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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all! Our team is pleased to present and recommend for use the plugin "V-TayMtl Converter 3", which, in addition to converting materials, lights, cameras, proxies and other scene components, can now also automatically adjust the workspace in ACEScg or sRGB for rendering in V-Ray! This corresponding function does the following: depending on the option selected, switches to ACEScg or sRGB in the [Render Setup> Settings> Color management> Rendering RGB primaries] finds all VRayBitmap and VRayColor maps in the current scene and determines the purpose of these maps - displayed in color (diffuse (albedo), reflect, refract, translucent, sss, selfillum, environment/light etc.) or with technical data (bump, glossiness, displacement, ior, anisotropy etc.) and separates the map instances (if any) in the conflicting slots. toggles the [RGB colorspace] and [Color space transfer function] maps according to the selected color space. In this case, the function determines whether a bitmap texture with special suffixes in the file name (_lin_srgb, _srgb, _acescg, _raw) is used or the file name is used without a suffix. optionally, you can enable gamma correction in [Render Setup> V-Ray> Color mapping] and rename duplicate map names that may be after splitting instances in conflicting slots. "V-RayMtl Converter 3" allows you to switch to the desired Color Space with one click! You can read more detailed information about this plugin here: "V-RayMtl Converter 3" Official site or here: ScriptSpot "V-RayMtl Converter 3" are officially tested by the Autodesk® team and also is available in the Autodesk® App Store. Good luck and great creative work! Best regards, MAXTools team.
  2. Hi everyone, I really need help. The file they sent to me last week was in latest version, kindly please let me know how can i convert it to lower version which is 2014 same what i am using now .... please help me. thank you
  3. Hi all, I need a file converting to 3DS Max 2016 as I do not have access to 2018 as of yet. Is there anyone out there that could convert it for me please?? Any help is appreciated! Sam
  4. Hi, I wish to convert many imported .iges files into quality meshes with the ability to select edge loops. These .iges files come into Max as "body objects." I am not given any settings when I import, they just come in. The software they came from ("Gravity Sketch VR") didn't give me any exporting options either. So, while in Max, while I can "convert to editable poly" or apply a "turn to poly" modifier, the resulting mesh is very poor for editing with my usual workflow. I cannot select edge loops, and the mesh is in triangles. I also find that none of the "turn to poly" modifier settings make a difference. Quadrify also didn't do anything to the triangles. I thought that perhaps "Polynurbs 1.0" could do the trick, but body objects aren't NURBS so it doesn't work... This looks promising for turning them into NURBS, but is almost $200 and I'm not 100% sure it would do what I want. It seems like this should be natively possible somehow... I'm in Max 2015. This person is recommending Rhino for a body-object-to-nurbs step, which I will consider a last resort, since I don't have Rhino and was not prepared to buy/learn it right now. But I will also do what I have to to make good use of these .iges files, too. Any advice/strategies? Thanks. Edit: Here's an image example of the weird topology I get after converting to edit poly directly in Max...
  5. Hi! I have a massive library of .max files that I need to convert to a format that can be read by Maya. There are way too many files to go through them one by one and convert them manually, so I'm wondering if there's a way of converting multiple .max files to something like obj, fbx, ma or mb without having to go through and do it all manually? Cheers!
  6. Hi guys. I have some models of some purses that are in 3DS format, and i really need to convert them to a 2D plan, so we can later print it and make the mould using it. Is there any way to do this using Autodesk 3DS max 2015? If you can give me like a step by step stating what should i take in count, i would really appreciate it (im new at all this). Thanks in advance! EDIT: One more question: isn't it the same if i use the unfold option on 3d max? I dont want to draw an imperfection this raw conversion may cause.
  7. I have been given a landscape plan where all trees are denoted by a letter 't' and palms by a letter 'p'. I was thinking if I could somehow convert all these letters to triangles then I could import them and use these faces to scatter tree objects in 3ds Max. How would I do this? I've searched for scripts, LISP routines etc. but not had any luck so far. I can do it individually by selecting the text object, converting to block, then drawing the triangle, deleting the text letter and saving the block file. But there are too many to repeat this process manually. Any ideas??
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