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Found 4 results

  1. So I came across this demo of Firepro W9100 on Vray RT using OpenCL It seems the speed is comparable with CUDA but that is one pricey card though. Can anyone confirm if this can be achieved with Radeon 79xx or Firepro W series? Since they are not Hawaii card like the W9100.
  2. Hi All, I was hoping some one could hep me with the following issue I seem to be having with 3ds max 2013 PC - i7 6 core - 24gig of RAM and just upgraded my graphics card to an AMD FIREPRO W5000 graphics card (2Gig) and after an hour or so's use the viewport (only in wire frame mode) seems to corrupt, with lines and meshes exploding everywhere. I can't click on them, as they're not physical if that makes scense, its a view only thing. Seems to work ok when I switch to Direct X but slightly laggy in some scenes. I have updated to the latest video driver and am slightly stumped on how to fix this issue. Also its not a scale thing as this happens accross a number of old scenes I've worked on. Really want the Nitrous mode to work as it has many benefits. Please help!!! Cheers all.
  3. Hi, I want a laptop that edit and render large files(in 3dsMAX,Rhinoceros, AutoCAD). I dont want buy 5000$ nvidia quadro laptops because gtx and firepro series have same gear also cheap. What should i buy? Thanks anyway
  4. I work heavily in 3DsMax, need a high end graphics card that will support a very high poly count and be good for rendering etc. my limits like a grand so any help on which one to pick would also be helpful! Is there much difference in performance between Nvidia and ATI? will one be suited to 3ds max more? I've heard that ones good for gaming are bad for 3ds applications, is that true? Thanks
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