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Found 17 results

  1. Studio/Institution: Vizcraft Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3dsmax 2013, V-ray 2.4, Photoshop CS6 Description: Hello guys, I have been commissioned to make a few interior images for a project based in Goa, India. After many attempts, i am not sure what is going wrong, and i am lost. Would really appreciate some help, on how to improve the render.
  2. Hi guys, From latee, i have been facing a strange error. My 3DS max 2013 viewport keep flickering, and showing strange transparencies to all the geometries that i have in my scenes. I am using Nitrous(direct3D 9 on GTX 760) I am attaching a screenshot of the same error. The strange bit is, the moment i switch to the vray physical camera, everything seems to be appearing fine, but when i am in orthographic mode, i always see through the roofs and floors(sometimes they dont appear at all) If anyone has faced the similar problem, and know a solution to it, i would highly appreciate it. I am not very well versed with the hardware side of this, so please ask if you need some more information. Thanks!
  3. ive recently watched a tutorial regarding unwrapping objects using pelt method. im using 3ds max 2013, however i cant seem to find the pelt anywhere in unwrap modifier tabs. is it still there? if so, how can i access it?
  4. Hi, I've been using this forum for years and years but this is going to be my first time asking for help, bear with me please! Attached is my scene for an interior with a lot of lighting fixtures specified. VraySun and Sky were used outside to try and keep things simple. I just can't get the balance of the floor material right, I'm a bit of novice with reflection maps/fall-offs etc. I'm trying to get some of the exterior light and/or sky to reflect to add a bit of depth to the image but I always seem to end up with either a completely flat material or very spotty reflections. The same happens when I try and add reflections on the timber stations. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hey guys, seem to be having a little trouble with the Dope Sheet editor. I'm currently working my way through a massive book to get acquainted with 3DS Max and I'm up to a section on animation. Unfortunately however the Dope Sheet Editor (and Curve Editor tends to crash at seemingly random occurrences. There is no apparent trigger, and it seems any action will cause it (even just opening the editor at times). There is no consistency in time between crashes either. Sometimes it will happen an hour later, or 10 minutes later. The crash itself doesn't provide a 3ds Max Error Report screen, it just provides the Windows "This Program has stopped working" error, in which you can only hit 'close'. I can't seem to find an error log or anything, so if anyone could provide any insight onto the topic, that would be super amazing. Oh! And I'm using 3ds Max Design 2013 (with a student license). I have updated to Product Update 6 Thanks!
  6. i have downloaded a normal map. how do i add a normal map to my vray material ? should i put it in bump slot or displacement ? is there anything im missing out on ? any tips guyz ?
  7. vray was fine till i switched from laptop to desktop and then all renders started to behave in a strange way. the first three passes were fine. but when it rendered, at times the image would be neon blue, at times grey and at times white. sometimes it would not even show the passes except for a black screen. after endless tweaking and tutorials, this is what i got. i reinstalled 3ds max 2013, vray 2.0. HELP! i did a region render to show what i mean.
  8. Hi, I am trying to render in 3ds max design 2013 and this error below has popped up, i have no clue what this means and how to fix it. Can someone please help! Mental ray has encountered a fatal error. The error is: Mem 0.0 77mb fatal 031008: cant allocate 8641904 bytes Thanks!
  9. This scene has too many trees in it. Without trees the scene takes a very little time to be rendered. But with trees layer on, preparing lights(photometric) takes too long. Any solution keeping these lights??
  10. Hi, I have a serious problem that has torn my workflow apart. I work on a max file which has an AutoCAD DWG linked in. Everything is ok untill I exit and reopen 3ds Max file. When I do this, first it seems all fine, but if I want to change the included layers and reload the linked file again 3ds Max crashes the moment that I click Select Layers To Include Button. Is there anybody having the same problem, is there a solution. Please help I'm almost desperate. I'm working on Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite (Premium) 2013. Both AutoCAD and 3ds Max Design are up to date and I'm using 2013 file formats for both.
  11. Hi! I made a structure in rhino(with grasshopper), and would now like to map each object with multi texture for 3ds max. if you look at the screengrab there is three differnet objects; vertical shape, horisontal shape and diagonal left and diagonal right. Is there a why either in rhino or 3ds max where I can give all shapes in each group above a UVW box with indiviual center placement? I know if this was something created from blocks I could work with indiviual mapingcordinates, but since this is grasshopper, is there a manualy work around? thanks!
  12. Does anyone have any idea what these faceted highlights are caused by. I am using 3ds Max 2013 with V-ray and have a simple V-ray sun and sky lighting system with one additional standard spot. They are not affected by materials values as far as my tests have gone but can be greatly reduced by increasing geometry resolution. They can also be influenced by adjusting the shadow bias on the sun. I am happy to load the scene if it helps. Many thanks, Adam
  13. Evening folks, Iv encountered a problem with a certain type of work flow and cant for the life of me find an answer anywhere... I sometimes take a Sketchup 8 file, and import it into Max 2013. Everything was working fine, but recently when i import the .skp if i look at my scene materials (which i use to select by material) the sketchup materials dont display in my material editor? And if i use the V-Ray scene converter it doesnt convert my materials to V-Ray... Iv also noticed that when importing my .skp the materials all come in as Mental ray materials... they used to come in as Standard materials as far as i can remember??? Anyone experiencing similar problems? Help will be greatly appreciated...
  14. Hi. I have these two models in the same scene. Here is the render of each model: Now, my problem is that I don;t know how to incorporate that sink in the box... Could anyone help me? Info: My box is currently an Editable Poly, and I am using 3ds Max 2013.
  15. Hi i am wondering can you import 3ds max models (converted to 3ds or other format) for use in artlantis with materials already applied?
  16. Guest

    3ds max to quest3d

    Hi, all. I'm using 3ds max 2013 64 bit and I would like to export my model (a house) to quest3d 5. I've had a search around the web but I can't find any easy way to do this. I've looked at a couple of max export plugins, but they don't seem to be available for max 2013 64bit. would i need to get polytrans or something? quest accepts: lightwave 5 .lwo lightwave 5 .mot .crg .x And would my textures import into quest3d ok? Thanks just found a converter on the net for USD 50. it's called 3D object converter. Not had a chance to check it out, but it seems to convert a hell of a lot of formats. http://web.axelero.hu/karpo/
  17. Hi All, I was hoping some one could hep me with the following issue I seem to be having with 3ds max 2013 PC - i7 6 core - 24gig of RAM and just upgraded my graphics card to an AMD FIREPRO W5000 graphics card (2Gig) and after an hour or so's use the viewport (only in wire frame mode) seems to corrupt, with lines and meshes exploding everywhere. I can't click on them, as they're not physical if that makes scense, its a view only thing. Seems to work ok when I switch to Direct X but slightly laggy in some scenes. I have updated to the latest video driver and am slightly stumped on how to fix this issue. Also its not a scale thing as this happens accross a number of old scenes I've worked on. Really want the Nitrous mode to work as it has many benefits. Please help!!! Cheers all.
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