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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Guys, Last 2 years we developed Virtual architecture museum app. It is free for all people, available for many devices and promote unrealized great architectural project. We are not making money with this project. We done it for all people. Project become best European mobile app about museums http://heritageinmotion.eu/?p=7546 You can download it here free vma.vizerra.pro We are working hard to make this app well known and promote architecture as a part of world cultural heritage.
  2. Studio/Institution: DVM Client: Museum Genre: Institution Software: Sketchup - 3ds max - Photoshop Description: An exterior rendering of museum facade. Just started learning 3ds max. All comments, critiques, advise are very welcome! Thanks!
  3. Studio/Institution: clemson Genre: Institution Software: rhino,vray,photoshop Description: Hello! I'm a third year architecture student looking for some feedback and advice on the first rendering I have done for my current project which is due in a little over 2 weeks. The project is a museum/residence in downtown Greenville, SC. I used Rhino and Vray with some Photoshop... I have never been able to find 'good' 3d models of people so I have photoshopped people in (a pet peave of many of you I have noticed ). We aren't really taught anything other basic (and I mean basic) Sketchup and Rhino, so what I have is what I have learned from friends and mostly myself. As a side note, I am learning Max in my spare time but not comfortable enough with it yet to do a full project with a deadline that will show up in my portfolio I'm just looking for some feedback, I'm going for a realistic approach here (which I hope is obvious). Some things I'm not sure about are shadows (particularly on people which I added in PS), the motion blur (I thought it gave the image more energy), and the reflections of the glass and concrete. I'm sure there is more I overlooked--luckily I have 2 weeks to iron these sorts of things out! Thanks
  4. Studio/Institution: Freelance Client: Marcin Marcewka Genre: Institution Software: 3ds Max, vray, photoshop Website: http://www.nicolasrichelet.com Description: Avoriaz museum night view - by architect Marcin Marcewka - 2006
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