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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I was wondering what Books and Tutorials you's would recommend for a person looking to develop skills in Architectural Visualisation in 3ds Max with Vray. Proficient in Sketchup but being a graduate urban designer currently looking for a job i am interested in improving my skillset. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, M
  2. From where do you get your 3d books models? And second, propably more important question - from where do you get full covers (ie - front, side, back in one image)?
  3. I am sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I couldn't find a Texture thread. I am working on a cafe that has a massive selection of books. Books have always been a pain as I don't have a ton of book covers in decent quality. I've used google images and pull a bunch off of there, but if anyone has made a collection they don't mind sharing or a website they find many on, I'd really appreciate it! I plan on having a massive book-collection zip file after the project is done for free on my website at http://www.TJunkers.com Thanks!
  4. I just got my copy of Detail in Contemporary Architecture today. It arrived 2 days ago, but work prevented me from getting it sooner. Impressions: Good, solid hardback book. Oversized (which I like). Broken down by materials into chapters - Concrete, Glass, Masonary, etc. NO DIMENSION LAYER in book (I haven't opened the DVD yet). There are usually something to go by - a scale at the bottom, labeled rooms with (rough) dimensions (i.e. room #7 20m x 15m) - no precise measurements. But you do get side elevations, top-down views and labels for the rooms. Photographs seem to accompany every floor plan and design. There are some very non-traditional houses (page 68). So if you've been wanting to do something besides the straight 4 walls and a roof house, then there are plans in this book. I'd love to model a number of these. With the current high Aussie dollar, it was well worth getting. I'll have a read through it this weekend. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask here or PM me.
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