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Found 17 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm rendering an image of a bottle of orange juice. It's just it with 2 IES lights on scene. But a simple 1600px size render, is taking 4 hours to finish. I'm using Irradiance Map and Light Cache. When I delete the Bottle (leaving all the other elements, the juice, cap, etc. ) the render time drops to only 15 minutes. I know that the shader is the problem, but I really need it to behave like it is, with its reflections, roughness and glossiness. Any lights?
  2. Hello I am rendering exterior scene, and found these splothes on houses. I am using standard vray physical camera with standard parameters. I tried increasing samples in GI irradiance map and light catch, didn't work. I don't know what to do... I included render pictures and my used settings in attachment. Extra notes: Lighting system - Vray sun, Vray sky, 2 domes: 1 reflections, another diff.
  3. Hi everyone. I need a very urgent help. This is my first post on this forum. If you can help me I will be very glad. Thanks in advance. I had done several short animations with Vray before, but despite following the same steps, something is going wrong, I do not understand why. The steps I follow are from Vray's own site: the https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/vra ... c+animatio My problem is that I can not save the Light Cache and Irradiance Map. Even though I click the save button, I couldn't find the .vrmap and .vrlmap files in where I saved them. I've tried the same steps many times. I could succeed to save them in one of my trying, but that time Vray just rendered the first scene again and again.(It normally should render and save each scene one by one) So, please help I do not like to say "urgent" but unfortunately, it is urgent
  4. Hi, I rendered a sequence for 200 frames. First, I rendered the GI (IRR and LC) separately. Afterwards, I assigned these files for my final render. Eventually, everything went fine, but I saw there was a darker area in the top right of my color pass. (you can see the hard line on the white/red metal frame) If I looked to the IRR map with the IRRviewer, you can also see a darker area in the top right. Does anyone had this problem too? Sincerely, Sam
  5. Hi, I rendered a sequence, first the GI separately (IRR and LC) and afterwards the final render with the IRR and LC files loaded. Everything worked perfect, except that you can see a darker area in the color passes on my objects (right top corner, you can see the hard line on the white/red steel frame). First, I thought it was an object that this, but when I render just one frame, I don't have the problem. If a take a look to the IRR map, you can see the darker area also. Does anyone know how this could happen?
  6. Hey All, Just letting you know if you have 3ds Max crashing with Vray on the light cache stage to try deleting all probooleans and see how you go. I tried replying to other threads, but cannot find any that aren't closed lol. This solution helped me out, hope it does you too. Ben,
  7. Hi guys! I'm having a problem with a small scene file on my new 2x Xeon 2696v3 workstation. I didn't had the same problem on my old single Xeon 1230 v2 Workstation. On the old workstation i was running 3ds max 2014 with Vray 3.2 and on the new workstation i upgraded to 3ds Max 2016 and Vray 3.3. I already applied the VRAY_USE_THREAD_AFFINITY=1 environment variable for vray to be able to see more than 1 cpu while rendering, so no problems there. Problem is: If i turn on vraydisplacementmod 3d mapping type the lightcache takes forever to be calculated. If i change it to 2d type it renders fast, no problems at all. I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. EDIT: If i turn OFF the VRAY_USE_THREAD_AFFINITY=1 environment variable so as to use only one cpu, vray resolves light cache faster than if using the 2 cpu's... Like 3x to 4x times faster but still in an unnaceptable speed. This is REALLY weird!
  8. I kind of used the settings in the link to render my animation faster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLyDQ-UhekA First bounces: Irradiance map and second: Light cache. Half of the frames of the animation looks like someone poured coffe over it. I used the approximate directions of the link before and it worked on another animation project.
  9. Hello, I am trying to render an animation but it's rendering all black. I successfully rendered the light cache and irradiance map, but am having issues rendering the actual video. What is strange is that the material IDs are rendering successfully.I have attached screenshots so you can see what I mean. If you can think of any reason this is happening please let me know! The original model was imported from revit. Vray materials were used to replace the revit materials. Below are the animation rendering instructions that I followed almost exactly, for the exception that I left the light cache subdivs and sample size at 800 and .02 respectively. PART ONE: render > render setup > common > common parameters > time output > check single > output size > change custom > hdtv > 1280 x 720 > render output > nothing checked but rendered frame window > v-ray > check enable built-in frame buffer > vray raw image > check render to vray raw image file > browse to folder > make trash//throwaway folder for this > save as .exr > don’t check save separate render channels > indirect illumination > check “on” > primary bounces > GI engine = light cache > secondary bounces > GI engine = light cache > vray light cache > subdivs = 2500, sample size = .01 > Mode > mode = fly-through > on render end > check auto save > browse to your folder > save in animations folder (as light map) > vray > global switches > check “don’t render final image” output is yourfilename.vrlmap (disregard the .exrs you created) PART TWO: in same max file > rendering > render setup > common > common parameters > check active time segment > every nth frame = change to 5 > vray > vray raw image > check render to vray raw image > browse new trash name.exr > indirect illumination > primary bounces > GI engine = irradiance map> secondary bounces > GI engine = light cache > vray irradiance map > built-in presets > current preset = medium-animation > mode > multiframe incremental > autosave > browse > new file on network .vrmap > light cache > mode = from file > browse > browse to light map from part one (.vrlmap) output is yourfilename.vrmap (disregard .exrs) PART THREE: rendering > render setup > common > active time segment > every nth frame = 1 > can change range if you only have camera at 40 seconds or something > vray > vray frame buffer > vray raw image (one you want to save) > browse to your network folder > save as .exr > check save separate render channels > browse > save as .exr w/ channels > render elements > add vraymtlid > okay > vray > global switches > DESELECT don’t render final image > indirect illumnation > irradiance map > mode = from file > browse to .vrmap from part two
  10. Hello, I am new to V-ray and 3D modelling in general, I come from a video editing background. Anyway I am trying to render a new project with v-ray and it simply get's "stuck" at building light-cache. The funny thing is it worked very well for the last few days and only today did it really start doing this. I also noticed that Sketchup will give me a black screen whenever I click render. It also get's stuck with RT. Just for your knowledge I'm using an 8 core machine with hyperthreading disabled with 12GB's of RAM. I included some screenshots that I hope would be useful. This is my first model and its V-ray is very new to me.
  11. Hello everyone, I am new here, and this is my first post! But I could really use some help. It is my first time using V-Ray, and I am trying to render an interior scene (which surely includes materials, lights, blocks).. After having searched online, I have decided to use Irradiance Map and Light Cache. And it isn't going so well for me! It is taking too much time "building light cache" (there must be something wrong). I tried changing the subdivs and sample size, unticking displacement, changing other parameters but nothing is working. However when I use brute force instead, it renders but it's noisy. I am trying to achieve a realistic view with no noise, especially that I am using glossy materials. I am also trying to get the best quality with the less time possible. I would really appreciate it if anyone can help! Thank you.
  12. Hi all, Does anyone know of a way of viewing irrandiance maps or light caches as image files (jpeg/tga)? It is possible to render an irradiance map without rendering the rgb pass (tick do not render final image) and save out the file as a jpeg. But I'm looking to do an animation and it would be a lot easier to actually view the irradiance map as an image ie tga or jpeg. Antony
  13. Hi Guys, First of all thanks for the help. This is my first post, till now the forum has been a great help and it is the first time where I am actually going to use it for a personal issue. So for all this time thanks to all that make the forum so useful. I am a bit on a rush here and cannot figure out well what its going on and how to be more efficient. I am very new to Vray so excuse me if I ask things that seem too straight forward. I am trying to render the scene that I post, which came out of a render farm. I have two main isuues. The first one is that seems that my settings are making it take too long (in my computer) and I dont know how to make it so that, without loosing render quality the timing its more efficient. To calculate the light cache and I.map takes about 2hr. for a resolution of 1920x1080. The second issue comes when I send it to the render farm. They seem to ask for the GI settings. Does that mean that I have to render it first in my computer so that later I can upload the saved files for the light cache and the I.m? Also, how much quality would I loose in the GI if I run it in my computer at a considerably lower res? note that the render is not what it is supposed to look like, it should have more of the background elements Thank you very much for your help! best, Fernando
  14. Hello everyone, I have an animation of an interior to make, with a moving camera. So whats the problem, i precalculate the GI and saved the files on my server, when i send the backburner job to render on my network it doesn t load the GI files so i get a render without GI. An interesting thing, if i render on my pc without backburner with the same file paths it renders ok. Ive tested everything all PCs have access to my server, the paths are ok, everything is running with administrator rights, etc.. Soft: 3DSMax2013, Vray 1.5 SP6
  15. Hi all, I am currently putting together a walkthrough for an auditorium using Vray and 3ds max 2010. I normally render out my light cache with flythrough then irrad map for every 5th frame and then load them up and render out the final frames. I usually do not have any animated objects apart from the camera movement itself. However on this occasion I have animated the lights (vray light plane, vrayies and a couple of standard spots) to be off when you enter the room and to turn up over the first 100 frames or so. So I have keyed the lights and the vraylight materials to do this and that works fine. The light cache does not work correctly when I render it out though. It leaves dark patches here and there. I don't have any moving objects, just textures and lights that change intensity. What is the correct method of calculating the light cache and irrad map. Any help would be appreciated. Paul
  16. Hi all, I'm working with Max 2011 and Vray 1.5, today on a new project something funky has started to happen while I'm rendering off my light passes (irradiance map and light cache). Popping up in the Irradiance Map are ugly fluorescent blobs of green and orange, no such colours are in the scene, but there are dark greens and dark browny orange. I couldn't get rid of it out of the irradiance map pass until I changed the light cache over to brute force, then everything went back to normal colours, but what is causing the light cache to mess up like that? Tried playing with some settings in colour mapping and increasing the subdivs a bit but it still keeps doing it. :- ? Bex.
  17. Hi I've been facing a problem in Vray DR quiet some time. still i could not find out the reason. my problem is when using Vray DR. not always this happens some files are lucky some are not i have 8 slave machines to use for DR everything is fine, locked, and running it will render Light cache but some machines will not render the Irridiance. and on the final render those buckets (machine) which did not render IR will appear like greyscale. i tried 1. saving Light cache and IR to file and allowing access (folder shared) to all slaves 2. rendered only LC and IR in a different machine and folder shared but none of these process was a sucess. if anyone could help me out from this problem i would me much relieved. have a nice time
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