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Found 15 results

  1. We are proud and happy because Nvidia has included in this video some of our works to present the potential of Iray in visual design: Here you can find the renders and video 3D selected by Nvidia that we have developed with Iray:*https://vimeo.com/155406080 Bluemotion Team http://www.bluemotion.it
  2. I've just modeled a space station and I want to render a nice scene of it in the outer space. I am using 3ds Max 2016 and iRay for this. I got an sIBL Milky Way HDRi and added as an Environment Map. This is what I get on a simple render with iRay (a blurry image, for no reason): Accidentally I rendered it with Mental Ray and the map was just as I wanted: Now, I want this image to be clear in the background and I would also like you recommendation about what light source I should use for this (if it is possible that you gave me this tip). Thank you very much!
  3. Hello all, What would be the best setup for rendering with Iray? a) One Geforce Gtx 780 Ti GPU b) two Geforce Gtx 770 GPU's If option b is the best, Is it important to get the 4Gb addition of the 770 card or should the combined memory of the two cards be enough? Thanks for any reply, Cheers! Oded
  4. Hi! I saved enough money to buy a new graphics card for my machine. I heard a lot of good things about the GTX 680 from nVidia: one of them is that this grpahics card is made for games. I know I need a Quadro for 3DS Max iRay, though I don't have enough money for it. I want to know what is your opinion. How will this card work with iRay? My machine configuration: 16GB RAM DDR3, 7200rpm HDD, Intel Core i5 3.2GHz
  5. Hi. I have these two models in the same scene. Here is the render of each model: Now, my problem is that I don;t know how to incorporate that sink in the box... Could anyone help me? Info: My box is currently an Editable Poly, and I am using 3ds Max 2013.
  6. We are currently upgrading all the machines in our office and I am trying to make sure we'll be able to have an operating render farm for use when everyone goes home in the evening. I've done some research on Backburner and setting up the server and everything looks doable and clean. I plan on doing two kinds of outputs when the render farm is available. Animations, and high quality renderings. I will be using Mental Ray for the animations as iRay is unbiased and not really ideal for animations. However, I like to use iRay for my renderings and I was hoping I could use the farm for iRay. I looked in the render setup under the commons tab for the icon that says "Net Render" which apparently lets me use Backburner for the task. Under the iRay rendered, this icon does not exist. Does this mean I can't use Backburner to help render out my iRay rendering? I was hoping to have the computers work on different segments of the image using the "Split Scan Lines" option in Backburner. Thanks for any input
  7. I am making a terrazzo material for the floor in a rendering and would like the joints or seems of the terrazzo tiles to show up as a shinny metal material. I am using iRay to render and Arch+Design material with Tile set as the Diffuse map. I have a bitmap selected for the tile color and for now a light grey color for the grout. Ideally, I would make the grout this shinny metal material but I am unable to select anything but colors or bitmaps or other 3ds max "standard" materials. I don't believe any of these can offer the reflectivity I am looking for. Does anyone know a way to achieve this? http://img831.imageshack.us/img831/3408/tilematerial.jpg http://img856.imageshack.us/img856/6317/terrazzot.png The top image show my material in the Editor. The bottom image show my render output, you can see that the grout isn't shinny like it should be.
  8. I get an error whenever I render with the 'Hair and Fur' modifier turned on. I get 4 errors on the prompt every time, three of which is labeled as an "IRAY" problems, and the other one is a "PHEN error. I don't know what any of these mean or how to fix it. I am just trying to add spots of grass to a rendering and I thought I would use the modifier like I used to use when rendering with mental ray. Computer Stats: Intel i7-2600k 3.40 GHz Quad-Core ASUS Z68 Mainboard 8 gb DDR3 2133mhz RAM Nvidia Quadro 6000 GPU 2x OCZ SSD (250gb for OS/Data, 60gb for caching/page file)
  9. Studio/Institution: DeStefano Partners (closed) Client: NA Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3ds Max and IRAY Website: http://www.joshpabst.com Description: I did the CG on this project in late 2011. I can finally share it, as the office I was working for at the time, DeStefano Partners, is no longer around. So, no, this project will not be moving forward--at least not looking like this. This 111 West Wacker project has a lot of news and hubub circling it, but your guess is as good as mine as to what will be built there in the hopefully near future. Regardless of what the ultimate and final design is, it will be better than the shell of concrete that rests there now. The site has been an eye sore on Chicago's river for nearly four years. Enjoy! Below are some additional renderings for the project.
  10. Studio/Institution: smdp Client: smdp Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: 3ds Max and IRAY Website: http://www.joshpabst.com Description: This is my first time posting to cgarchitect--probably not the last either! I'm fairly new to the site, but love what I'm seeing here. Lot's of great inspirational work. This is a project I recently rendered at our Chicago office. I wanted to share this primarily because, other than levels, there is almost no photoshop work done here. Normally I get fairly heavy-handed in the post-processing, but because we needed to do some animation, I tried to take the actual 3D as far as I could in the 1-2 days I had to work with it.
  11. Studio/Institution: Resolution 10 (Iain McMurray) Client: Private Genre: Commercial Interior Software: Max, Mentalray, Iray and Photoshop Website: http://www.res10.com Description: 2 Visuals of a ballroom and lobby space. The Ballroom was rendered using FinalGather and then post in Photoshop. The Lobby was rendered in Iray and then post in Photoshop. All comments are very welcome
  12. Somewhat new to Iray in 3ds Max, need help with interior lighting I am trying to render an interior scene with iray in 3ds max 2012. This room does not have any windows and is dependent upon the interior lights. Are there certain special settings that I should be using for an interior shot? The scene is very dark and I cant seem to fix it. Please help, thanks
  13. Studio/Institution: Resolution 10 (Iain McMurray) Client: Chris Stewart Group, Edinburgh Genre: Residential Interior Software: Studio Max 2012, Photoshop CS3 Website: http://www.res10.com Description: Hi everyone, this is my first post ever. I am a freelance artist working from home in Scotland. Please let me know what you think, all and any comments are very welcome. All modelleling has been done in max 2012. I used iRay with the mentalray sun and sky and photographic exposure. In addition to the daylight system I used hidden planes with a self illuminated material to enhance certain areas. Post work in photoshop includes the background and some adjustment of levels. Rendered at 4096 average 6 - 12 hours an image on 2 gtx 480's.
  14. Studio/Institution: Personal Work Client: none Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds Max, iRay, Photoshop Website: http://jeffpatton.net/ Description: Just running a couple of 3ds Max architectural test scenes through iRay. Scene is a modified Turbosquid scene that was originally configured for VRay. Materials are A&D with a combination of bitmaps & substance maps/textures. Lighting is primarily HDR environment. Lamps are self-illuminated geometry. Render time for each was set for 40 minutes using: (1) Quadro 6000, (1) Tesla C2070, and (1) Tesla C2050
  15. Not sure if this should go here or over in the Cinema section but I just found this, http://www.m4d.info/ Have to say, I wasn't expecting that. Bit pricey though.
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