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  1. Hello, I am Siddharth, doing VR Archviz projects. I am doing an archviz project and here i am facing one issue. IN UE 4, Player locomotion movement gets disables when I interact with any colider. e.g. when i am moving (locomotion) using quest controller and hits with some collider, the movement gets disabled and player cannot move. Can anyone please let me know what could be the reason behind this?
  2. I've just joined CGArchitect, so I thought that I'd introduce myself. I am the CEO of Extality, which has offices in San Diego, San Francisco and Cologne (Germany). I am an entrepreneur who has previously started 3 other software companies. Also, in what feels like a past life, I worked for Autodesk for 4 years. Extality is a fairly new company (18 months old). We are focused exclusively on developing augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality solutions for enterprise clients. We have assembled a world-class team of dedicated industry professionals who are delivering creative and reliable solutions to organizations facing complex challenges. Our team is deeply involved with the Magic Leap One and other innovative mixed reality devices. I've joined CGArchitect because we seem to be gaining a lot of traction with large architectural and construction firms. We've built a system that allows us to visualize large scale architectural renderings in augmented reality in real-time. In effect, we take CAD data (Revit or equivalent) and linked construction timelines or build-out phases (eg. Revit + Navisworks, Synchro) and we put the result directly onto the boardroom table (live, in 3D) for groups of people to view and discuss. I am here to learn and to educate myself on the community. If any of what I've described is in any way of interest to you or your firm, please do reach out here or on LinkedIn. I'm looking to get connected with more people of like mind. The future is bright. There are amazing technology solutions coming soon.
  3. Hi there, I have been struggling to find a software which I could use to create VR tour and see it through the VR glasses. Mainly I will be using mobile VR glasses for presentations There are so many online apps for 360 panoramic tours. I use 3ds max and V-ray 3.6. I have rendered my last image using the following settings: Camera: stereo cube image 6:1 output file: 18432x1536 Image aspect: 12.0 What do I do next? which software can i use to export files to and create a tour. I bought Oculus Rift yesterday but I am returning it back. So inconvenient to travel with the kit to the client and also I was shocked with the image quality. I thought it would be as good as on the laptop screen but instead its blurry, fuzzy and I could still see the pixels etc... I would appreciate any help Thank you Daniel
  4. What can three clicks do? Find out in the ARCHICAD to Twinmotion free webinar presented by Abvent and GRAPHISOFT US on July 18, at 11 a.m. (EST). During the webinar, you'll see how quickly you can move projects from ARCHICAD 22 into Twinmotion 2019 for rendering, 3D immersion, and VR exploration. Participants will learn: - New features of ARCHICAD 22 - The ARCHICAD and Twinmotion connection - Simple modeling techniques for designing in 3D - Rendering and visualization techniques - Converting projects into VR presentations Learn more & register: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_dUp ... PcoTz9iW1Q Tianxiao Abvent
  5. Here is the latest 4k video created with Twinmotion in less than 1 hour.
  6. Twinmotion 2019 will be released on June 21 at AIA Conference on Architecture 2018, booth n°1283. Here is the release trailer: The first Twinmotion 2019 live webinar will be held next Monday (June 18) to present the key features in this new version, including: - Interactive VR menu - Optimized synchronization with ARCHICAD and Autodesk Revit - Reflection probes - Clay Render - New construction on packs and decals - Lighting improvement options - ... Time: June 18 at 9 AM & 5 PM CEST Register: https://register.gotowebinar.com/rt/8166503137641235969 Hope to see you online or at AIA'18! Tianxiao
  7. I've been producing some 360 degree renders for viewing on iPad or using google cardboard viewer. After trying out numerous apps I've found a great one for IOS called LookSee VR, which has a minimal interface with simple choice of screen or goggle based navigation. However I'm struggling to find similar for Android devices. Has anyone got any recommendations? Not interested in anything with built-in content or links to 360 videos etc. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello. I would like to introduce you a VR application which I worked on in my free time. App was created in Unity for Oculus Rift with Touch. The general idea was to create a VR showreel in the field of architecture. The application has a varoius functions such as interactive 2d/3d map, material change, interactive objects, distance measurement (dynamic/const.), menu allowing to control the performance of the application (render scale, texture quality, etc.), control over the overall visual appearance (brightness, contrast, etc.), the possibility of free movement or teleport. A detailed description of the all features can be found in the Controls tab (menu). I also added an element which will make the reception a little more attractive (Intro was located in the space). Sorry for the quality of the movie (Youtube completely disrupted contrast and saturation during compression). Download: https://www.wearvr.com/apps/architectural-showreel-vr YouTube:
  9. As the title suggests, regardless of price, which is better - Daydream or Samsung VR?
  10. Hi there, I love this site and am so impressed with everyone's work. It's astounding! I am doing some research on VR for real estate, and am trying to find the most innovative work in VR previsualization (room scale VR, photo real, great previs) for both renderings and as-builts. I am familiar with current technology for capture, but don't know all of the amazing things that can be done on the backend, and so I'm curious what the coolest stuff is that people have seen lately in real estate VR? Is it Unreal Engine room-scale, or another experience? I missed the Immersive Architecture conference, but was wondering if people went and saw things they hadn't seen before at other conferences. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I'm curious about luxury, high-end, and midrange applications. Thanks!
  11. VR v1.0 has been released! yVR is a new multiplatform tool that allows you to view your mono and stereo 360 renders directly on your device either in 360 or cardboard mode. yVR works locally for artists that want to see their work directly on their final medium or across the internet to showcase to clients and get fast and efficient feedback on 360 projects. yVR Client for iOS and Android downloads are available in the stores. yVR Client for PC and WebGL are included in the installer. Available for 50€ More details, info and features at http://www.ycdivfx.com/product/yvr/
  12. Has anyone experimented with view Google Cardboard photo spheres online VS through a cell phone app? I've used the Android app to view photo spheres but this required that the client or designer physically have the file and app on their phone. I would like to upload the photo spheres to my companies website and somehow direct the phone inside the Google Cardboard to that location and view the file online bypassing the phone app all together. Or maybe there's a way to use an app to access a file on my website? Does anyone have any good resources for doing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  13. hello all. I am the developer of newt. newt is a a web-based visualization tool for arch-VIZ. www.ottoandnewt.com It is made for artists. No programming required. No plugins required to run. Runs on phones, tablets, PC's. Very easy to use. You can try out the developer preview today at the website. Here is a short video of newt in action. https://youtu.be/eR729X9nbKE We are looking for user feedback from the archViz community. Let us know : - if you would like us to newt-ify your visualization project. - or if you'd like to try out newt yourself. thanks and regards, -t
  14. hello all. I would like to share with you our new web-based visualization tool for arch-VIZ. We call it newt. www.ottoandnewt.com It is made for artists. No programming required. No plugins required to run. Runs on phones, tablets, PC's. Very easy to use. You can try out the developer preview today at the website. Here is a short video of newt in action. https://youtu.be/eR729X9nbKE We are looking for user feedback from the archViz community. Let us know : - if you would like us to newt-ify your visualization project. - or if you'd like to try out newt yourself. thanks and regards, -t
  15. Studio/Institution: Freelance Client: Classified Genre: Commercial Interior Software: Corona-renderer Website: http://theViewer.co Description: Hey guys, I just rendered a couple 360 panos and made a small tour of an interor design, but it looks a bit grainy. Take a look and tell me what are your first impressions http://theviewer.co/share/theConstruct/73662eb8-87b5-4a8d-b7d9-99f6ec3c7629 P.S. Im planning to present on my GearVR, if you want access to the app you have to register with theConstruct http://theConstruct.co/beta
  16. Check out our video of a demo walk-through of an interior scene entirely done inside of Unreal Engine. We were able to incorporate the Oculus Rift with Unreal Engine in this project, making it VR-ready. For more stuff like this, check out our YouTube channel. Or visit our website here to learn more about us and the services we offer.
  17. Hey guys, I know some of you are keen to hear about developments in VR, same as me. My VR platform of choice, theViewer finally officially released their app on Oculus store. Check it out https://www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/955859367860314/ For more info about theViewer, visit http://theConstruct.co/beta Thanks for being awesome, guys Cheers!
  18. Hey Guys, Last 2 years we developed Virtual architecture museum app. It is free for all people, available for many devices and promote unrealized great architectural project. We are not making money with this project. We done it for all people. Project become best European mobile app about museums http://heritageinmotion.eu/?p=7546 You can download it here free vma.vizerra.pro We are working hard to make this app well known and promote architecture as a part of world cultural heritage.
  19. Hola, My postgraduate program has 'strongly' recommended that I get a 17 inch laptop with a desktop GPU (NTX 970 minimum) as we will be using HTC Vive and Maya nonstop. (Of course, I can get a desktop, but I move around too much. I have been looking recently at the Alienware graphics amplifier that goes with their new line of gaming laptops. Specifically, I have been looking at the 15 inch model which seems to be quite powerful with overclocking and 32 GB ram/ GTX 980m. I feel like this option ( a smaller laptop with the option to boost the GPU fits my goals; however, I am worried about the efficacy of the GPU booster). Currently, my thought process is consisting of the fact that laptops featuring desktop Pascal GPU's will not be available for a while. I spoke to MSI and they said there is some adapter that needs to be produced before they can add them to new machines. I am hoping that I can get the 15 inch machine and just boost the GPU with a Pascal when I'm running HTC. Is there any other options I'm overlooking to run a desktop GPU without getting a massive 17 incher? Also, there is some concern that these companies are going to update their laptops soon; but, Alienware says they have just updated them. Thank you in advance. Erik (i'd also like to avoid dragons and cheesy LED's whenever possible)
  20. Hello, Facebook launched 360 photographs a week or so ago and so I wrote a short little tutorial on how create and upload your imagery in a format that will work. Hope it's helpful! http://www.whitakerstudio.co.uk/blog/2016/6/15/facebook-360-photographs-tutorial
  21. Videos showing various scenes made with Vray viewed through the Gear VR.
  22. Hello CGArchitect Artists! I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Barry Zundel and I am CEO of Villusion Studios, an interactive visualization, VR/AR, and mobile application studio. As I've been browsing the forums here and the gallery, I've been blown away by the talent here. It's incredible to be among such passionate creatives. I look forward to being a part of this great community! Here is our latest demo reel that showcases some of the interactive archvis that we have done at Villusion Studios over the past year (retail, medical, travel, etc.), as well as other VR and mobile demos. We would love to hear critique and feedback from this community. See you in the forums! Barry Zundel CEO - Villusion Studios, LLC.
  23. Hi, my name is Fabrice, I'm a new member of the community and I wanted to share what our company does which I think could be interesting for the community. Please let me know if the ost should be moved to another section of the forum. We generate 3D city models (from a a few hectares to 20 sq km) using aerial 3D photogrammetry techniques (mainly helicopter and fixe wing aircraft as drones are not allowd to fly over populated area for commercial use in Australia). This kind of data is then used as a base information where new building designs can be integrated and visualized in context. Our 3D models are geographically accurate so measurements can be performed and used for urban planning and design. Our 3D models are very complex mesh but some specific software are able to handle the data in real-time such as Skyline TerraExplorer, LumenRT, Urban Engine, infraworks. This is an example of a subset of Adelaide, Australia integrated in LumenRT and enhanced with additional assets. We are currently experimenting the integration of our 3D city models with Unreal Engine with limited success due to the fact that UE doesn't deal with quadtree Level of Details for 3D meshes. . We are also exploring the use of VR with UE also with limited success. Here is a demo from Yugen where interactive 3D spaces of interiors are complemented with 3D city models. It would then be possible to interactively visity both inside and the outside of a new developments. Our experience with the architecture visualization world is limited and I'd like to hear from the community how this kind of 3D models could be of any benefits. our general YouTube channel is: http://youtube.com/aerometrex/ Cheers,
  24. Architects and Designers, come to see the future of Design and try the HTC Vive in London on 24/25 November! If you are a Designer or Architect, send an Email to olivier@ivrnation.com with your position/company in order to book a slot in advance as there will be limited slots available. http://www.thesleepevent.com/ivr-nation-digital-lounge
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