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Found 3 results

  1. hello I have a problem rendering an interior scene that i made with vray 2.2 and max 2012 now I have vray 3.0 and max 2014 and i need to do the render again but when i render the scene it renders way too dark does it has to be with settings or something like that? i tried to merge it in a new scene and adjust the settings manually i also checked the gamma and lut settings to match with the older file but nothing i'd really appreciate any of your help thanks!
  2. Recently I came across an obstacle I don't seem to find a solution to. I'm making a photo-match using VrayMtlWrapper as material to receive shadows. When using linear color mapping with default settings - VrayMtlWrapper works fine. But as soon as I start tweaking burn and/or gamma settings I get strange results - VrayMtlWrapper is seen as some bright noise over background image. I really like the natural tone of light/shadows getting out of Reinhard set to B=0.25 and G=2.2 (learned from Peter Guthrie) as opposed to linear color mapping which looks more unnatural or too contrasted. Does anyone know how to combine Reinhard method (alpha 2.2) with VrayMtlWrapper to get propper shadow effect on background image without unwanted noise. See the attached pictures. other settings are: - overall gamma correction 2.2 - HDRI as texture on vray dome light as a light source (multiplier=1) - ordinary jpeg image as backgorund (environment slot) with gamma 1.0 - and color mapping / affect background = unchecked - vray physical camera - VrayMtlWrapper with alpha contribution = -1, matesurface=on, shadows=on Thanks, Tom
  3. I was just wondering if anybody still uses gamma 1.0 or if everybody has decided that gamma 2.2 is better. I, personally, use gamma 1.0 exclusively. I have tried the gamma 2.2 workflow in the past but it proved complicated to set up and the results seemed to be somewhat washed out (no I didn't apply a gamma correction twice). I want to know if I should feel stupid for not using gamma 2.2 or if anybody else is like me and is sticking to 1.0. Also a side note: changing gamma to 2.2 would, in theory, ruin all the materials you get off of a site like http://www.vray-materials.de, correct? If you change the material editor settings to be gamma corrected as well, wouldn't this mess up the reflection amount seeing as how reflection value is tied to a color value that has now shifted? So, 1.0 or 2.2?
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