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Found 4 results

  1. I have a daz studio skeleton linked with a CAT rig. I made it manually, but I want a simple script that create the orientation and position constraints with the CAT bones for other characters. Can someone help me please? Let me know, to send you the example file.
  2. Hello Everyone, Check out this New Video tutorial on how to enable the Vray menus on the quad when missing on right click: http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2019/12/there-are-times-when-vray-menus-are-not.html There are times when the VRay menus are Not available on the right click quad. This often happens after installing 3ds max and VRay, or during the installation of other programs in 3ds max. This Video Tutorial takes users through the quick process of enabling back the VRay menus when Unavailable from the right click quad. I really hope you find this Tutorial useful, like and share! Ta J
  3. I'm working on a script that, among other things, needs to submit jobs to be rendered by third party services. I have a decent amount of personal experience doing manual submissions, namely with Rebus Farm, but I'm trying to find a service that has some form of API support for custom submission processes. Things that could work: 1. native API to be called externally from 3D applications in languages such as Python 2. Application-based APIs to be called from within 3D applications (MaxScript for example). I can sacrifice plugin support, but 3DS Max + VRay support is a must-have. Anyone have any experience with this approach? I'm looking at several different potentials right now but I'd hoped someone might be able to offer up some personal experience to help me make a shortlist of possibilities. Thanks in advance
  4. I was wondering whether there would be a demand for 3ds max script writing service among artist, to commercialy provide scripts for requested tasks or features. plz let me know if you think providing them commercialy would be a good idea. cheers,
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