trees from Archicad the textures are missing, why? Thanks in advance!
  6. Abvent has begun posting teasers for Twinmotion 2018. 3 videos have been put online featuring the integration of Unreal Engine and live links to Revit and ARCHICAD. Two more videos will follow on 20 and 27 June. Watch all the trailer at http://www.twinmotion.com
  7. We are looking for the best way to import a Archicad model to use in 3DS-max and render in Vray. Is Din3d still the best option. It is a pretty big building, so how much time do you think we need to get the model ready for realistic rendering? Any tips are usefull. We don't have archicad ourselves, so we need the help of the archicad to export it. That's why I need some info upfront.
  8. Graphisoft ARCHICAD has organized a webinar yesterday featuring Twinmotion 2016, during which they have introduced the real-time visualization technology Twinmotion. For those who haven't attended the webinar but interested in the topic, here is a recorded version of the webinar: Tianxiao KA-RA / Twinmotion
  9. We are about to do a complete revamp and are going all Mac. Coming from a of background slot of this is new to me. We do not want to run Windows on Mac We are looking to produce pretty 3D images as well as nice looking 2D plans for marketing stuff ( I recomend everyone start offering that as architects plans are mostly ugly ) We want to have the 2D and 3D integrated because drawing everything twice is silly. At the moment I am leaning towards archicad because it produces the best looking plans and is supposed to be fast for 3D. I am a bit stuck on what rendering software to use. At the moment I am thinking of switching to maxwell as it integrates well with archicad. I do not have time to trial a bunch of software. Any suggestions?
  10. Hey, I'm looking to buy a new desktop as my current computer cant do what I need it to. The programs I will be using are: - Revit - ArchiCAD - Lumion - 3DS Max/Vray - Photoshop and gaming. I already have a monitor so that wont need to be purchased. Like it says in the title my budget it $2000AUS. I was hoping to purchase from a site like http://www.newegg.com or similar that does shipping to Australia. Thanks for any help!
  11. Hi guys, I've a few questions and I hope you'll help me make final decision. First things first. My wife makes first steps in interior design using ArchiCAD (edu license for now) and I need something to be helpful in modelling objects for her. Every time she needs specific model/object she has to find it online or create it herself using ArchiCAD. This software has some modeling tools, but they are very basic and IMHO not efficient, so it's huge waste of time. That's why I came up with idea of helping her by using different tool for modeling and rendering. I'm not new in CGI, but I haven't used any 3D software for almost 10 years. A decade ago I used 3ds and rhino (just for fun). So, as I said, I think I might need a nice tool for object modelling. Is Modo the one I should think of? I also consider Modo as a good rendering engine. As everyone knows most ArchiCAD owners use Artlantis for rendering purposes. In my opinion it's too simple, however it might be a good choice for people like my wife. Is it a good idea to use ArchiCAD + Modo? Or maybe it would be better to buy upcoming Artlantis 5? It's really simple and made mainly for CAD users, however if I had to spend money on separate rendering engine I'd choose Maxwell Render (v3 to be released soon). I know there's a lot of questions, but I'd like to make a decision and move on. One last thing, what is the best way to share (import/export) files between ArchiCAD and Modo? Is there any hope for good cooperation between those two applications?
  12. So when I place my drawing onto the layout book it works Fine, but if I chnage to a different layout or go draw some extra info then come Back to my layout page , the layout updates then the drawing Vanishes?.. Anyone know the problem??
  13. Hi Im a final year architecture student doing my dissertation on an archaeological site. I've modeled the ruins in ArchiCAD and renders in Artlantis, but cannot get the textures to look "dirty" and old. My supervisors say it looks wrapped in wallpaper!!! How do i achieve rustic brick and dust?? Any good examples out there of 3D ruins would help!!! thanks Software: ArchiCAD, Artlantis, Revit, Sketchup, Photoshop, 3D Studio max Cinema4D(still learning it)
  14. High parametric clocks for decoration and interior design available. Various types: analog and digital, modern and antique style, wall hung and alarm. free download>>>
  15. Studio/Institution: DanRodgers3D Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: ArchiCAD 16, 3ds max 2013, Vray, Photoshop Website: http://dantrodgers.wordpress.com Description: This is my first of 2 final year projects for Uni. The centre is designed to be mixed use, both offices and labs/workshops for engineers. This project will have pretty slow progress as the visualisations aren't marked for my course, its more of a hobby so will have to take a back seat if other workloads increase. any c&c would be great. Cheers
  16. Hi folks! This forum is useful for learn more about architectural softwares. Very nice. My name is Murilo. I'm an architect from Brazil, I work with ArchiCAD and I've a blog that shows some infos about BIM/ArchiCAD/Artlantis. Also my blog has some tips for beginners. noletoblog.blogspot.com Thanks!
  17. Hello everybody! I am a Max user, happily modeling and rendering my days away. I have recently started a new job - Basically setting up an inhouse visualisation department/3D Design ... and all that jazz - within an architects practice. They use Archicad 13 - me, Max 2009. My question is this - Can I export my model from Max as any file format that would be accepted by archicad and be editable? (High hopes maybe!?!) DWG was my guess, but it flattens it into 2D bunch of lines. The point of the exercise would be to generate some reasonable looking sections and elevations on a conceptual level to get the client on board al pronto! Thanks guys - any assistance muchous appreciated!!!
  18. Hi everyone. I'm in the final stages (7 days left) of my project and I need to find out how to give my building a surface so that it appears like metal cladding. Ideally it would look something like the included image once rendered out in Maxwell. I don't absolutely need to be able to get close enough to see the seams but detailed enough to be able to see what it is. I have lots to do still so ideally it would just be a question of a texture. If so, where would be the best place to look? Similarly I have some panels that are of the same material but perforated such that renders would let light through it. Any ideas greatly appreciated. Best regards, Teo
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