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Found 3 results

  1. I'm combining V-Ray passes with the formula provided: (VRayDiffuseFilter x (VRayRawLighting + VRayRawGlobalIllumination)) + (VRayRawReflection x VRayReflectionFilter) + (VRayRawRefraction x VRayRefractionFilter) + VRaySpecular + VRaySSS2 + VRaySelfIllumination + VRayCaustics + VRayAtmosphere + VRayBackground = RGB_Color (Beauty) However, it doesn't look the same as the beauty. Any help? Link to exr: dropbox.com/s/8vvkyi2lfn9iez3/scene6.0673.exr Link to nuke script: dropbox.com/s/e4eb5sytx1ue3zf/test.nk
  2. vray was fine till i switched from laptop to desktop and then all renders started to behave in a strange way. the first three passes were fine. but when it rendered, at times the image would be neon blue, at times grey and at times white. sometimes it would not even show the passes except for a black screen. after endless tweaking and tutorials, this is what i got. i reinstalled 3ds max 2013, vray 2.0. HELP! i did a region render to show what i mean.
  3. Hi I have been trying to set up max 2011 for a linear workflow and have set the gamma LUT settings to input 2.2 output 2.2 display 2.2 with materials and color pickers to match. On the whole this seems to be working fine. My problem occours when I use render passes, max doesn't seem to be applying any gamma to these passes when saved out. They appear gamma corrected in the frame buffer at the end of the render but those saved to file have no gamma correction. The beauty pass does though both in the frame buffer and when saved file. If I save the pass from the frame buffer it is gamma corrected. I have tried saving as both tiffs and targas with the gamma setting set to use system gamma. Even when I use the overide and alter the gamma either up or down the only file that is affected is the beauty pass. I have tried this with both mental ray and scaline renders with the same result. Is this correct and are we then to do gamma correction in the composite software or am I missing something.
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