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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everybody! 🙂 Got any tips for fixing those rendering artifacts with Multiscatter and Citytraffic in one scene? It's weird; when I hide all Multiscatters, proof, the artefacts disappear. Thanks a bunch!🙏
  2. I have many point cloud objects I'm trying to scatter in 3DS Max 2017 and render via V-Ray. (According to iCube's site, they support all .vrmesh objects for scattering.) I used V-Ray's "OBJ GEO PLY to .vrmesh Converter" utility to convert a .ply point cloud into a .vrmesh. It renders great in V-ray. However, when trying MultiScatter or MultiPainter and using that .vrmesh as a scatter/paint object, nothing shows up in the viewport. When trying to render, Max crashes. Any way I can get this working? And if it's impossible, is there an alternative scattering package that supports point-cloud based .vrmesh objects? Thanks.
  3. I am working on projects involving imaginary cities. These would often be on non-flat surfaces (like going up a mountain). So what I currently do is create a bunch of instances of simple building geometry, either manually distributed or with the "scatter" compound object. When I want a "line" of buildings, such as along a street, I use a plugin called PropLine. Once I have them where I want in top view, I then use the "scripted glue" plugin to drop them down to the mountain geometry. This becomes less tenable and rather tedious when dealing with very large/complex/distant scenes, however. It can be difficult to tell how exactly they are going to fall onto the mountain with my current approach, and performance can get laggy very quickly with the likes of Propline. What I really want to do is "spray paint" my buildings directly in the viewport, with lots of control over rotation, size variability, clumping-without-overlapping, flipping, and also the option for billboarding. Whatever it takes not to weigh down an already hypercomplex scene. I definitely still want to add groups of plants as well, but getting a "natural forest distribution" is lower on my priority list. I'd rather have options for "irregular grid" patterns that are more common in city maps. BTW, I have already tried Carbon Scatter for Max awhile back and it was terrible, causing constant crashes and not appearing to have many options (although hard to tell just how limited it was due to the crashing). I'm now looking at "MultiScatter" and "Forest Pack Pro." It does seem that with these, I'm paying for all the "natural" forest capabilities, which is less of my priority. I'm also a freelancer just breaking into this space, so funds are limited, but I'll still shell out $$$ if I really have to in order to accomplish this goal. So if you know of a good plugin/native workflow for this purpose, I'm all ears. I'm in Max 2015, BTW. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm currently using Multiscatter for my scene, and when I render I can see lots of flickering, but I can tell that it's not caused by the irradiance map, because everything else is perfect, except the geometry scattered by multiscatter, which flickers allot, like changing the position of the objects on every frame. I used multiscatter many times before in the past, never happened before. Has anyone experienced something like this before? Any fix for this?
  5. Hello, I have been having a seriously annoying issue with the Multiscatter plugin as of late. Relatively small scene without too many scatter objects. Vray 2 updated. Max 2012 Multiscatter 1.1.xx (on a different machine can't remember specific release) Vray memory set to dynamic @ 10000 gb All Materials Vray. Intel chipset 12gb ram ati graphics So, the problem is during light cache calculation, max just crashes completely. The scene is roughly 550k polys, which is on the low side for what my machine usually is handling. I am using MS to scatter 1 bunch of grass, and one unique tree. So after my scene was crashing, I exported just my house model out and started anew. Grass scattered on simple plane, I'm just testing some new models, and set to max 100,000 instances. It was rendering fine, then I added in the tree to another plane and it started crashing. I also had 1 other unique tree in the scene at this point, but it was not being scattered. I set the tree that I was scattering to have a max of 35 instances. CRASH. I re-opened the scene and deleted everything except the original plane and grass scatter objects, that was rendering successfully, and it still crashed. I cannot for my life figure out why it is crashing, and especially what I am doing that makes a scene that was rendering fine at the beginning, start crashing max. Anyone have any ideas? I am strongly considering just going with another scatter plugin.
  6. Hi All, When I use animated Noise map in MultiScatter animation mask, the grass moves wrong. I made a Video about the problem here: The MultiScatter and Noise parameters are here: MultiScatter 3D Studio Max 2013 Thanks your answers in advance, M.
  7. Studio/Institution: Ita Project Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3d studio max, multiscatter, mental ray, photoshop Website: http://archiviz.wordpress.com/ Description: Hi,finally back with a new work, comment will be very appreciated, thanks. Roberto
  8. Hello to everyone! I've been trying to find a good strategy to create a large city scene inside 3ds max 2011 64 and Vray 1.5 sp5, with lots of vegetation,buildings and real terrain topography. The project is an architectural city landscape planning, so accuracy concerning the -near to the camera- elements is needed. I ve been thinking to start placing the vegetation near the camera with Vray proxies(3d trees and plants) with Multiscatter on the topography, also extrude the buildings and place them on the toposurface .The question is, if there is a way to create the background city buildings(simple extrudes) also with Vray proxies, but based on the real to world Autocad plan..I know there is a way to work with boundaries in Multiscatter, but I am not sure about this workflow. The simple one, but "extremely heavy" solution (because of the size of the model) is to extrude the background buildings as well,place them on the toposurface and then try to be hopeful.(I would try to avoid this) does anybody have any suggestions for a workflow or any experience on working with large scale city scenes? I7 3.2Ghz, 16gigs of ram on Windows 7 64 bit thnx a lot
  9. Studio/Institution: Metro Cúbico Digital Genre: Institution Software: 3Ds Max, Vray, After Effects Website: http://www.metrocubicodigital.com/ Description: "Verão de S. Martinho" is the name of a short period of time of the year. Its during Autumn acme. Somehow, it fells a bit like its Summer due to the temperature, but the foliage of the trees is falling. Also, during this time of the year, the school starts again and children "old" memories reappear. This is the feelling that the images hopefully capture - Autumn with a soft dry hot temperature in the air, in an historical education/ architectural place of Oporto, Portugal. Other than the mood, the goal was to have a natural, coerent look with architectural rigor. Architecture, colors, size and type of trees of the place had to be respected. --- Special thanks to Marcin Gruszczyk, ArtDigital, Benjamin Berger, Sho Pi, Damien Harrison for the WIP support at CGTalk and Peter Guthrie for the tips and allways pronto help. Hope you like it! Check for more imgs in the thumbs below. Panorama img: Crops from 2500/ 3000p imgs: Metro Cúbico Digital. Jacinto Monteiro.
  10. I'm looking for a plug-in that allows me to scatter proxy objects in order to create a dense forest area. I'm using Onyx trees. Forest Pack Pro or Multi-scatter?
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