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Found 14 results

  1. Imagine you calculate IM+LC for your whole scene first, and later you load them and render just a crop of it. Will Vray recognize the situation and render the crop correctly?
  2. Hi! How does the sample size impact render times with Vray when using a saved IR map? How about the light cache? Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, I'm rendering an image of a bottle of orange juice. It's just it with 2 IES lights on scene. But a simple 1600px size render, is taking 4 hours to finish. I'm using Irradiance Map and Light Cache. When I delete the Bottle (leaving all the other elements, the juice, cap, etc. ) the render time drops to only 15 minutes. I know that the shader is the problem, but I really need it to behave like it is, with its reflections, roughness and glossiness. Any lights?
  4. I couldn't find anything close to this issue in order to solve it. I'm using the Animation with moving objects II procedure to render an animation. Everything was working fine until I started the last step of the process that is loading the individual Irr Maps created in the Prepass. There are 96 frames. Suddenly, one ot the three objects I have in the scene, started to render wrong, no artifacts or splotches, but the object begun to look almost as if it were self-iluminated, no lighting decay towards the floor. The thing is that if I stop and begin the render at that frame, it renders correctly, but in the next frame the issue appears again. All the frames render correctly individually, but if I render a sequence, there you have it, the crazy stuff appears again. I made an experiment just turning of GI, and the issue was gone. I also enabled Light Cache for every frame and the issue remained. So, those two things mean that the problem is with Irradiance Map. Please... HELP!!
  5. This problem is driving me nuts!! 3ds Max Backburner is throwing up an issue with loading Irradiance maps. I don't have any other issues with textures, models, render output files etc. It's just irradiance maps that are the issue. It's not even consistent, sometimes a PC will see the file and other times it won't. At one point all the machines saw it then it stopped after a few frames. I suspect it's a file permission issue, but why specifically irradiance maps? And how do I fix? As far as I can see every node is seeing all the files. All my files are stored on a NAS, I use UNC for all file paths. I'm not sure what left there is to try. I've read about setting up user accounts. All the render Nodes are setup identical in software and hardware, and they logon as admin with no user password. Strangely, when I rendered a very simple scene, as a test it seemed to work, could there be a conflict shafting the irradiance maps perhaps? Any ideas of things to try would be appreciated as I'm running out of ideas and time!!!! HELP!!!!!!!
  6. Hello I am rendering exterior scene, and found these splothes on houses. I am using standard vray physical camera with standard parameters. I tried increasing samples in GI irradiance map and light catch, didn't work. I don't know what to do... I included render pictures and my used settings in attachment. Extra notes: Lighting system - Vray sun, Vray sky, 2 domes: 1 reflections, another diff.
  7. Hi everyone. I need a very urgent help. This is my first post on this forum. If you can help me I will be very glad. Thanks in advance. I had done several short animations with Vray before, but despite following the same steps, something is going wrong, I do not understand why. The steps I follow are from Vray's own site: the https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/vra ... c+animatio My problem is that I can not save the Light Cache and Irradiance Map. Even though I click the save button, I couldn't find the .vrmap and .vrlmap files in where I saved them. I've tried the same steps many times. I could succeed to save them in one of my trying, but that time Vray just rendered the first scene again and again.(It normally should render and save each scene one by one) So, please help I do not like to say "urgent" but unfortunately, it is urgent
  8. Hi, I rendered a sequence for 200 frames. First, I rendered the GI (IRR and LC) separately. Afterwards, I assigned these files for my final render. Eventually, everything went fine, but I saw there was a darker area in the top right of my color pass. (you can see the hard line on the white/red metal frame) If I looked to the IRR map with the IRRviewer, you can also see a darker area in the top right. Does anyone had this problem too? Sincerely, Sam
  9. Hi, I rendered a sequence, first the GI separately (IRR and LC) and afterwards the final render with the IRR and LC files loaded. Everything worked perfect, except that you can see a darker area in the color passes on my objects (right top corner, you can see the hard line on the white/red steel frame). First, I thought it was an object that this, but when I render just one frame, I don't have the problem. If a take a look to the IRR map, you can see the darker area also. Does anyone know how this could happen?
  10. Hi Guys, First of all thanks for the help. This is my first post, till now the forum has been a great help and it is the first time where I am actually going to use it for a personal issue. So for all this time thanks to all that make the forum so useful. I am a bit on a rush here and cannot figure out well what its going on and how to be more efficient. I am very new to Vray so excuse me if I ask things that seem too straight forward. I am trying to render the scene that I post, which came out of a render farm. I have two main isuues. The first one is that seems that my settings are making it take too long (in my computer) and I dont know how to make it so that, without loosing render quality the timing its more efficient. To calculate the light cache and I.map takes about 2hr. for a resolution of 1920x1080. The second issue comes when I send it to the render farm. They seem to ask for the GI settings. Does that mean that I have to render it first in my computer so that later I can upload the saved files for the light cache and the I.m? Also, how much quality would I loose in the GI if I run it in my computer at a considerably lower res? note that the render is not what it is supposed to look like, it should have more of the background elements Thank you very much for your help! best, Fernando
  11. Hi I am a little confused about Burfe force GI it appear in place of Irradiance map and i can't find it in Vray setting . Can you pleas help me to get Irradiance map to its place again thanks
  12. Hi All, I am having a problem rendering files that load an Irradiance map in Backburner. When I send my file to backburner the frames will be assigned to machines but it might be 3 to 8 hours before they start to render the frames. There might be one or two machines that start to render in less time but most will wait several hours before rendering their first frame. Once they start they render fine. I never get an error message in Backburner. If I render the same scene with out loading the light files (light cache and Irradiance) but have the file calculate it on the fly, all machines render right away. Usually, if I set it up on just my machine to load the light files it will do it right away and render fine. Once and a while it will load the light cache in a few seconds and just hang for a little while before it starts to render. It is very odd. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should look into to fixing this problem? Is is a networking issue? If you need more info. let me know. Help on this would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Hi all, I'm rendering out an animation using the IRmap + LC using the animation prepass mode. After doing some research online, I found that this is the quickest solution for rendering animations with moving objects. Since each frame saves out an IRmap for each frame, I thought it would be best to speed up the irradiance map calculation process by using multiple computers. I loaded the same exact max scene with the same rendering settings on multiple computers. Computer 'A' is saving out the IRmap for frames 151-190, computer 'B' is saving 190-240, and so on. Once frames 151-190 were finished rendering, I loaded IRmap 190 to continue rendering.Is it possible to do this? Because now I'm getting some spotches/artifacts so I don't think vray is reading the new IRmaps. I also tried to load the IRmap 151 and start rendering from frame 190, but that didn't work either. Am I missing something here? Please advise. Thank you!
  14. Hi all, I'm working with Max 2011 and Vray 1.5, today on a new project something funky has started to happen while I'm rendering off my light passes (irradiance map and light cache). Popping up in the Irradiance Map are ugly fluorescent blobs of green and orange, no such colours are in the scene, but there are dark greens and dark browny orange. I couldn't get rid of it out of the irradiance map pass until I changed the light cache over to brute force, then everything went back to normal colours, but what is causing the light cache to mess up like that? Tried playing with some settings in colour mapping and increasing the subdivs a bit but it still keeps doing it. :- ? Bex.
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