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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I need expert advice and opinion about post-production. I am on the way to write about this topic on our blog for 3d rendering. Therefore I would like to attach some additional opinion from an expert. So, My question is: How much to use post-production in order to get the result? Cons and Pros Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to give expertizing evaluation!
  2. hey guys.I have a question.how can I get shadows in element and product or maybe strong my shadows in post production....?? actually I don't know which element in vray can help me to produce or strong my shadows. please answer to me as soon as possible... tnx a lot mates
  3. hello to all I am searching fore some hours a way in which a can replicate this kind of effect on a rendering. I was never curious until now about this effect. But I can't find a suited tutorial or some guidelines for this kind of image postproduction. Can anyone add a hint or a tutorial for this effect Thank you
  4. Some useful tips from Michal Horba (Evermotion) - postproduction of 3d scene in Photoshop. You can watch this video tutorial here: http://www.evermotion.org/tutorials/show/8449/post-production-of-3d-scene-in-adobe-photoshop-tip-of-the-week
  5. New COLIMO version with native support for Vray Render and much more features/improvements. Also there is a summer promo: 30% of discount buying it before the end of July! COLIMO / VRAY TUTORIAL: Change log: - Vray Native shader. - Updated automatization scripts. - Improved memory pool. - New method called “Direct Read” (Preferences -> Direct Read) that allows to load bigger projects. - Fixed problems in “Export to web”. - New web format when you use Layers. - Fixed problems using Layers and modified Layers are saved to the scene. - Other bugfixes. Get it from: http://www.motivacg.com/en/colimo/
  6. Hello all, A client will probably ask me for 2 images of an elementary school. Since I hardly never use RPC's of playing children (typical for elementary school), I wonder if you would have cheaper solutions to put some images of them in the visualisations... Thanks
  7. Motiva RealCamera is a free postproduction tool developed by Motiva that tries to mimic the exposure effects caused by some real cameras and films based on the research of the Computer Vision Laboratory of the Columia University.All the processes are made by the GPU, and that guarantees the maximun speed. This app will be integrated to iTech-project our realtime 3d engine and into Motiva COLIMO (new version of Motiva SOAP) that will be released after finding a publisher for our tutorial "Rebuiliding Motiva COLIMO to understand the CG Theory". To know more about this, please look at the video. DOWNLOAD http://www.motivacg.com/descargas_en.php
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