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Found 5 results

  1. I have ~ 50MB .skp Sketchup8 file. I need to import this model to MAX 2010. Export to .3ds fails (reports somthing about Temp directory size, which I have plenty). I tried export to - FBX (1,500 MB) - DEA (53 MB) - DWG (58 MB) None of those exported file types completes import action. Any type I'm using cause my MAX to freeze. Any idea why it's happening? Which different way I should use for export skp so I'll be able to import in MAX?
  2. Hello there, I use rhino for modelling and 3dmax for rendering. I am about to step up to max 2012/13 and am wondering weather to upgrade my 'rhino2max' plugin or...... ...Just go with the integrated 'connection extension software' which I assume is part of any new max release (or is it only part of the subscription package??) I know little about the connection extension package (other than it is made by nPower), and as its free, it seems I could save some money just using this to import my rhino 3d geometry into max? Or does anyone know any better packages for importing Rhino into Max than rhino2max? Thanks! BG
  3. What is the proper work flow to get units synced between Maya and Sketchup? When I import a model to Maya, which was exported from Sketchup, the scale seems weird. When importing to sketchup template, using centimeters, then exporting/importing to Maya set up in centimeters, the object seems small in Maya. In Sketchup the chair measures .85 m, in Maya .85 units (units that should be centimeters?). So it is scaled by .10? Anyway, anyone who has the flow down, will you be so kind as to share the settings? Thanks for reading! Wolfy
  4. Hello everybody! I am a Max user, happily modeling and rendering my days away. I have recently started a new job - Basically setting up an inhouse visualisation department/3D Design ... and all that jazz - within an architects practice. They use Archicad 13 - me, Max 2009. My question is this - Can I export my model from Max as any file format that would be accepted by archicad and be editable? (High hopes maybe!?!) DWG was my guess, but it flattens it into 2D bunch of lines. The point of the exercise would be to generate some reasonable looking sections and elevations on a conceptual level to get the client on board al pronto! Thanks guys - any assistance muchous appreciated!!!
  5. I am new to 3Ds Max. All my architectural rendering work untill now was done in AutoCAD Architecture (2006 and 2009). Over the years I have created a lot of models that I would like to use in 3Ds Max without spending time to recreate them. I have no problem with importing models to Max. I am working in log home company and all my models are log homes (all elements are round!). When I import modles, all elements (log walls, railings, posts etc.) are very rough. Smoothing filters are not helpful at all. Is there any way to make all round elements very smooth without rough edges? I appreciate any help.
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