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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, In every job I'm working on, there comes a point at render time when the renders are of any bloody angle from my interior model as Max/Vray so chooses. But not even a proper view, sometimes there's walls missing, sometimes there's no geometry at all, sometimes it's a mile away from where the camera should be, sometimes it's actually moved objects out of the scene completely, sometimes there's only a road remaining where there should be a whole housing estate in the render. If I start a new Max file and merge all, everything's fine but having to do it ten times a project is becoming tiresome. Any advice would help, thanks.
  2. Am producing a walkthrough animation with 3dsmax and vray. I have attached a frame - it takes 30 mins to render this frame in a i7 4core 16gb ram system. Is this normal? Also what is the time you take to visualize a scene like this? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi just looking for some advice and insight. What render times (per single frame at 1280 x 720) should I be aiming to achieve for an interior animation using 3ds Max Vray?
  4. I have a question. I have Asus GTX 660TI OC 2GB i7 3820 16GB DDR3 Ram SSD 120 Samsung and another 500gb HD. I am looking to improve my machine. And there are 2 things on my mind . 1st Change graphic card. I was thinking about buying ATI FirePro v5900 or Quadro K2000 but while reading posts I saw you praise the GTX 780. 2nd Change my CPU 3820 for 4930k. I am using Vray and CPU rendering, only thing i need graphic card is for viewport performance. I need help in choosing one of this options. Criteria is time spent on modeling scenes opposed to waiting for render to come to an end. THX
  5. Hello, I am new to this forum, although i am following the work posted and the tutorials here for quite some time, and i have to say that its a great effort and it has helped me on many occasions. I have a recent problem with one machine at the office were i work. I am an architect and i work at an architectural firm, i am the visual artist of the office and i have quite some years of experiense. I mainly use 4 of our computers which are quite high-end, with distributed rendering. Two of them are actually almost identical in specs. The computrer i am using is an Intel core i7 -3820 CPU @ 3.60 GHz with 40GB of RAM and a graphics card of Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 2 Gb The computer that i call as almost identical is the same only instead of 40 GB of RAM it has 24 GB. The past few days i noticed a drop in the Windows Experiense Index, mainly the number of CPU calculations droped from 7.7 to 6. I started running some tests, tried to update drivers, update BIOS, to a reset on BIOS and i fortmated the computer. After many efforts on the matter the WEI came back to 7.7 from 6. But then i ran some render tests with these two computers. One two IDENTICAL scenes, with identical settings (checked thoroughly) the one computer is rendering the scene on 2 minutes while the other at 5.25. Now this difference is quite noticiable, if you think what will happen if i render i final project scene that would normaly need 10-15 hours the difference then would be too great. Just to make clear, all the files are loeaded localy in each test, there is no distributed rendering involved, and the machines have exactly the same plugins loaded cause i need to have them identical to use them for distributed rendering on other occasions. I send the computer to the manufacturer to check the CPU but they told me it works fine to all the stress tests (such as prime95). I loaded cpu-z and CPU meter and monitored the usage during rendering and it seems to clock normaly @ 3.60 ghz with 100% speed at all times. Can someone please suggest something, cause i am running out of ideas. Thank you very much Michael
  6. nkhn

    Faster render?

    I design event stages & stuff & tend to use a lot of lights & reflective materials. Also the venues are sometimes huge so that means lots of light. How can I improve my render time? p.s. I use max 2009 & vray on a 64 bit machine. The IT guy told me that if I used max 2011/13 my render time would improve because they have been made for 64 bits. Is this true?
  7. Hello everyone Can anybody help me with these issues:confused:? 1. Suppose a scene has a lot of small complicated geometry like lots of cubicles in an office with lots of office stuff in each cubicle. How should I keep the rendering time low & the light calculations minimal esp if it was to be animated? Would Vrproxies help do you think? 2. Lots of vray lights simulating fluorescent tube lights vs vray light material applied to each tube- which would be more efficient render speed wise?
  8. Hey everyone, I have a light sculpture in my building that is made up of about 1000 hanging strips of Electro-luminescent tape. Each one is just a strip of this material that lights up when given a charge. What would be the best way to go about rendering this without having insane render times?. Would a self-illuminating material work? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Cameron
  9. Morning Archies, I recently received a new computer for rendering from my office. It is an amazing maching with 12 cpus and oodles of RAM. It does an amazing job of creating renders at blinding speed, that is, unless I use the vray displacement mod. The second I use any displacement, suddenly I am leaving a render overnight and coming back to 100 hours remaining. What setting can I adjust in order to make the displacement render faster? There has got to be a fix!!! (using Max 2011 and Vray's most recent release.) Thank you so much
  10. Hello all, I'm new to Maxwell. I've been using Cinema 4D for all my renders before now. I'm curious about Maxwell's idea of the "neverending" render... I do appreciate that Maxwell's approach to rendering is more realistic, more naturalistic. But the question remains: How do you know when Maxwell is (more or less) finished with rendering your picture? I see it can schedule 2-hour renders even on the simplest of subjects (a simple sphere primitive, for example). Are you telling me that the picture continually improves over that two-hour rendertime? Or does it reach at point at which "it's not going to get any better". In a nutshell: How do you know when to stop (interrupt) your render? Thanks, rasputin
  11. Hello again, after finishing university term again, I'm back to 3ds max. I'm making my living room this time, as we are going to change the floors and re-paint (in real life, of course). Tee thing I would like to know is how to decrease render time, without loosing too much quality. My computer is quite old, is a P4 2.8Ghz and 3gb RAM, but still I think it takes quite a long time. Hope you can help me a little bit, and tell me if you like it! I'll post the settings and a scene:
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