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Found 9 results

  1. I hope some pro can help me out here. Here is my situation. I import sketchup model into Max2014 with all the material from sketchup. I want to replace these materials with Vray materials. This is what I am doing now, select sketchup material and use "select objects by material", then apply Vray material. This method works fine but it won't work when an object have multiple materials. Or I can just change the sketchup material to Vray material manually in Material Editor. But it won't work if I want to use the same Vray material to replace few sketchup materials. The ideal way is to just replace the sketchup material with vray material with some sort of script. Or anyone have a better method to do this? Cheers.
  2. I have ~ 50MB .skp Sketchup8 file. I need to import this model to MAX 2010. Export to .3ds fails (reports somthing about Temp directory size, which I have plenty). I tried export to - FBX (1,500 MB) - DEA (53 MB) - DWG (58 MB) None of those exported file types completes import action. Any type I'm using cause my MAX to freeze. Any idea why it's happening? Which different way I should use for export skp so I'll be able to import in MAX?
  3. Evening folks, Iv encountered a problem with a certain type of work flow and cant for the life of me find an answer anywhere... I sometimes take a Sketchup 8 file, and import it into Max 2013. Everything was working fine, but recently when i import the .skp if i look at my scene materials (which i use to select by material) the sketchup materials dont display in my material editor? And if i use the V-Ray scene converter it doesnt convert my materials to V-Ray... Iv also noticed that when importing my .skp the materials all come in as Mental ray materials... they used to come in as Standard materials as far as i can remember??? Anyone experiencing similar problems? Help will be greatly appreciated...
  4. Hi everyone, i have been looking all over the internet for the answer to this question: I am using maxwel render 2.7 in Sketchup As you may know, arroway has release the mxm's of all their textures in september Discovering that i decided to recreate my library using auto MXM to save valuable time so the thing is I downscaled all my arroway textures and created a sketchup library withj them and at the right scale (imagine the time saving and cpu saving time for sketchup) using a 500ko texture to end up with a render that uses 30mb maps that being said everything worked perfectly, my mxm work perfectly, the path works perfectly as i can even see the linked material as i place them in skectup when i open the maxwell scene manager the problem is when i hit render, the render of the texture is fully white (not default material, plain white) If you guys can help me i'd really appreciate ___________________________ http://pur-concept.com http:facebook.com/purconcept/
  5. Hi I'v been working in SketchUp but am looking to construct my scene in 3DsMax. Sketchup just cant handle the scene when it gets fully populated. The SketchUp import isnt much use as all the complex objects appear fully exploded with all componant names gone, so you cant do any further editing or moving even though it recognises the instanced components. my question/s is/are. In 3DS max if i have say 200 copies of this retail gondola (in picture), and i want different attachment configurations and products. would you make instances of objects or would they be imported as xrefs then copied? If i want to say update the wheels on the fixture and want it to update on all 200 copies, how would i do this? can the same copy of an instanced object have a different material? Should i make a .max file for every little object then import them in and add to groups, then i can make instances of the groups? I can export each individual Sketchup object as .3ds or .obj. I want to retain the object name (which is the Sketchup file name). I just want to try to make this huge scene as efficient as i can, as at the moment i find the models ive made become too large and unusable in SU. any help appreciated, thanks
  6. Hey everyone! Ive been trying to render a scene in Sketchup 8.0 using Vray (version 1.5 I think) that has a large water surface. Besides slowing down the render time significantly because of the reflections, I also get all sorts of weird lines and dark areas in the surface (check the attached image to see what I mean). The water surface is a single surface that is grouped. I tried creating a basic rectangle that cuts through the model at the same height, but I got weird spots near the edges where it meets the 'solid' model. Anyone ever had the same problem? Ive tried searching the net but couldnt find this issue yet. Any help will be much appreciated! http://www.debosdesign.nl/wp-content/uploads/093.jpg
  7. Studio/Institution: dbrenders Client: test Genre: Other Software: sketchup + vrayfor SKU + photoshop cs3 Website: http://www.dbrenders.com Description: Hi forum users, this is my first post here, I'm a newbiee in CG, compared with you, but I hope you like my work. I work as a freelancer and I'm based in Barcelona (spain). thanks to cgarchitecture leting me show my work see you.
  8. Hi, i'm new using vray for SU and i have a problem to see the IES lights in the render... I download several .ies samples from diferents web sites, I increment up to 50,000,000 the power, and still not working. I´m sure that the problem its simple but i cant fix it. kind regards
  9. Studio/Institution: See3D.be Client: Essentieel.be Genre: Commercial Interior Software: SketchUp, Lumion Website: http://www.see3d.be Description: WIP of interior small lunch restaurant. Model made in SketchUp, rendered and textured in Lumion
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