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Found 8 results

  1. Our curious ability to un-see and the importance of visualizing ideas. Call it first impression, or instant memory or a quirk of human nature, but when we first see something, even if we recognize it as irrelevant or a mistake, we cannot forget it, or worse yet, erase it from our cognitive memory. Sort of like when a judge asks a jury to dismiss something outrageous they have just heard, it's impossible. Our first impressions are the cornerstones of a memory, of a thought that gets stored in our brain, of a new folder that is instantly created to hold all of that particular subject matter. We all make instant visual judgments, just looking at this web page you have made a graphical judgment. Google recently released a study that measured the average time a person needs to form an opinion of a web page and the number is ridiculous, it's so fast that it is measured in fractions of a second. Since this overall concept is probably nothing new to you, why bother to bring it up? Well, in the context of visualizing ideas it is a concept as basic as the air we breathe yet I find it inexplicably missing from so many visualizations. At the heart of this phenomenon is that we should not try to create a physical reality, to create a photograph, this is not only impossible, but useless and more likely than not it will produce a visualization that is disconnected form us, the audience that will look at it. Everything is relative, even beauty (sorry Plato, but I'm going with Einstein on this). So forget reality and concentrate on the idea, what is the idea? Can you distill it to its bare concept? What's the all important nugget that you have to crystalize? Visualize that idea. Of course all of this is pointless if there is no idea, that my friend, I cannot help you with. Now that you are concentrating on the idea, who is the audience? Yes, very important, are we talking all of humanity? If that's the case I would like to meet your client, although I'm tempted to say she does not exist. Seriously, identify your audience, maybe it's one person or maybe it's a community, either way do a little leg work and find out about them. Now your work as a communicator of ideas is clearly defined, how do I communicate this idea to those people. Leave out everything else, in fact, if you understand your audience as well as the idea, let them visualize it (I believe that is called art), just give them a push in the right direction. Say too much, especially incongruous thoughts and irrelevant ideas and who knows what their first, and in most cases - only impression, will be. We have a curious ability to un-see as humans, remember? http://bb-group.com/site/?p=431
  2. I don't call them that...but it's term frequently used on this forum. Well, first look at these new WONDERFUL!! images from MIR. Stunning isn't it ? I loved them before, but now I am simply fascinated. Except for Architecture itself, almost ZERO 3D was used. And the result is fantastic, it's not unfinished, blurry like Luxigon and alikes, it's just...like perfectly painted picture. Not to be a copycat....but we are all copycats to certain extent in this industry, I decided to learn this properly. There are literally thousands tutorials for modelling,rendering...but like ZERO for quality collage or photomanipulation intended for archviz. I am sure matte paintings techniques are the same, but still. What good tutorials do you guys know about ? Or which matte painting tutorials seems to be the best ? The Gnomon ones.. ? and which ? Second question, where would one start building photo collection, references, etc... all the photo banks are absurdly overpriced (in my opinion, please, don't discuss this topic, edit = ).... ) Apart from cgtextures, texturepilot, what are some good places ? Lastly, how do guys feels about those pictures ?
  3. Studio/Institution: BVH Architects Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: Revit + Photoshop Website: http://www.bvh.com Description: I've been working towards a Revit to Photoshop workflow that leans on the side of conceptual. (taking a rough model and getting a decent rendering for client presentation) Both images are fairly rough - being only 20-30 minute efforts for each. Let me know what you think. I know they could both be dramatically improved - but looking for comments on the basic thrust of the imagery. Thanks, Ryan
  4. Studio/Institution: DAVIS Architects Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: 3DSMax, VRay, Photoshop Website: http://tsmith.cgsociety.org/gallery/ Description: A hotel that was designed 5 years ago for a lot downtown Phoenix next to the arena. Ended up being a marketing piece since the project ended up going away. I have a fondness for clean conceptual looking renderings. Thanks for taking a look.
  5. Studio/Institution: BVH Architects Genre: Institution Software: Revit + Photoshop Website: http://www.bvh.com Description: This is part 2 of the Rangeland Arena depicting some exterior details + sections. Let me know what you think of the style! Thanks, Ryan
  6. Studio/Institution: BVH Architects Genre: Institution Software: Revit + Photoshop Website: http://www.bvh.com Description: Collection of shots used for marketing + awards publication and submission. I was looking for a quick technique for getting a finished product utilizing rough Revit renders. All images rendered with post production applied in 1 day. C+C welcome! Thanks, Ryan
  7. Studio/Institution: BVH Architects Genre: Other Software: Revit + Photoshop Website: http://www.bvh.com Description: Hi all, I've been trying to develop a sketchy style for a Revit to Photoshop workflow. This image is REALLY low resolution - just a quick (30 minute) effort to get the style across. Thoughts?
  8. Studio/Institution: mnd Interior Design Client: Conceptual Genre: Residential Interior Software: AutoCAD 2011 - 3Dmax 2010 x64 - Vray SP4a - Photoshop CS4 Website: http://mndh.deviantart.com Description: hi all cgarchitect members... this is my scene for practicing after taking the class at nelson online course... enjoy it... thanks...
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