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Found 12 results

  1. I have a problem with importing a model that I have created in Sketchup into 3DS Max to render with Maxwell Render. I have the units of my model set up as follows: The units for sketchup are also in mm. When I import the .skp file using the 3DS max import option and render the file the materials do not scale properly: If i create a geometry in max and apply the same material, the material is to scale as shown here with a box: One solution for a small plane like that in my sketchup model is to go into sketchup and export the model as a MXS and them import it as a MXS file type in max. When i apply the same material as in the earlier images, the Material is now to the correct scale as shown here (again next to a box created in max): This workflow from sketchup to max is a bit tedious and does NOT work for more complex models and lots of geometry is missing. So my question is this, How can i import sketchup models into Max and have the materials map properly?
  2. Hi, I'm new to Maxwell and am currently using the plug in for Rhino. I'm trying to render an interior scene using physical sky with sun and multilight. I'm having trouble when it comes to the lights themselves. I've created surfaces where I want the lights and then assigned each surface a light. Upon rendering, the surfaces show up in the scene as very intense white planes, even if I check hide from camera and hide from GI. Is there a way to remove the actual surface and the intense white associated with it and just get the diffused light that comes from it? Am I missing something? Any advise would be great! Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, i have been looking all over the internet for the answer to this question: I am using maxwel render 2.7 in Sketchup As you may know, arroway has release the mxm's of all their textures in september Discovering that i decided to recreate my library using auto MXM to save valuable time so the thing is I downscaled all my arroway textures and created a sketchup library withj them and at the right scale (imagine the time saving and cpu saving time for sketchup) using a 500ko texture to end up with a render that uses 30mb maps that being said everything worked perfectly, my mxm work perfectly, the path works perfectly as i can even see the linked material as i place them in skectup when i open the maxwell scene manager the problem is when i hit render, the render of the texture is fully white (not default material, plain white) If you guys can help me i'd really appreciate ___________________________ http://pur-concept.com http:facebook.com/purconcept/
  4. hi, i'm an interior designer using sketch up for fast concepts and visualization. Before I used photoshop and piranesi for my concept drawings. so I thought it was on time to try a real render tool such as maxwell renderer. Maxwell seemed to me quite easy so I tried the standalone version. so I post my first work here. i had some problems with the rendering, it took such along time 5 days with SL 25 and there are still a lot of noises. But I hope you'll like it anyway. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47363[/ATTACH]
  5. Studio/Institution: AOC4 studio Client: Personal Project Genre: Residential Exterior Software: Sketchup,Maxwell Render, Photoshop Website: http://aoc4.blogspot.com/ Description: I have here a Night scene shot of a Beach House... Modeled in Sketchup, rendered in MAxwell Render then Photoshop for editing... Thanks, allanx
  6. Studio/Institution: AOC4 studio Client: Personal Project Genre: Residential Exterior Software: Sketchup, Maxwell Render, Photoshop Website: http://aoc4.blogspot.com/ Description: A quick render of a Beach House somewhere in California...The house has four bedrooms, a Cabana and a pool... Modeled in Sketchup, rendered in Maxwell Render then brought to Photoshop for enhancement.... Thanks allanx
  7. Hello all, I'm new to Maxwell. I've been using Cinema 4D for all my renders before now. I'm curious about Maxwell's idea of the "neverending" render... I do appreciate that Maxwell's approach to rendering is more realistic, more naturalistic. But the question remains: How do you know when Maxwell is (more or less) finished with rendering your picture? I see it can schedule 2-hour renders even on the simplest of subjects (a simple sphere primitive, for example). Are you telling me that the picture continually improves over that two-hour rendertime? Or does it reach at point at which "it's not going to get any better". In a nutshell: How do you know when to stop (interrupt) your render? Thanks, rasputin
  8. Hi Guys, I am using Rhino 5 WIP 64bits and Maxwell 2.0.3 do make an architectural animation which i think has not been done much before:confused: I am struggling to find trees/people/objects apart from google warehouse which is quite limited. Maxwell/Rhino doesn't accept much more than 40,000 polygons in total before it crashes therefore i need the trees to be quite lowres. Many thanks, Arthur
  9. Studio/Institution: Private Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: Modo, Maxwell Render, Photoshop Description: Here is a job i just completed.
  10. Hi There, The latest 2.5 update of Maxwell Render includes an interactive preview render engine integrated into Max via the Maxwell Plug-in. It seems pretty similar to Vray RT though with Maxwell it is CPU only therefore you are not limited by your GPU's RAM. I have loaded rather large scenes in the millions of polys with 4K textures etc and it seems pretty solid. I just posted a few videos walking through some of the features and it's performance under different conditions if anyone is interested.
  11. Studio/Institution: Kenny Syverson Client: For Me Genre: Other Software: Archicad-Modo-Maxwell Render Description: Would love to hear from you guy's. Thanks kenny
  12. At first I want to say hello, I´m from Germany und my English is not as good as it could be. So I hope, you´ll forgive me my mistakes. I have a question. I build an objekt in Cinema 4D 10.5 and tried to texture it with maxwell-materials. But I´ve got some Problems with alphamaps. For example I want to put an different Logos on an rubber-texture. My plan was to overlay three textures. The ground(rubber)-material, than I want to put the logotexture witth a new Material over the groundmaterial. But when I start the Maxwell render it renders only the rubbermap. Has someone an idea, how I can do it? Thanks, Tomboml
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