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Found 9 results

  1. Please i am using 3ds max 2016, with vray 3.6, but i dont have a vray physical camera. I will need a link where i can add the camera to my software
  2. Hi Guys, I started facing a problem ever since I updated to Vray 3.6, when I render glass material with lights in it (light bulb for example) I get a problem with the pixels where the actual light is visible ( it comes out like colorful pixles) I know that this problem happens when subpixile mapping is not checked. the problem is that I cant seem to get Vray to stop ignoring subpixile mapping while having adaptive lights active. my scene have a lot of lights and I need the adaptive light option otherwise it will take too long to render. please help.
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm having a bit of a nightmare with distributed rendering. I've got Override mlt on, with glass excluded for this test pass. The glass is very basic, just a transparent material with Max's falloff map in the reflect channel. Could anyone tell me why the difference in the results? Thank you https://ibb.co/ciR5dH
  4. I am having a problem, when i try to use vray 3.60 hybrid feature. My scene renders but it is dark. The operation is so fast, without anything showing. i need help
  5. Please what settings will i apply to increase my CPU and RAM usage in VRAY 3.6 in 3ds max 2016
  6. Please i am having a problem. i rendered a reflective sphere using vray plane light in the scene, and applied a hdri sky to the dome light texture also in the scene, and am getting an image in the inner core of the sphere, instead of just the outer core. All my lights are invisible. see attached file
  7. Hi, I rendered a sequence for 200 frames. First, I rendered the GI (IRR and LC) separately. Afterwards, I assigned these files for my final render. Eventually, everything went fine, but I saw there was a darker area in the top right of my color pass. (you can see the hard line on the white/red metal frame) If I looked to the IRR map with the IRRviewer, you can also see a darker area in the top right. Does anyone had this problem too? Sincerely, Sam
  8. Hi, I rendered a sequence, first the GI separately (IRR and LC) and afterwards the final render with the IRR and LC files loaded. Everything worked perfect, except that you can see a darker area in the color passes on my objects (right top corner, you can see the hard line on the white/red steel frame). First, I thought it was an object that this, but when I render just one frame, I don't have the problem. If a take a look to the IRR map, you can see the darker area also. Does anyone know how this could happen?
  9. I have long compiling time when I'm using a simple plane with a VrayDisplacementMod on it and a PhoenixFDoceanTexas displacement-texture (tangent mode). The compiling takes about 1min30sec for every frame (because the animation of displacement with the PhoenixFDoceanTex). - Is there any method to use and calculate only the surface the camera can see (like you have the option in iToo soft with vegetation)? - Or maybe other idea's to cut this time to it's minimum? PC stats: - double Xeon E52680 V4 2.4GHz - 64GB Ram - Windows 10
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