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Found 24 results

  1. This is an arcvhiz project that i recently made in UE4, let me know what you guys think:
  2. Hello! We are excited to announce that Verge3D, the complete, artist-friendly suite for creating interactive 3D web experiences, is now available for Autodesk 3ds Max users! https://youtu.be/oWOzjDlUMH0Video on youtube! Download unlimited free trial here: https://www.soft8soft.com/get-verge3d/ Press-release: https://www.soft8soft.com/verge3d-for-3ds-max-released/ #verge3d #3dsmax #3dweb #webgl
  3. Rendered in realtime with Offline Render using Unity 5.6.1f1 Check 4k stills here http://www.ycdivfx.com/work/realtime-archviz-tech-demo-2/
  4. _ Project Luxury City By Creation Art Studio. A larg Urban city with Apartments inside. All project play on real-time with Time of day, Change Floors, Traffic car.... . _ We provide Real-time 3D products can run on traditional computers with mouse and keyboard, large touch screens or via the tablet using iOS or Android. Hope you like it. [/url] [/url] [/url]
  5. Studio/Institution: Me Client: This is sample projest Genre: Other Software: 3dsmax,Unreal Engine 4 Website: http://https://www.behance.net/tuidle Description: This is my interactive realtime visualization project.Using Unreal engine4. Any comment are good for me. Thank you
  6. Hi to all! What do you think... can be achieved exteriors in lumion that can compete with vray ones? assuming equals skills in ps postproduction.
  7. Sunyat China has shared his first project did with Twinmotion. Time for the project was very limited, that's why they tried it in Twinmotion to test its speed for rendering and project visualization. 3D model created in SketchUp and saved in .skp format. Imported directly in Twinmotion, they did some very quick actions like: replacing materials by Twinmotion's materials in the library, adding vegetations, people and vehicles, placing camera etc. During which they have also modified their SketchUp model and replaced instantly the old one in Twinmotion. Rendering images are exported with videos. From model import to video export, the whole process has taken this new user 2 days' work. The video is far from perfect, it lacks details etc. But for a first try, it's not bad isn't it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3T9HHQZJJk Tianxiao
  8. Test did by Jason Lawford. "Twisty Towers - Fareham Hampshire New Development Test Animation. Modelled in ArchiCAD 19, animated in: The setting up of the model within animations programs, with materials, objects and timeline took roughly the same time. Artlantis Studio 6 - The processing took over 2 weeks to create the images that go together to make the animation. The overall quality of the images are really good, and the windows/glass has real reflections. Twinmotion 2016 - The rich environment and objects really do add to the resulting animation. The program is easy to use. The materials and resulting renders are not quite as good as Atlantis, BUT this really long animation length only took 3 hours to export. I really do love Twinmotion, and have so much more to learn about all of its features."
  9. Graphisoft ARCHICAD has organized a webinar yesterday featuring Twinmotion 2016, during which they have introduced the real-time visualization technology Twinmotion. For those who haven't attended the webinar but interested in the topic, here is a recorded version of the webinar: Tianxiao KA-RA / Twinmotion
  10. Graphisoft will organize on next Tuesday, February 2nd, an online webinar introducing an innovative BIM visualization solution Twinmotion to ArchiCAD users: http://www.graphisoft.com/learning/online-seminars/registration-twinmotion.html There are 3 sessions, you can chose the one which works best with your schedule. Interactive displays, tablets, smart phones and virtual reality.. That is what Twinmotion does. Come and take a look and follow the mega-trends for BIM and productivity!
  11. First Project of Cre4rt Studio. Concept Allandale House by William O'Brien Jr. We build it on Unreal Engine 4. Customer can move around, change color, change texture, on/off light, open or close door... Some Projects will coming soon.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAiW9ew-4oM&feature=youtu.be Any thoughts? Tianxiao
  13. Hey guys, finally the cat is out of the bag! This is the project we been working in these last months. This video is just a tech demo but I can assure you there is definitely more to it! pm me if you have any questions and of course, don't forget to share :DDD Daniel Santana Partner/Technical Director at Dreamlab www.dreamlab.pt
  14. Hi all, I am working on a little demo these days. It still contains some glitches but I had fun with some features (occlusion culling, sunshaft, DOF, 3D sounds settings,...). You'll find the link below. Would be nice of you if you could give me some feedback about it. Thanks http://www.devoxyz.com/demos/coffee3d/coffee3d.html
  15. Hey Guys, Fairly recently I released an update that added Oculus support, I posted this on r/Oculus and it got quite a bit of love, so I thought you guys might appreciate it as well. At the moment I'm working on getting some even tighter controls in it, but if anyone has any feedback that would be awesome. http://www.realis3d.com/download-now Hope you enjoy, Cheers.
  16. hi, This is my second tech demo on unity.It features a contemporary one bedroom house with simple landscaping.The lighting is not fully perfect and im trying to improve all http://www.vrwalking.g0dsoft.com/studiohouse.html [ATTACH]38589[/ATTACH][ATTACH]38590[/ATTACH][ATTACH]38591[/ATTACH][ATTACH]38592[/ATTACH] comments welcome
  17. I was thinking about posting our 3d awards entry called "Kubadilishana" when I remembered that I haven't posted nothing in cga about Motiva COLIMO software yet.. Motiva COLIMO is a tool that allows to change lights, colors and textures using prerendered images as base, not only colors and textures are affected but his influence over the whole scene including raytraced reflections,raytraced refractions and GI bleeding. For better comprenhension about how this app works watch the videos: - Motiva COLIMO Overview I: - Motiva COLIMO Overview II: And now is announced the 0.7.5 beta new feature SSR (Screen Space Relief) - Motiva COLIMO new features: More info and demo: www.motivacg.com/colimo_en.php FAQ: http://www.motivacg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=21 And after that (long) presentation of the software I'd like to show you our 3DA entry called Kubadilishana. It is a project based on that technology with multiscene support. Unfortunatly we had no time to record this video explaining the use of the software and the judges will open the app without any info about what is or how it works so I think that we have zero opportunities to be nominated (we've presented another entry too). KUBADILISHANA VIDEO:
  18. Inglobe Technologies released today the new version 2.0 of the AR-media Augmented Reality Plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max and Google SketchUp. Thanks to AR-media™ Plugin v2.0 architecture, engineering, construction firms and professionals can now enjoy the potential of Augmented Reality technology by means of a plenty of new and useful features inside their preferred 3D modeling software. As it is widely recognized, AR-media Plugin’s Augmented Reality allows AEC professionals to visualize and study their 3D creations directly in the physical space that surrounds them through a suitable visualization interface. The new version of the software enhances and completely replaces the former ones by adding new and useful features that allow users to design complex and astonishing Augmented Reality scenes, and to manage a variety of parameters that are crucial in the workflow of every AR project. “The new version of the AR-media Plugin is conceived as an easy-to-use, practical and cost-effective tool for the creation of compelling Augmented Reality scenes in association with 3ds Max or SketchUp” declared Graziano Terenzi, CEO at Inglobe Technologies, “With this new version we wanted to provide AEC professionals as well as other users with a series of new high-level features that could enhance the degree of interactivity and immersivity of the software, while at the same time making it accessible to a growing number of people”. Among the new supported features we can mention the following: - a marker creation utility that allows the creation of custom augmented reality markers - support of multiple markers - the possibility to export independent augmented reality files that can be viewed with the free AR-media Player on any computer - an antialiasing filter that enhances the visual appearance of the 3D models But the most interesting novelties introduced in the new version of the software are the possibility to create “Occluder Objects” and the so called “Lighting Debug Mode”. What is an object occluder? In standard augmented reality applications, when a 3D model passes behind another object in the real world, it will always be displayed superimposed to the real object even if the latter should hide it in the observer’s view, thus creating a completely unrealistic effect. By introducing occluders objects with ARmedia Plugin 2.0 users will be able to create invisible virtual objects that mirror the structure of the real world scene, thus hiding the 3D content the right way in the observer’s view. On the other hand, the “Lighting Debug Mode” is an option that extends user’s control over the tracking algorithm in such a way to adjust the quality of target’s recognition and tracking as a function of the lighting conditions in the real world scene. With regards to available licenses, another important novelty is the release of a “Personal Learning Edition”. This is a free but partially limited version of the software that can be downloaded by anyone who wants to learn the basics of AR without the need of writing a line of code. All you need to make AR-media™ Plugin work is a personal computer and a webcam. The Plugin supports also a wide variety of Head Mounted Displays, like for example Vuzix® CamAR, eMagin, i-glasses™. For details visit Inglobe Technologies’ website.
  19. Hi Guys, our RenderGin Betaversion was released on 01. September 2010. Since then it was downloaded and tested for many times. We get some critique and lots of great feedback. Thank you for that! As a result we could further improve RenderGin. In the next few days we will provide a new betaversion on our Homepage http://www.numenus.de/index.php?index=1317. Have a look! Also we are still looking forward to receive test reports and feedback from you. Download here: http://www.numenus.de/download_en.html
  20. I'm doing a Masters degree in CAD and Construction and as part of my Realtime CAD assignment i decided to learn and use the Crysis Sandbox editor to create an architectural visualization. The assignment was to create an interactive architectural environment in an engine of your choice. This was my first time using Crysis, as i had previously used the unreal engine, I managed to produced a whole island and also managed to import an architectural model into the engine. I was surprised at how easy and user friendly Crysis sandbox is compared to other architectural alternatives. I manged to to do this pretty quickly and had loads of fun in the process. the whole island and architecture model was done within a 4 days( in between my off days from work) It isn't totally finished but i ran out of time and did the presentation as it was just meant to be a test excercise. They were very impressed with the quality of Crysis, and the other examples created in Vizard and Quest 3D just paled in comparison to what this can do. this was just a quick test and i am working on some more advanced examples. you can see a few examples below, To see more images you can check this flickr set at the following URL Tarans Crysis Arch Viz SLideshow Architectural model within 3ds MAX Taran
  21. The last Alpha version of Augenblick MMV, a real time based renderer is currently available as a free download http://www.numenus.de/produkte_en.html The next one will be the beta! It would be great if you give it a try and of course we love to hear your feedback!
  22. Somebody try or use NVIDIA® 3D Vision to modeling/show 3D models? I´m using SketchUp. There are drivers for by inmerse in the editor? Thanks in advance. Arq. Mariano Larregle
  23. hi, my name is Phillip Trotter - I am the Director of Product Managent at Esperient Corporation - developers of Esperient Creator. We have a number of architects and arch viz teams using our software and I would like to ask the CGArchitect community - what challenges you see in adopting real time 3D into your workflows? What barriers for adoption have you come across - cost? deployment?, technology, bad sofware workflows? data challenges? What have you found that works for you and what doesn't? How can your current practises improve. If you don't use real time - why not? What are the business drivers for and against using interactive real time tools or which types of tool best fit your workflows. Obviously I work for a tools vendor but I'm really not looking to start an our software is better than x hype discussion (or hype our own software). I'd much rather discuss industry challenges and look at discussions on workflow, practises, business challenges and what you would like to see happen to make it easier to adopt real time viz. I'm hoping I can add info based on some of things we are discovering and hopefully build a discussion thread which is beneficial for everyone I look forward to reading your thoughts, comments and feedback. cheers Phillip
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