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Found 13 results

  1. Studio/Institution: Personal Genre: Residential Interior Software: Maya, Arnold Renderer Description: I am on the really early stage of creating part of Villa Savoye. I am working on this project on my free time. Just finished rendering the armchair and am currently in the process of finishing the lounge chair. I'll update this post as i build more assets.
  2. New tutorial by ADC Visualizations on Evermotion.org, have a look: http://www.evermotion.org/tutorials/show/8721/making-of-villa-bonafe-living-room
  3. Studio/Institution: Tenjin Visual Client: Wingård Arkitektkontor Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3D Studio Max Website: http://www.tenjin.se Description: The Klevens udde project aims to create one of the most exclusive residential areas in Europe, in one of the worlds most beautiful locations. A handful of highly personalised homes just a half a dozen meters from the waters of Skagerrak strait.
  4. Studio/Institution: Wallis Eck Client: self Genre: Residential Exterior Software: Cinema4D, Vray, Photoshop Website: http://www.wallis-eck.de/ Description: This project was done as test for another project I am working on, wanted to play with night and light.
  5. Studio/Institution: The Archi Studio Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3D Max, PS Description: Comments Welcome
  6. Studio/Institution: Freelance Designer / Visulization Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3dsmax, Photoshop Description: - DESIGN BACKGROUND I have conceptualize an architecture villa design, away from urban environment and into wilderness. This architecture design emphasis the concept of word "integration" and "remoteness". It is not about finished new villa, but rather how the villa can integrate to its surrounding in time. as you can see, concrete stained started to create new meaning to the villa; and yet those ivy started to grow with the building. While at the ground floor, I purposely free up from any enclose walls - giving opportunity for user to interact with its surrounding nature, and yet in given sense of separation. Another reason is, by freeing the ground floor, I also created opportunity to clear the line of sight as you approach the building, prioritising the building as secondary element to its surrounding. As you approach the building, concrete wall panels and enclose timber slab become a strong feature - reinforcing 'remoteness' or 'get-away'. This front façade is a complete contrast to the back of the villa (not shown in the render). ---- Completely designed, modelled and rendered in 3 days period. Final Render 1500px x 1500px: 30min Render Vray 3dsMax Photoshop *Note. All Object and Texture use in this scene (except for human) are fully modeled, Photoshop tiled and rendered **Note. Photoshop only to tweak the colour to best fit the scene, Human figure to give sense of scale and Sun ray (right side of canvas) the process of this project
  7. Studio/Institution: Virtual Graph Scandinavia Client: owner Genre: Residential Exterior Software: varied Website: http://www.uboot453.com Description: 3d modeling and rendering for a villa
  8. Studio/Institution: Adeo Design Client: / Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3ds Max 2011, vray 2.0, photoshop Website: http://www.adeo.si Description: New exterior renders of a residential house, comments and critiques will be appreciated. [ATTACH=CONFIG]42777[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]42776[/ATTACH]
  9. Studio/Institution: Freelance Genre: Residential Exterior Software: Vray 2, Photoshop Description: Hi guys, im a newbie in 3d world. Here is one of my first tests. Rendered using vray 2 and post work in photoshop. I want to get better renders. so, suggestions-critiques are welcome! THANKS! Sorry for my english... (from argentina)
  10. Studio/Institution: curved creations Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max 2009- mental ray renderer Description: Hello, This is my first post in here... Im not a pro in max, just an amateur. Please comment on the shot... thx
  11. Hi guys, just completed this external villa render, i only had two days so it was a little rushed. Rendered with vray. C&C welcome
  12. Hi guys, We have just finished these images for a developer in Ghana. Hope you like. The interior ceiling is a bit too patchy for my liking, but I'm sure I will rerender down the line. Any comments are always appreciated! Cheers Jaime
  13. This is my last Architecture Visualization ... It is a villa with a pool House ... I tried to make a simple design with a good look ... I hope I did ... Hope you like my work ... Comments are welcome ... enjoy Special Thanks to may friend Mohamed mAnsour for his help in Adobe Photoshop Editing
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