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Found 9 results

  1. We just released the final video of our 4 part interior modelling series where you will learn how to model a vintage, rustic looking interior scene from scratch. We provided all the ModelDezign 3D models used in the scene free to download for everyone to follow along including the egg chair, radiator, table, light and more. We also showed how to model a few objects like the skirting board, floorboard, door, etc. We would love to hear some feedback to know if you enjoyed the series and what you would like to see next. You can watch our entire series from start to finish here: You can access the free 3D models used in this series here: https://www.modeldezign.com/product-category/3d-model-library/ Thanks for reading, Erizon from ModelDezign
  2. Hello Everyone, Checkout this New Tutorial on how to generate proxies, with 3ds max and Vray. Proxies often help users navigate through heavy scenes and render complex objects very fast. This tutorial takes users through the process of creating and understanding its amazing functionalities. This Video is a small part of an extensive 2 Hours New Course I've recently created on my blog, and for my Patreon supporters. It's entitled: 3ds Max & Vray: 3d Visualizer handbook to Interior daylight renders Projects files and Resources are available for download: https://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2018/10/3ds-max-vray-3d-visualizer-handbook-to.html The videos are full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) and with custom captions/subtitles. You can stream the videos from your mobile (enable full HD and CC). Or download to watch them from your computer (VLC media player allows users to load captions/subtitles) . In addition, you will get a 24/7 support (Q&A) about the course. I hope you like it. Kind Regards Jamie
  3. Hello, I was wondering what Books and Tutorials you's would recommend for a person looking to develop skills in Architectural Visualisation in 3ds Max with Vray. Proficient in Sketchup but being a graduate urban designer currently looking for a job i am interested in improving my skillset. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, M
  4. Hi Everyone, Just a quick post to say "Hello", and to also announce the completion of my new book, for Taylor & Francis group. It's entitled: 3D Photorealistic Rendering: Interiors & Exteriors with V-Ray and 3ds Max The book consists of the following chapters: VRay Overview Chapter 1-Pre-production; Production & post production overview Chapter 2-Creating materials/shaders in VRay Chapter 3-Cameras and Lighting in Vray Chapter 4-Rendering in Vray Chapter 5-Tips and tricks -Interior Daylight in VRay- Chapter 6-Pre-Production Chapter 7-Creating the materials Chapter 8-Lighting & Rendering Chapter 9-Post-Production -Interior Night time in VRay- Chapter 10-Pre-Production Chapter 11-Lighting & Rendering Chapter 12-Post-Production -Exterior Daylight in VRay- Chapter 13-Pre-Production Chapter 14-Creating the Materials Chapter 15-Lighting & Rendering Chapter 16-Post-Production -Exterior Night time in VRay- Chapter 17-Pre-Production Chapter 18-Lighting & Rendering Chapter 19-Post-Production Chapter 20-Conclusion All production and post-production tutorials are accompanied with 3d project scenes and PSD files. In addition, some of the tips & tricks will come with useful 3ds max scripts. If time allows you to glance over this new book, I hope it turns out to be interesting. :0) P.S: For those who couldn't acquire my previous title, please rest assured that, Taylor & Francis guarantees the delivery of all pre-orders (Paperback and Electronic formats)! The Book can be found HERE on Amazon.com It will gradually become available in more websites and stores worldwide; in paperback and electronic formats. Thank You Jamie http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/3d-photorealistic-rendering-interiors.html .
  5. . This unique step-by-step tutorial depicts a quick & easy process of creating exquisite building facades with VRayPattern and 3ds Max: http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/3ds-max-vraypattern.html
  6. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you all know about a new free tutorial series I'm working on called MODO with Max. If you're like me, you use Max and lots of other different tools to do your work. If you have need to, or have just been wanting to try MODO in conjunction with your Max projects, then these videos are for you. Only the first few vids are up right now, but I have several more in the pipeline. The later videos will deal more with shifting data between the packages so stay tuned! I hope you find them useful. Tony S.
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm having some trouble choosing & applying materiality to the material maps. Can someone link a good YouTube tutorial for Materials? Thanks for the help. Once I'm able to apply the materials, I look forward to uploading my scene here for comments.
  8. .[ATTACH=CONFIG]47291[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47292[/ATTACH] Can anyone recommend any training material that explains in depth, advanced Vray material production? Included here are two images of a fantastic material created in Vray for use in 3D Max. I understand about Map Channels, (loading an image that scales from black to white for differing strengths of that particular effect, and altering the spinners to control that effect). But as you can see the illustrator has also altered the Reflection colour swatch to a grey and the Reflection glossiness underneath that swatch. I thought I was understanding that once you use the map channels, you didn't need to touch the top section but obviously not as this upper section does make a difference to the material. I've trawled the net for ages but keep coming across the same tutorials. Books or Dvd's I'm not bothered. Many thanks to anyone that can help.
  9. Thought I'd share a link to this site I stumbled across. Lots of cool Photoshop tutorials, including a few showcasing some of the new tools found in CS5. http://abduzeedo.com/tutorials
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