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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, I'm using V-ray 2.0 for Maya 2012. I'm rendering an interior scene, and I'm wondering if I'm double gamma correcting my render? When I apply sRGB in the Vray frame buffer, or "convert to sRGB" in Maya's render view, I get a washed out image. I've gamma corrected (with gamma correction utility) all my textures, but the consensus that I'm reading says that sRGB must still be enabled to render proper results. Below are my settings. Do I really need to enable sRGB if I've already gamma corrected my materials,and I'm rendering with Gamma 2.2? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Full disclosure, I suck at figuring out linear/non-linear workflows. God knows I've tried, but I'm a concept artist so 95% of the time I just need pixels from 3d to mash into 2d workflows. But I'm working on a heavy 3d scene which is sent to a render farm and outputs EXR files. In the Vray Frame Buffer I have sRGB off and I get a my desired gamma/contrast in the frame buffer. When I save out as EXR it's like the sRGB is turned on i.e. really pale and bright. All I want to know is, in Photoshop, how to I get it from 32 bits to 16 and get that exact same gamma as in the frame buffer. Currently, non of the option in the HDR toning dialogue are a good fit. They alter the image too much.
  3. I used to use 2012 and for a long time and then went to 2015 where you can't change the output gamma. My first workaround for this was to enter fileOutGamma=1.0 in the script windows. For some totally weird reason this just stopped working. So I've been saving out as EXR and that's been sufficient. But just now I tried that and still, the results are different (between VFB and output file) and it's because I never really grasped the ins and outs of this whole gamma thing. Should I have the sRGB button on or off? I don't know. Is anyone able to give me a run down of how I should be working? I basically just want what I see in the VFB to match what I save out. Thanks
  4. Hi, I have a big problem with vray physical camera, when I render the complete scene it looks dark like there isnt no gamma or SRGB, but when I render a small region it looks fine. I'm using a vray light dome with an HDRI and vray physical camera in 3ds max 2015.
  5. I used to get around the new gamma output thing using: fileOutGamma=1.0 but it doesn't work any more for some reason. I paste it into the MaxScript window and my output images are still dark. I've been away from using max for a while so I might be missing something obvious. Max 2015 and Vray 3.3
  6. UPDATED! Hi all You may remember my PreRenderCheck script from a while back. It's now UPDATED (actually completely rewritten from scratch and greatly improved from the previous version) New feature – now with a User Interface and remembers your settings New feature – automatically applies the script for you to the “Scripts” > “Pre-Render” setting in the “Render Setup Dialog” New feature (Experimental) – never worry about 3ds Max Gamma settings ever again. Fixes the 3ds Max Gamma to a modern 2.2 LWF at render time* New feature – checks if you have the VFB Region Render Enabled (I don’t recommend using this as it may become annoying quickly) New feature – checks if the Max Frame Buffer is set to “View” (I don’t recommend using this as it may become annoying quickly) So we've all been there, click render and walk away from your desk, only to come back to something that is not your render. I wrote this little script to help prevent things like that. Here's a preview: and Use at your own risk and report bugs please. Get it here: http://mornestudio.com/prerender/ Happy Rendering!
  7. So they took away the ability to change the output gamma in max 2015. Just using Vray which is set to 2.2, looks fine in the VFB but when I save it's really bright. What's the workflow I should be using?
  8. Hi everyone, New to vRay, could someone confirm whether or not I am setting up linear workflow correctly in maya? Here are my settings: Image Format: EXR vRay Settings Color Mapping (I believe checking the 'Linear Workflow' box is not the way to go) Gamma Correct Node Insert .454 gamma correct to 'Diffuse Color' and diffuse textures (but not for bump/spec/greys) Click sRGB in vray VFB Could someone please confirm whether I have got this correct. Many thanks
  9. hello there, I'm having problems when i render in distribution mode, I tried all. all the PC have access to all textures,lights etc. I tried to change the gamma in the pc slave changing to 1.0 thought the CurrentDefaults.ini file, but same problem. I having problem with darker shaders like wood and asphalt. In attachment i have two e.g. I'm using 3D Max 2014 vray 3.20.03 backburner 2014.0.0.1635 sorry for my English.
  10. Hi Guys, since gamma-topic is very very very hot in the web, I just published a complete free lesson about, with examples, comparisons and some detailed technical info to undestand how this option works, in depht I know there are tons of tutorials about, but I never found an exhaustive lesson about, so I did! I hope this could help: - http://www.learnvray.com/vray-news/color-mapping-gamma/ Thanks PS my english is poooor.. on the other side that means anyone can understand
  11. Hi everyone, I have a question about Gamma control in VrayHDRI map (see attachement): In Vray 2.40.04 the ''gamma control'' in ''processing'' tab have desappear. I was woundering if this habe been replaced by the ''inverse gamma'' control in ''Color Space'' tab. Thank you!
  12. Hi All, Was hoping someone could help me... I'm using 3ds max mental ray with "Enable Gamma/LUT Correction" ticked with both input and output set to 2.2. On two separate machines my render appears different. One lighter and one a bit richer and darker, viewed on the same monitor. Can anyone help with why? Computers are almost identical in specification. Thanks heaps for any help!!
  13. Hello all, hope you can help me. I'm trying to get my head around gamma correction here and my questions are: 1. I've set my gamma & lut settings to enable, affect color selectors and mat editor and input output to 2.2. Do I also set my graphic card settings to 2.2 as well? It's blowing out all my colors here. 2. When bringing in a bitmap file into max, does it need to be de-gammad first then have it take on the settings of max?
  14. Hi I have been trying to set up max 2011 for a linear workflow and have set the gamma LUT settings to input 2.2 output 2.2 display 2.2 with materials and color pickers to match. On the whole this seems to be working fine. My problem occours when I use render passes, max doesn't seem to be applying any gamma to these passes when saved out. They appear gamma corrected in the frame buffer at the end of the render but those saved to file have no gamma correction. The beauty pass does though both in the frame buffer and when saved file. If I save the pass from the frame buffer it is gamma corrected. I have tried saving as both tiffs and targas with the gamma setting set to use system gamma. Even when I use the overide and alter the gamma either up or down the only file that is affected is the beauty pass. I have tried this with both mental ray and scaline renders with the same result. Is this correct and are we then to do gamma correction in the composite software or am I missing something.
  15. I was just wondering if anybody still uses gamma 1.0 or if everybody has decided that gamma 2.2 is better. I, personally, use gamma 1.0 exclusively. I have tried the gamma 2.2 workflow in the past but it proved complicated to set up and the results seemed to be somewhat washed out (no I didn't apply a gamma correction twice). I want to know if I should feel stupid for not using gamma 2.2 or if anybody else is like me and is sticking to 1.0. Also a side note: changing gamma to 2.2 would, in theory, ruin all the materials you get off of a site like http://www.vray-materials.de, correct? If you change the material editor settings to be gamma corrected as well, wouldn't this mess up the reflection amount seeing as how reflection value is tied to a color value that has now shifted? So, 1.0 or 2.2?
  16. After spending a lot of time with LWF, trying to get good results & and wondering if LWF was just another way to disrupt the workflow. I have just had an alternative idea... Instead of reducing all the materials RGB Values to 0.255, I just tried reducing the main direct light power to 0.255, and the GI skylight multiplier to 0.255, so changing 2 values instead of hundreds. Turned on the srgb, in the vfb, altered the exposure +1 stop, and tweaked the curves and Hey Presto the results looked ok, It was a real simple scene, so cant be too sure if its exactly the same results as the long drawn-out LWF method.. I can be damned if I am going to convert the scenes rgb values back to 1.0 without an automated script to test it out on a complex scene. But in theory lights with such a low power as 0.255 should render quicker than lights with power set at 1.0. Can anyone else out there test this on thier standard setup files and post results & opinions Cheers
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