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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I'm using Vray 2.0 in Sketch Up 2015 and when I render this particular scene, the progress bar stucks up as well as the bucket. Every time I repeat it, the bucket stucks at the same spot. I almost waited half day but nothing happens. I don't know if its because the file is too heavy but it won't finish the render. I hope somebody can help me. Thank you! Please see image attached.
  2. Hi guys... First post, sorry if this was mentioned somewhere else already buy googling it don't fix my issue... Playing around with lighting effects I can't figure out why the beam of light is missing on some materials... please check the image see if you've seen this before... Thanks for any help!
  3. Studio/Institution: Educational Genre: Residential Interior Software: Sketchup,Vray Description: How do i improve this scene ? Looking for some critic and comments. Thank you in advance
  4. hello i have this problem with my sketchup model, in one scene i got a quick render and then i change scene and it has taken me like 2 hours and havent finished yet. the building light cache time takes too long. is there a way i can find what the problem is? or a way to fix it ???? thanks a lot for your time i hope you guys can help me
  5. Hello, I'm having a very strange issue with Vray for Sketchup. I'm using a PNG in my model with alpha channels. The center is supposed to be clear. However for some odd reason Vray decides to make it fully transparent. This is what it looks like in Sketchup (The black texture is a vismat) And this is what happens when I render it in Vray additionally I'm noticing that the window on the door doesn't seem to render either.
  6. hi every1, i hope this thread finds u well, i'am doing my first still animation, and wandering here and there to get some tips and tricks, it seems that rendering the "LC" and "IR" is the best approach in speeding things out, so i used it and did it through distributed rendering technique, however when i started rendering, the IR map seems wrong. by the way i am using vray for sketchup, and the result is attached, and i am really thankful for any advice.
  7. I am attempting a night rendering and I am encountering something I've never seen before - vray for sketchup is generating halo shaped splotches on an exterior opaque surface. they have a strong resemblance to blood cellls. No idea what's going on and searching for vray blood cells isn't working either any advice is truly appreciated
  8. Hello, I am new to V-ray and 3D modelling in general, I come from a video editing background. Anyway I am trying to render a new project with v-ray and it simply get's "stuck" at building light-cache. The funny thing is it worked very well for the last few days and only today did it really start doing this. I also noticed that Sketchup will give me a black screen whenever I click render. It also get's stuck with RT. Just for your knowledge I'm using an 8 core machine with hyperthreading disabled with 12GB's of RAM. I included some screenshots that I hope would be useful. This is my first model and its V-ray is very new to me.
  9. Good Afternoon All! I have a question for you, my fellow professionals. I realise that this group is a place for us to showcase our work, but my question is slightly off topic as it regards the hardware that you use. I’m looking to build a new PC that can cope with very high polygon counts in SketchUp and also be able to render using VRay 2.0. I have an approximate budget of £1100 ($1650 or €1550). Whilst researching potential components; I found that there were plenty of gamers that suggest one part or another, but us SketchUp/3DS/VRay modellers/renderers are somewhat of a rarer breed, with different needs from our PCs and this is why I value your opinions so highly! My intentions are to go for an Intel i7-5930k processor (to take advantage of their Hyperthreading technology), does anybody use this and/or recommend an equivalent CPU that is of better value? In terms of RAM, I have been told to not look for anything less than 16gb. For a final render, what sort of RAM usages do you tend to achieve? Many thanks to you all and apologies for the long post! Dan
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