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Found 15 results

  1. I need to load a *.vccglb file to vray frame buffer., i run the following code vfbControl #loadccpreset "E:\Handies\Mak\Mak custum\MAX\BFV_SET\RAKE_713SP16_F1.vccglb" but it says failed to load the same . Error message goes like: [vfbControl] command #loadccpreset: Failed loading file E:\Handies\Mak\Mak custum\MAX\BFV_SET\RAKE_713SP16_F1.vccglb OK what is the issue here., can anybody help me? im using 3dmax/vray 3.6
  2. Script for saving 3ds Max files to the previous version in batch mode. https://3d-kstudio.com/forum/trackscripts-news/batch-save-3ds-max-files-to-previous-version/
  3. This new script I created will allow the user to unhide objects using mouse clicks by temporarily hiding the current scene and unhiding all hidden objects so you can pick the objects you like to unhide. After picking the objects you can right-click and your original scene is back again plus the objects you've picked. If you like the script you can download it from the description area on YouTube Demo link: https://youtu.be/1OiQxu8zKuc
  4. Hi Everyone, We have added a new plugin to enhance the IgNite tools set. SiNiScript is a useful and easy to use gateway into adding our C++ functions into your existing maxscript pipeline. SiNiScript also include over 90 maxscripts sample scripts to make your transition a seamless process. For more info Thanks Si
  5. Hello, This is my first foray into maxscript, and I have nearly achieved what I'm after. If only I could do this one simple thing! Any help would be much appreciated. I've written a short script that creates a particle system and a rectangular poly. I then want to bind the newly created PF_Source to the newly created poly with a Particle Skinner. The end result will be a script that emits sheets of paper every n frames that will then swirl around my scene. Here is the portion of script for creating the rectangular poly and it all works, except the bit that tries to attach/define the Particle_Flow_Systems Rectangle length:280 width:210 cornerRadius:0 pos:position isSelected:on $.name = "Paper" + (progressString) modPanel.addModToSelection (Garment_Maker ()) ui:on $.modifiers[#Garment_Maker].density = 0.02 macros.run "Modifier Stack" "Convert_to_Poly" modPanel.addModToSelection (Particle_Skinner ()) ui:on $.modifiers[#Particle_Skinner].Particle_Flow_Systems = #("pFlow" + (progressString)) $.modifiers[#Particle_Skinner].activateSkinning() modPanel.addModToSelection (TurboSmooth ()) ui:on modPanel.addModToSelection (UVWMap ()) ui:on $.modifiers[#UVW_Map].realWorldMapSize = off Like I say, this is my first go at maxscript so I'm still learning how the syntax works etc which will hopefully explain any howling errors. Thanks in advance, James
  6. UPDATED! Hi all You may remember my PreRenderCheck script from a while back. It's now UPDATED (actually completely rewritten from scratch and greatly improved from the previous version) New feature – now with a User Interface and remembers your settings New feature – automatically applies the script for you to the “Scripts” > “Pre-Render” setting in the “Render Setup Dialog” New feature (Experimental) – never worry about 3ds Max Gamma settings ever again. Fixes the 3ds Max Gamma to a modern 2.2 LWF at render time* New feature – checks if you have the VFB Region Render Enabled (I don’t recommend using this as it may become annoying quickly) New feature – checks if the Max Frame Buffer is set to “View” (I don’t recommend using this as it may become annoying quickly) So we've all been there, click render and walk away from your desk, only to come back to something that is not your render. I wrote this little script to help prevent things like that. Here's a preview: and Use at your own risk and report bugs please. Get it here: http://mornestudio.com/prerender/ Happy Rendering!
  7. Hey guys i started learning maxscript and wrote a small tool that is hopefully useful to other people, would like to guys to check it out and see how you like it or if you would sudjest anything, or sudjest a script! let me know! enjoy! http://kriscabrera.com/2015/08/10/kolorz-maxscript/
  8. Hi Guys, I thought some of you here might like this script. It has a database of around 15000 paints for various brands (mostly Australian). They are very easy to look up just select the brand and start typing. The image below should give you an idea of how it works. It's quite handy if you are working with architects, designers and specifiers who give you specific schedules for paints etc... If you guys have other paint brands you would like me to add to the tool just let me know and I will see what I can do. You can download the script here: http://daveandgoliath.com/2014/10/30/script-paint-pot/ Cheers, Dave
  9. Hey everyone, I just finished another maxScript called Ceiling Grid Generator. It's a free script that will quickly create 'metal' ceiling grids that you normally see in commercial interior spaces. This script allows you to set custom sizing for the tile openings, the width of the grid, the height of the grid, and also creates the strips along the border for a nice finished look. You can also shift the grid side to side or up and down as well as rotate the grid. You can then preview the final grid, or go back and make more changes before committing to a grid that fits your space perfectly. You can access the script on my website: http://www.digitalxmodels.com/product/detail/679/3d_model_Ceiling%20Grid%20Generator_maxscript and there is a video demo here: Enjoy!!!
  10. Yesterday i was boring creating many frameless glass with different dimension (involving shady moving vertices around from predetermined library) so i started to googling maxscript (again) but i couldnt find a simple one. So here it goes for anyone who might need it. Currently this script working on planar spline base object. For more information and download visit my blog page Maxscript - frameless glass. Hope someone find it useful.
  11. For use with Mental Ray Arch & Design materials. Provides one central location to edit Ambient Occlusion paramenters - Max Distance and Samples. I added a Dialog Menu and "Disable AO" button to an existing script. http://www.renderededge.com/2011/08/universal-ao-maxscript.html
  12. hey all. really hoping some maxscript genius can solve this problem for me... i am trying to rehash a bit of code from the Blurscript 'bsrun.ms', which essentially pulls in a list of available maxscripts from a specific directory and displays them in a dropdown allowing quick access. currently part of the scripts reads as fn bsrun_update = ( script_names = #() script_files = get_all_files_in_dir ((getdir #scripts) + "\\BlurScripts\\") false "ms" if script_files.count != 0 then ( for i = 1 to script_files.count do ( the_name = (filenameFromPath script_files[i]) append script_names (strip_file_extension the_name) ) ) ) fn bsr_io = ( bsr_ini_name = ((getdir #scripts) + "\\BlurScripts\\" + "BSRun.ini") if openFile bsr_ini_name != undefined then ( bsr_ini = openFile bsr_ini_name inputdata = readLine bsr_ini my_index = findItem script_names inputdata if my_index == 0 then my_index = 1 last_script_index = my_index close bsr_ini ) else ( bsr_ini = createFile bsr_ini_name format (strip_file_extension (filenameFromPath (script_files[the_script] as string))) to:bsr_ini close bsr_ini ) ) now if i wanted to point it to an existing mapped network location for my scripts, i would have thought i simply needs to change the lines that include... ((getdir #scripts) + "\\BlurScripts\\") to something more like.. ("z:\scripts\\") but its doesn't like it. i know that the "getdir" element allows you quickly to point to a directory within the root max folder, so i assume i don't include it. i've also tried it with UNC paths and no joy either.. appreciate any help. ta. M
  13. Hi everyone, Been working on this script for quite awhile and am happy to finally release it. For the moment the script focuses on barrel tile roofs only, however future updates will include other types of tile, metal roofs, and shingles. It works by creating the materials and displacement maps and then applies proper UV coords to your existing roof geometry. After the script has run you can interactively change the tile color, contrast, and tile size as well. There are a couple video demos on Youtube. The script can be accessed here (you will need to register to download it): http://www.digitalxmodels.com/product/detail/442/3d_model_Displacement%20Roof%20Surfaces_maxscript And the videos are here (you may need to turn up the volume): Enjoy!! John Pruden www.DigitalXModels.com
  14. I need a fairly large script written for 3ds Max and don't really have the time to learn how to write scripts right now (as much as I would like to). I was wondering if there was any service, individual or company that writes MAXScript. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I really need help. I need the script to streamline creation of simple objects based on length, width and height parameters. So is there a script-writing service available out there?
  15. I was wondering whether there would be a demand for 3ds max script writing service among artist, to commercialy provide scripts for requested tasks or features. plz let me know if you think providing them commercialy would be a good idea. cheers,
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