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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Check out my new video on how to use Vray frame buffer effectively, and understand its core parameters. Download the scene and full course below: http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2018/11/3ds-max-vray-frame-buffer-settings.html This unique video tutorial takes users through important settings such as vray frame buffer history preview functions, image corrections ,vray raw image files, lens effects, and much more. I really hope you find it useful, like and share it . http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2018/11/3ds-max-vray-frame-buffer-settings.html jamie
  2. Hi, I rendered a sequence, first the GI separately (IRR and LC) and afterwards the final render with the IRR and LC files loaded. Everything worked perfect, except that you can see a darker area in the color passes on my objects (right top corner, you can see the hard line on the white/red steel frame). First, I thought it was an object that this, but when I render just one frame, I don't have the problem. If a take a look to the IRR map, you can see the darker area also. Does anyone know how this could happen?
  3. Hey everyone I'm having a bit of an issue and need help. I am currently working with Vray 2.3 and have an interior project I've been working on doing stills. For the stills I've been using the vray frame buffer color curve corrections and exposure corrections when saving out my renders. Now we are doing an animation and the renders don't seem to be saving using the correction info and I can't seem to get the same effect in after effects. Is there a way to make the animation frames (I'm rendering thru backburner to a render farm) save with the vray frame buffer corrections? Please help. Thanks.
  4. Hello CGA I knew that if I use VFB then the buckets will render according to my mouse situation. But in my case its not happening. its rendering according to given direction like "top to bottom or spiral" etc. thanks in advance for the help.
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