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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I have followed all settings from a number of online tutorials on Dome light HDRI in vray and rhino. I don't know what it is, some of the renders have a black (darkened) part near the top of the image, and some don't (depends on the perspective) - please see attached images. For these two scenes, I didn't touch the domelight at all, only moved around and showed a different view, already they showed 2 different results. There are some scenes that I need to show a particular perspective of a building, (perspectives where the camera is near the ground, not bird eyes view) and those scenes always have that darkened part at the top. Has anyone encountered this problem? I have tried many things, and I can't seem to figure it out. I am using Vray 1.5 and Rhino 5 Many thanks
  2. Hi, I'm somewhat of a vray rendering noob. I've modelled a scene which I'm now trying to render, but I'm not getting anything near the results I'd expected. I've tried googling the issue but can find no obvious solution and outcomes have not differed greatly despite my tinkering with the settings. Basically I'm trying to render a scene which is set on the top of my builing; I've created a large number of objects on top of a frame I've designed to simulate the light and shadow effect of light passing though foliage - the unrendered scene shows the light/shadow that I want (image 1) but when I render I get a scene with apparently no light, or at the very least no light/shadow detail (image 2). The render I have shown in image 2 is using default settings. Could someone advise please?
  3. Hi Guys, I have a simple-ish question to ask and would be very grateful for your help! I am visualising a retail interior with Max and vray. The client has been very thorough and included the reflected ceiling plan and also the ies files that make up the downlighting in the room. I am using real world scale in terms of position of lights, lx intensity and exposure, photometric lights with a vray camera. There is no daylight entering the room. The problem I am having is that vray's GI is not bouncing enough light back to the ceiling, just making the floor overbright and the plain white ceiling a dark pink (The floor colour). I have tried various (What i deem to be innacurate) solutions such as setting the floor to be a vrayoveride material - GI lighter) / extra lights to boost the walls / ceiling and boosting the exposure / lowering the intensty of the downlights / upping the light mult in exponential mode / vrayambient light. None of these I am happy with as they look wrong. I see many renders with beautiful ambient lighting and downlighting the only source of light but i'm getting too much contrast. Am I missing something?? Thanks for reading. Any advice is golden.
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