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Found 4 results

  1. Dear CG Friends, Please let me invite you for beta testing of Pulze Scene Manager. It is a brand new tool for 3ds Max + V-Ray or Corona users. It makes the workflow of visual artists radically more efficient and enjoyable. Pulze Developed by Brick Visual and with the help of MIR, SOM, Woods Bagot and other top notch archviz pros. While creating a 3D scene it’s quite common to get lost in the vastness of different functions and rendering something with bad resolution, wrong cams and forgotten layers. Especially when the scene gets larger. Scene Manager is a great tool to avoid such problems, while it makes the workflow efficient and convenient. Please participate in the development and let's create a good tool for the community. You can sign up for the beta and dowload it for free from:https://pulze.io/ Here is a teaser about the most important feature: Best Regards: Attila Cselovszki
  2. Hello. You are giving great help to 3d artists everywhere. I am building a night exterior 3ds max vray scene and lighting my garden with vray spheres (radius of 80cm). My vray light spheres are placed over the exterior lights in the garden. They render with a very strong shape of a sphere, though their illumination is quite right, so I am guessing it does not have anything to do with intensity (which I have used a 150 multiplier for). My lights are casting shadows, they are double-sided, invisible, they ignore light normals, and they affect diffuse, specular and reflections. Any suggestions as to make them have less of a trace around the bollard, without darkening my scene? I also tried ies vray lights instead, but they come out somehow too pointy. I prefer the spheres. Thank you in advance for any time you give to this, Anna.
  3. Studio/Institution: BLT Architects Genre: Industrial Interior Software: 3ds max design 2012, Vray, Photoshop Description: I was reorganizing our warehouse directory, where we keep all our 3d assets as well as maps etc. Over the years we have bought and or model quite a bit of objects as well as custom maps. However, due to deadlines, no one ever took the time to organize it. I was annoyed at how long it was taking to copy files from one server to another and then realized that it would take much much longer if these were the "real" objects. So this was idea taken from the point of "what if the warehouse directory was a real space with random objects lying around waiting to be merged or imported".
  4. Studio/Institution: mnd Interior Design Client: Conceptual Genre: Residential Interior Software: AutoCAD 2011 - 3Dmax 2010 x64 - Vray SP4a - Photoshop CS4 Website: http://mndh.deviantart.com Description: hi all cgarchitect members... this is my scene for practicing after taking the class at nelson online course... enjoy it... thanks...
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