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Found 3 results

  1. i tried Iray on 2014 3ds max, this one took one hour render, only two photometric lights, and still so grainy and bad, is there somehing wrong, because i know GPU should be much faster than CPU, my graphic card is : Quadro 4000
  2. Hi, I decided to upgrade my machine: Q9550 @ 2.83GHz Quadro fx3800 8 GB ram 3DsMax + Vray + Photoshop after reading Dimitri's blog I think that what he suggests as CG Workstation "the pro" could meet my needs: improve render time and explore gpu render (especially vray RT for a fast feedback but with an eye to octane too) so I could go for: i7 3930K quadro 4000 2 x gtx 670 32 Gb ram this is probably best price/performance day by day machine instead a 2 x Xeon configuration. My doubt now is if I should keep my fx3800 instead of upgrading for a new quadro 4000. I don't know if a new generation Quadro4000 could considerably improve fluency on the viewport or maybe I can opt for a cheaper card Quadro or ATI but honestly I don't know which are the best options price/performance at the moment. I work on architectural visuals and try to keep models light but I would like to explore more detailed models especially on the interiors to enanche realism (this is why I'm thinking to upgrade the quadro). I would really appreciate suggestions on the configuration and quadro/ati choice. thank you and sorry for the long post
  3. i just bought the pny quadro 4000 and I'm working with 3dsmax design 2011 I've tried to install the performance driver for 3ds max from nvidia, but it said that "no product detected on my machine... I've tried all the other drivers and non of them came up with good view port solution. i get squares on objects, artifacts like big squares pixels on some of the polygons when i tried to uninstall the regular performance driver, it said that i don't have permission to do so i saw a couple of posts about that issues but non of them came up with solutions does anyone have a solution for me? please help... thanks
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