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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I'm rendering a 360 (2:1 aspect ratio) to be uploaded on a website. However I'm having issues with stretching/distortion when looking around, especially around the edges. This issue varies depending what software I use - I tried Pano2VR, roundme, kolor etc. Basically the only time when I don't get any stretching is from Panorama Exporter Viewer which is native to 3ds max. However in that case I can only view it and cannot upload it to website or add hotspots etc. First I thought this issue is connected to camera settings but it seems it's more likely the algorithm settings from the JPG or TIF to the actual 360 since 3ds Max is showing it without any distortion while looking around. I would be really happy if someone could help me with this. You can see the stretching in screenshots attached or go directly to link and see especially in the bed https://roundme.com/tour/403121/view/1401993/ I tried using fish eye projection and that fixed most of the distortion but introduced not straight lines (because fish eye) so that doesn't really solve it Does anyone know which projection is 3ds max using for the panorama exporter?
  2. Hi to all expert Vray gurus, Advance apologies if this has been resolved before, but from reading the threads i am still unable to resolve this weird glass distortion that I have been getting. Please see attached images. I noticed that this happens only when the glass (with 10 mm thickness) is parallel to the camera's line of sight. I have tested with Fall Off (types and directions) without success. The only way that I could remove this was to have the refractive index set to 1, which is incorrect for glass, and makes the scene look really flat. I am sure your expertise be able to resolve this in no time. I really appreciate your help on this issue, which has been driving me mad. Many thanks in advance. Novice VRay user - Q
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