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Found 24 results

  1. Hello everyone... I'm really excited to share with you this completely reworked Grass kit that works with C4D r20+ and use new Multi-instances and other powerful new tools of new Cinema 4D. Some of new features are: 3 versions in one purchase (Corona, Vray and Physical render) New grass blades generated from geometry with much more customization Multi-instance clones for extremely fast navigation Deflector objects to adjust grass edges and overlaps Possibility to change material and use it with any render engine Container object plugin included in download Support for Broadcast version of C4D (along with Studio version) ...and many more optimization and updates. you can purchase it on this link: https://gumroad.com/bossco and you can see more on tutorial video here: best regards and fast renders, Bosko L.
  2. Hello everyone, Here is, finally after 4 years, new Grass Kit for Cinema 4D and Vray 3.4. This new version is drastically improved and it is done from scratch to be faster and to have better controls over grass creation. This version is not free, but if you wish you can still download GK 2 (previous version) from my Gumroad store... Here is link: https://gumroad.com/bossco All the best and fast renders...
  3. Hi! I am creating generic fur in v-ray with sketchup and I'd like to remove/hide the bottom plane on which grass grows, not removing the grass. I tried just hiding the plane or setting alpha to the material but it's not the thing. Anyone knows how to do so?
  4. Hi, this is my first post here. Or, ever in a software forum I've recently started learning 3ds max on my own (started about 45 days ago) and its very tough to grasp, I must say. I'm having problems with Vray Proxy. I want to create realistic grass, like the people at Evermotion do. Using Vray Proxy. I followed their tutorial here http://www.evermotion.org/tutorials/show/7958/creating-3d-grass Instead of creating my own grass blades, I used an Evermotion model. Picked its material in Vray Material Editor. Then converted it into Vray Mesh. Imported the proxy back into the model, and it came as a box. Like it should. But now when I try to render it, the original grass patch is rendering but not the proxy. I've tried applying the same material to the proxy, but its not working. I was using Vray. Just to try everything, I switched to Default Scaline renderer and to my surprise, it gave me error at the time of rendering, 'The following objects require map coordinates and may not render correctly' and in the list was bunch of things along with Vray proxy 01. But no such message was given when I render using Vray. How can I fix this, please help? It has been bothering me since many many hours and I feel helpless. Thankyou
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Stas Mikhailov. I work as an architect in Minsk, Belarus. here I will post my models of vegetation. Long time ago I made ​​a few species of grass and now I decided to put them on this forum. In the future I may also be going to post here trees, bushes and other vegetation. I use GrowFX plugin for 3Ds MAX to create all this models.
  6. Hi! Here's one simple tutorial. It introduces one of my favorite method for creating grass. Hopefully you get some inspiration or ideas or both. Have a good grass! Greetings, Martin
  7. Hi! Today we published a new Tip of The week - Create realistic grass with V-Ray displace modifier using V-Ray and 3ds max. Enjoy! Link to the tutorial: Create realistic grass with displace modifier
  8. I have been following this grass tutorial using the hair and fur modifier and ran into a problem. I have a number of trees in my scene that are just planes that I have applied a material on to (a bitmap of a tree with an opacity map). when I render, the grass does not show up behind the plane despite the fact that it should be mostly transparent around the tree. I have tried unticking the planes "visible to camera" tickbox in its object properties as well and when rendered it still renders the grass exactly the same. If I change its material to matte/shadow then I lose the tree image and therefore the shadow as well. I am thoroughly confused… is this something to do with the scanline renderer? If anyone has any solutions that would be amazing, thanks I am using 3ds max 2014. Rendering the main image in mental ray and the grass separately in scan line.
  9. What resources are you using to create vegetation (trees, grass, plants, etc) in Cinema 4D?
  10. What is the best method to make realistic grass in sketchup model? By plugin Fur? Post-work in PS? Another? What do you mean?
  11. Studio/Institution: Wallis Eck Client: self Genre: Residential Exterior Software: Cinema4D, Vray, Photoshop Website: http://www.wallis-eck.de/ Description: This project was done as test for another project I am working on, wanted to play with night and light.
  12. Studio/Institution: Wallis Eck Client: self Genre: Landscaping Software: Cinema4D, Vray, Photoshop Website: http://www.wallis-eck.de/ Description: I am still working on other views (more close up) of the shack, but as I probably won´t finish them before christmas, I decided to release this pov as finished ;-) I made the shack for a private project of some friends, but also wanted to place it in my own landscape. Usually I have to create more urban shots, so that was a nice variety. All models and textures selfmade, except of the HDR used for the background (credits go to openfootage for that). And except of the dog and the boy in the foreground, I avoided to use 2D billboards.
  13. Studio/Institution: GWJARCHITEKTUR Genre: Residential Exterior Software: cinema 4d, vray, lightroom, photoshop Website: http://www.gwj.ch Description: Another Project from my office, wood and concrete. We wanted to create something else than the usual sunny summer look, so we made it a bit more cloudy and autumn like. Looks a little bit like strandet boats now, but thats allright. Time was quite short to do it so I did not had much time for details..... greets Yama
  14. what is the best way of creading a large grass land? lets say the size of a soccer field? what i do is model a 50cm X 50cm grass piece and then scatter it.. its fine as long as i keep the display percentage low.. but when it comes to rendering comp runs out of memory and crashes and i have to hit the reset button ive attached the 2 images, close up of the grass and the area i need to fill.. [ATTACH=CONFIG]44875[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]44874[/ATTACH] so im waiting for some expert opinions i use iray and hardware is: i7 2600k @4.5ghz, 16gb ram, quadro 5000
  15. AUTUMN SALES STARTED! Enjoy savings up to 25% for all 3d models from the 15th of September till the 15th of October 2011 in CG Architect Shop! I'm working over updates and new collections now, it will be released in October, 2011. In the next update I plan to make: 1. New realistic textures and materials for VRay and Mental Ray. 2. Split collection and make 3d models for VRay and Mental Ray separated. 3. Remake some of 3d models in HQ Palms 1, HQ Grass 1, HD Flowers 1 / Roses, HD Trees 3 / Boxwood. I will make more realistic and natural plants and reduce polygon size. 4. HQ Plants 1 & 2 will be renamed to HD Trees 1 & 2, HQ Palms 1 - HD Palms 1 5. HQ Grass will be split to 2 different collections - HD Grass 1 (grass) and HD Flowers 6 (meadow flowers). Please, don't worry - you will get both of them. New 3d models will be created for both collections. 6. New light rigs and demo scenes to help you setup easily lighting and rendering your scenes. 7. New tutorials and user manual. 8. New 3d models of roses for HD Flowers 1 collection. I made photos of different roses in huge rose garden in Paris. 9. Integrate all 3d models to Forest Pack library. 10. New low-poly 3d models with big leaves for background. Please write your feedback and bug reports! Help me to make good 3d models for you! If you need special trees or flowers just ask me and I'll model it. I thinking about wish list of most popular plants, changes in structure and organization of my 3d libraries and if you have new ideas or/and plant's wish list please send it to me. The last update released in summer 2010, if you don't have it please email me. All updates are FREE as always Best regards, Konstantin Kim, www.3dmentor.ru
  16. Good afternoon everybody, I'm in a real need of little help to create a wind effect on a field of plastic tubes, same thing as a grass field. I'm not sure about using reactor on the tubes and dynamics to create the wind effect, can anybody help me? I would really appreciate. Thanks in advance.
  17. Visit the new tutorial of Vraytutorials.net about making grass in vray in 3ds max with VrayDisplacementMod very easily. Clic here to enter.
  18. Check out the latest tutorial on modeling and rendering manicured grass and lawns using Mental Ray. http://www.renderededge.com/2011/05/dont-pass-on-grass.html Thanks!
  19. Studio/Institution: PD Client: Personal Work Genre: Residential Exterior Software: Modo 401, Photoshop CS4 Description: Hi All. Exterior view modelled in sketchup, exported into Modo 401 as .obj files. Material and lighting applied and rendered in Modo. Some grunge, Knoll Light Factory, and colour correction carried out in Photoshop CS4 Comments welcome. Paul
  20. Studio/Institution: DIA Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3dstudio max 2009,vray 1.5 sp5,multiscatter Description: [ATTACH=CONFIG]39314[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]39315[/ATTACH] I wanted to show you my latest creation that i did for the Brix (by Materialwerk) challange in RonenBekermans forum. http://www.ronenbekerman.com/forums/minichallenges/ I have used Brix to generate the Pattern on the house and also on the concrete wall. /DIA
  21. Hi, I know there are many threads on here dealing with the hair and fur modifier being used to create grass, but from what i can tell nothing has come up dealing with this problem! I have finally managed to get the grass to the correct length, not quite the correct density, but i know how to work on that, but the grass is not coming out the colour that i am selecting in the modifier... Obviously i want it to be green and it keeps coming out as nightmare black grass!! Anyone got any ideas? [ATTACH=CONFIG]38466[/ATTACH]
  22. Hey guys, I've just posted my first tutorial. Its a Max / Vray grass tutorial, although the tecnique can be used with MR. I've been asked alot how i do my grass, so i thought i'd explain it. I expand some on the technique briefly mentioned by Peter Guthrie and James Shaw of using GroundWiz to paint the grass as vray proxies onto the ground. Hope you find it useful. http://cgsketch.com/blog/?p=59
  23. Hi everybody, We would like to share some frames from a golf course animation we finished. Altogether 6 minutes of animation. Tools used were 3Dsmax, vray and fusion for compositing. Coments and suggestions for future improvement are most welcome. Thanks, +421Media team. http://www.421media.com
  24. I've just been playing with Mental Ray proxies - they seem pretty straight forward to use! =whew= big relief. I was wanting to try to model a blade of grass (just a thin box about 4 inches high, with a blend textured on with two shades of green) and then I made my proxy object (Create -> Mental Ray -> Proxy Object, dragged the box onto my plane, and selected the blade of grass). I select the proxy object and go to Create -> Compound but Scatter is not an option for proxies?? If I select the original box that was the object for the proxy, Scatter becomes available. Am I doing something wrong? I tried shift-dragging the proxy and instancing it to get 10,000 blades in the first column, then tried instancing the entire 10,000 proxy column sideways to get 5000 instances of the column (50,000,000 proxies?), but Max is still thinking about it... Memory peaked at about 7 gigs but it hasn't crashed yet. I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong. Can some kind soul point me in the right direction? Thanking you...
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