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Found 19 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I hope this post finds you well. This is the latest property development I was fortunate enough to have been a part of, and wanted to share the final results. The main brief was to help sell the development off the 2d DWG plans/drawings before construction, by creating a series of 3d marketing images that captured the building's true essence and design ( interior and exterior). My work involved picking the materials, furniture, design and 3d render the space in a way it would be appealing to potential buyers. I have used 3ds Max and V-Ray to create the initial still images. Later, I have developed an interactive App in Unreal Engine, for potential buyers to customise the interior of their apartments. For more information, please google: jamie cardoso Kind Regards Jamie
  2. Video Link : http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2022/02/unreal-engine-real-time-rendering-app.html My real-time interactive Application was born out of the necessity to reduce the production costs and time in half or more, by enabling users to instantly render and email the final high resolution images (1080 pixels, 4k pixels or 8k pixels) with a click of a button, from a mobile phone or a desktop computer, without the need of a high spec machine and/or graphics cards, if desired. This App is ideal for any industry using 3d products, Interior and Exterior 3d scenes. To handle any complex 3d scene (Gigabytes or Terabytes of data) the App uses pixel streaming technology in conjunction with AWS cloud service. Alternatively, users can also choose a local powerful computer, if desired. The app can easily be implemented on a website to be accessed by any number of users simultaneously. Below is a list of its main features: 1-Existing 3d model/s can easily be integrated into the App. Alternatively, I can quickly integrate the 3d models for users and/or companies. Once the 3d product/s are quickly integrated, users can instantly generate thousands of renders a day with a click of a button, in addition to countless other options, as seen in the video demonstration. 2-There are four pre-set camera angles. Users can create, save and edit up to four new additional camera angles from the current dropdown list. 3- Users can take screen shots/renders instantly and email to anyone. Essentially, take thousands of high-resolution renders per hour, from a variety of different angles and lighting with a simple click of a button (as seen in the video). 4- Users have multiple high-end render sizes to choose from ( 1080 pixels, 4K pixels and 8k pixels ). 5- Users have multiple scenes with and without background. 6- Users have multiple light options/functionalities. 7- Users have multiple product types to choose from. 8- Users can launch the App from a Desktop computer, or a Mobile phone using AWS cloud systems. Cloud systems provide users with the unique ability to Not have to rely on graphics cards or a local computer. 9- Users can easily integrate this App into a website. Alternatively, simply publish the App via a URL link, or an EXE file, for internal use, and/or for clients/customers . 10- Users from industries such as the Real Estate, Product Design, Interiors, Furniture, Appliances, Clothing, Sports and many others can save hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, every year in renderings and animations. For more information and integration, please DM me on, jamiecardo@hotmail.com Kind Regards Jamie
  3. hey guys! we are super thrilled to announce our first Unreal Engine Archviz Community Challenge!! and a crash course for archviz artists and CG architects to get you started in Unreal Engine 5 We would love to have you on our Discord community too! there are more than +1300 unreal artists on the server! https://discord.gg/9CDyDPb cheers!
  4. (since it's still in beta) are you struggling with the official GPU Lightmass in Unreal Engine 4.26? In this video, I will show you how to download and use luoshuang's GPU Lightmass ? If you don't know, GPU Lightmass is the best option to achieve high-quality baked lights in your architectural projects ... it's a must for archviz! Feedback is super welcome! ❤ https://youtu.be/ft1a21L4dAI
  5. Hello, I am Siddharth, doing VR Archviz projects. I am doing an archviz project and here i am facing one issue. IN UE 4, Player locomotion movement gets disables when I interact with any colider. e.g. when i am moving (locomotion) using quest controller and hits with some collider, the movement gets disabled and player cannot move. Can anyone please let me know what could be the reason behind this?
  6. Not sure if everyone's seen these: Unreal + Quixel demo: Unity demo: Haven't tried Quixel Mixer yet, but I'm planning on taking it for a spin.
  7. Hi, Have you tried or are you planning to try unreal engine for architectural visualization? I was struggling finding a good interface for ArchViz so a made one and put it for sale on the unreal marketplace. You don't need any blueprint knowledge to implement it into a project. It is made for real time projects on a PC (or Mac probably). It is NOT made for VR like Oculus or VIVE. If you want to read more about it head over to the unreal marketplace here: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/archviz-user-interface If you got any question post them here. I am an architect, game developer and now freelancer for Architectural Vizualization.
  8. Check out this coffee table pack ready for use in Unreal Engine 4 , perfect for architectural visualization https://gumroad.com/products/LbQMv Tables Preview :
  9. Here is the latest 4k video created with Twinmotion in less than 1 hour.
  10. Abvent has begun posting teasers for Twinmotion 2018. 3 videos have been put online featuring the integration of Unreal Engine and live links to Revit and ARCHICAD. Two more videos will follow on 20 and 27 June. Watch all the trailer at http://www.twinmotion.com
  11. Check out our video of a demo walk-through of an interior scene entirely done inside of Unreal Engine. We were able to incorporate the Oculus Rift with Unreal Engine in this project, making it VR-ready. For more stuff like this, check out our YouTube channel. Or visit our website here to learn more about us and the services we offer.
  12. Hello guys, this is my first project on unreal engine 4 I hope you like it youtube.com/watch?v=7qF-Nh5-oYk [video=youtube;7qF-Nh5-oYk]
  13. Guest

    Hello from UK!

    Hello CGArchitect My name is Gedi and I represent a 3D graphic design company based in East London. We are best at creating 3D architectural and interactive visualizations. Our main graphic designer has 10 years of experience in the industry. We make: - 3D Unreal Engine Interactive Presentations. - 3D Architectural Videos. - 3D Characters. - Unity 3D Interactive Applications and Mobile Applications. - 3D Exterior Visualizations. - 3D/2D Floor Plan Visualizations. - 3D Interior Visualizations. - 3D Furniture Visualizations. - 3D Catalogues. - 3D Industrial Product Visualizations. - 360 Degrees Panoramas. We use: - 3DS Max. - Zbrush. - Vray. - Unity 3D. - Unreal Engine. - Adobe Suite. Our work is based on freelance rates. We are looking to expand, network and provide help within 3D visualizations. Our portfolio: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xFpQtx1q3oA8wB2SJCivDkbShTwP50lcx92cNsZuCYQ/edit Our website: www.cfdstudios.co.uk We look forward to being a part of the CGArchitect forum.
  14. Hi, my name is Fabrice, I'm a new member of the community and I wanted to share what our company does which I think could be interesting for the community. Please let me know if the ost should be moved to another section of the forum. We generate 3D city models (from a a few hectares to 20 sq km) using aerial 3D photogrammetry techniques (mainly helicopter and fixe wing aircraft as drones are not allowd to fly over populated area for commercial use in Australia). This kind of data is then used as a base information where new building designs can be integrated and visualized in context. Our 3D models are geographically accurate so measurements can be performed and used for urban planning and design. Our 3D models are very complex mesh but some specific software are able to handle the data in real-time such as Skyline TerraExplorer, LumenRT, Urban Engine, infraworks. This is an example of a subset of Adelaide, Australia integrated in LumenRT and enhanced with additional assets. We are currently experimenting the integration of our 3D city models with Unreal Engine with limited success due to the fact that UE doesn't deal with quadtree Level of Details for 3D meshes. . We are also exploring the use of VR with UE also with limited success. Here is a demo from Yugen where interactive 3D spaces of interiors are complemented with 3D city models. It would then be possible to interactively visity both inside and the outside of a new developments. Our experience with the architecture visualization world is limited and I'd like to hear from the community how this kind of 3D models could be of any benefits. our general YouTube channel is: http://youtube.com/aerometrex/ Cheers,
  15. Hi, guys! Maybe you will find it interesting. From some time our company started exploring Unreal Engine possibilities for architectural visualizations. We learned a thing or two and recently released our second collection of UE scenes. We also recorded seven short videos that can be usable for arch-viz artists that want to use Unreal engine in their works. grab them here: http://www.evermotion.org/tutorials/show/9714/seven-pro-tips-that-will-improve-your-unreal-visualizations Best regards
  16. Studio/Institution: IVR NATION Genre: Other Software: Unreal Engine 4 Website: http://ivrnation.com/ Description: Ty Hedfan is a real House in Wales and won a Royal Institute of British Architects award in 2011. I worked for plans and photos I found on internet so this is an accurate 3d model of the house (you can see the comparison between Unreal Engine and photos). Thanks to the Oculus Rift, you don't need to go to Wales anymore to visit the property I used the VR template blueprint in order to have a proper body and to have the feeling you are really inside the house. I made also the programming in order to have all the lights and doors working (see second video). Real time global illumination is not yet ready in UE4 so I had to make a daylight version and a night version. Feel free to give me your feedback! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AA46dESsSk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMdbNVE4k5k
  17. Hi everybody, here is our first interior test with Unreal...it was done to showcase a potential client the possibilities of using ue4 for archviz and all the possible interactions (that's why we have dynamic oranges falling and an animated skeleton for the luxo light eh eh). Following some screens and videos....ah right... the scene was also converted for ipad and iphone as you can see. Thanks. To see more screens make sure to visit our portfolio page at www.maardigital.com
  18. My name is Olivier Demangel. I'm the co founder if IVR-NATION, a company which provides 3d real-time content for Virtual Reality.
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